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Signs of the times...

Monday, April 30, 2007

I was watching a documentary the other day on the soldiers in Iraq keeping in contact with family members. Email, Instant Messaging even Video Conferencing. Not too long ago, if your loved one went to war, you were lucky to get a letter or two a month, now, you can talk in "real time" and if you are lucky enough you can sit back and talk to your soldier face to face (via computer monitor) while they are half a world away in a war zone. I just think that's really cool!!


Need to get some feedback on something....please

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I have a question about Correspondence Courses (more specifically Medical Transcriptionist Courses?) Do you know anyone that actually did this and it worked out like they say it will. I mean they completed their courses and then stayed home and worked? What do you think? Do these schools follow through or it's just a big fat waste of money?

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Acre of Dreams

What was it, you ask? For several weeks now I've been getting a lot of hits for "Why are these kids following me?? Who are they calling Mom??" T-shirts.

Suddenly a light bulb went off, if I make it...they will come...So I made one....

Google to your heart's content now!

I have numerous styles to choose from that have the abovementioned quote printed on them. Short Sleeves, Long Sleeves and IN-between sleeves.

Check it out!!

And until May 2, 2007 you are eligible to reciever $5 off a $20 purchase. Enter the coupon code GASHESALDER at checkout

.HERE IS MY STORE'S ADDRESS: www.cafepress.com/momisnutz



Are We There Yet?

I love to travel as well as the next gal. I absolutely LOVE staying at hotels/motels. In fact I love everything about it, packing doesn't bother me., however it's the unpacking I abhor. I've been known to leave the suitcases, with clothes still in them, sitting in the corner. I can't say I hate it, it is just the most time-consuming tasks. What pray tell is it you ask? Searching for the best deals on Vacation Rentals. I usually end up with a pretty nice place to stay and paying only 1/3 to 1/2 what the place is listed as, their prices and such. You can't beat being cheap, cheap thrifty.


He NEVER Stops

Nathan is quite the handful, to put it mildy. He's ninety to nothing from sun up to sun down. But he comes by that honest, I guess. This is what I found tonight while putting some towels up. I swear that cat looked like those animals at the zoo, behind plexiglass. This boy is gonna be the death of me yet!

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Your Name Here

When I was little, before my daddy was preaching he worked for and evntually owned a construction company. Perhaps this is weird, but when vendors and such would visit him they would almost always leave a few logo pens . When I was young they type they gave away were mainly ballpoint pens. I loved ballpoint pens. Clicking them repeatedly, taking them apart and playing with the spring. Darn, I had a pretty crappy childhood huh? I playing with some pens meant so much to me...bwahahahaha



Joey, Justin and I were on the front porch talking when Noni runs to the door yelling something...what was the major calamity?? Why Nathan had just told her, "I took out my snake and peed in the dryer." Sure enough, he'd done it. And people wonder why my house is messy...if am cleaning one room he's in another one performing acts of mass destruction.

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It's Always Best to Be Prepared...

Joey is looking into getting some more insurance taken out on himself so if anything happened to him we wouldn't be left with nothing, fighting to survive. He's looking into Funeral Insurance.
Did you know just your everyday, run of the mill funeral service may run you up to and over $6500? Social security is a great help, they provide $225. This sort of policy pays for death-related expenses, but also leaves a nice chunk for your still living loved ones.



Justin and Joey were talking about someone we know and how he couldn't, ahem....get it up with this girl. He's only 18, a virgin, it was understandable, at least to me. I attributed it to his being nervous. To those two though is signifies homosexual tendencies. Whatever. Here is a brief look into the world of Joeyisms at their finest.

Me: "C'mon now, it was his first time, he was probably scared. That's why his little soldier wouldn't stand at attention."

Joey: "Hell no, when I got my first piece of cooter (ugh, lovely word hon...) my peter was so hard a cat couldn't scratch it. The skin on that thang was so tight you couldn't twist it with a pipe wrench.



I had to cut off life support...

I've only owned 2 computers in my life. The first one was purchased in 1996 and I finally had to unplug the cord 2003. She (yes, I do sometimes give inanimate objects genders) anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, she'd started sputtering, whirling and making all kinds of weird sounds. I knew then I would have to pay for some major power supply repair. Since she was so old, I knew I'd have to practically rebuild her with newer doohickeys and such. So, I had a decision to make, and rather see her suffer through prolonged power supply repair. I let her go and got my new computer whom I call Mr. Dell.


I Had An Idea...

What was it, you ask? For several weeks now I've been getting a lot of hits for "Why are these kids following me?? Who are they calling Mom??" T-shirts. Suddenly a light bulb went off, if I make it...they will come...So I made one....Google to your heart's content now! I have numerous styles to choose from that have the abovementioned quote printed on them. Short Sleeves, Long Sleeves and IN-between sleeves.

Check it out!! And until May 2, 2007 you are eligible to reciever $5 off a $20 purchase. Enter the coupon code GASHESALDER at checkout.

HERE IS MY STORE'S ADDRESS: www.cafepress.com/momisnutz



Charge It...

As much as some people hate the concept of charging items having a credit card in this day and age is almost a necessity. You can't rent a vehicle without a credit card, you can't join most movie rental establishments. And you can forget about shopping on line, ain't gonna happen unless you have a credit card. I speak as someone who can't get a credit card from most places. I don't even bother filling out the Credit Card Applications anymore. I really want to get one and I know some companies offer programs for those with horrendous credit. If you have perfect, fair or poor credit visiting a search engine may be what you need to do. You enter all your information and virtually within minutes you are able to obtain a list of credit card companies that want you as a customer. It will even match you up with cards that offer perks like frequent flyer miles and such. For poor credit finding a secured credit card may be what you need to help reestablish you credit. No matter how you enter the site, perfect credit or perfectly awful credit, you'll leave it knowing all the facts, details and figures and before you know it you'll have a brand new credit card with your name on it!!


This Is What I Am Dealing With Here, People!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Noni's Room

Nathan's Room

Keep in mind, these are the BEFORE pictures. I swear by all things holy, I will be posting AFTER pics tomorrow, if I have to go in there and throw EVERYTHING away!!

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My niece and nephew-in-law used to travel quite extesively. I envied them a lot, they don't have children, so, they could just pack up and go. They planned many weekend get-a-ways. One I remember is when they visited the Outer Banks. My niece absolutely loved the place. She has a passion for lighthouses and all things pertaining to the beach. It really is a beautiful spot, great to travel to, even with kidz. Maybe one day we will be able to go also. Nathan has quite a passion for 'ighthouses also. His favorite part? In his words, "the 'ight bulb."

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Mystery Solved...

I now know WHY (CLICK BIG WORD FOR DETAILS)this goofy ass person (pictured with his outstanding parents, just pillars of the community I think don't you?) looked so damn giggly wiggly during his stint on American Idol. And hiS mom was higher than a Georgia Pine, which explains alot about those horrendous hair-dos he sported:

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Want To Switch Phone Companies?

We've all heard the annoying, yet catchy Vonage commercials. It seems to me that the commercials, while memorable, don't explain a lot about the company though. I've found a Vonage site that answers any and every question you may have about changing to this communications provider. It's the Vonage Voip Forum site. This site explains the ins and outs, ups and downs by utilizing a FORUM which contains tons of customers feedback, questions and comments on Vonage.


OMG...What's Next??

Since Nicklaus shot so well out in the yard the other day with the 20-gauge, his daddy just have to have one of these:

What in the heck is it? Why it's a skeet shooter. The orange things are the "clay pigeons." So now, tomorrow after gardening they'll let that thing shoot the clay pigeons into the sky and try to blow them to bits with the 20 gauge. Hubby says it will help son kill deer, "ugh (say like a caveman to get full effect.) son must shoot animals for pleasure and food. I'll stick to the USDA stamped meat for now, thank you very much...

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Stick Me Baby!!

It seems like a lot of people I know are sporting Belly Button Rings these days. If I were a LOT skinnier, I'd love to get one, but, that ain't gonna happen. My belly is much to childbearing ruined to sport litle little jinglin' beauty. You can find this and a lot more handcrafted Body Jewelry custom made jewelry section of the site. Specifically,it's the Fires by Dawn section of this shop. Beautiful, trendy and colorful...it's almost enough to put me on a hard-core diet just so I can get one...nah....I guess it's my time to give up the dream of ever being thin again....I don't wanna call myself chubby mind you...I much prefer the term, "healthy."


Random Post About Laundry....I Hate Laundry....**THIS IS NOT A PAID POST, SAFETO READ...LOL"

I swear, this is my own, non-compensated product recommendation post. So, it's safe to read....bwahahahaha

You Know...it seems like my washer and dryer are going constantly. I am washing and folding, washing and folding my life away. If I let a day or two go by and I don't do laundry then I am left with the following:

Do you see that huge ass bucket of laundry detergent I had to buy? It says it will wash 200 loads...That's about a week or two...give or take a couple of loads...I do love the detergent though, and it has quite a "catchy" name, "Super Concentrated Laundry Detergent in Fresh Scent," I mean did the product naming gods sit down and just say, "hell, just put what it is and let's hit the golf course?" The best part of it all is this stuff smells great, works great and get this...only cost 11 dollars + change. Y'all should try it out if you have laundry piled up. You can only get it at Sam's Club though,I think. Kinda like a Costco, which we don't have here, so I don't really know. But, it's good stuff. Now I'm going to take my insomniac plagued behind back to the dryer....

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Maybe This Would Have Helped....

A long time ago I had a family member who had a teenage son out of control. He ran away, he stole stuff, he skipped school constantly. My family-member-who-shall-remain-unnamed told the school to call her if her son was not in school. They did not, so she being the ever persistent and wonderful mom she is took off to the school and then proceeded to search the woods behind it, past the ghetto housing for her kid. She found him, several times. I wonder if we'd looked into these Wilderness Programs Formats and Types would it have helped?


It's A Man Thing I Guess....And Why My Eldest Child Is A Supreme Smart A***

As you can see by this obvious post, this is gonna be all about some male bonding thing. Yep, that's son & hubby out there doing a little target practice. I don't get it...I think Nicklaus hitting a bottle on a rope, knocking it off and then loading up and shooting the gun again and HITTING the tiny piece of rope made his Daddy almost, if not more, than the excellent report card.

And now, why I know my eldest child should be nominated for Smart Ass of the Year Award. I was just getting in the shower when I heard 1) a gunshot and 2) a bloodcurdling child's scream. I have never ran so fast, or now that I think of it, quite so naked into my front yard. When I got there, yelling as I ran out of the front door, "Who's yelling? If you've shot one of my children, I swear to God I WILL kill you!!" **This was said to hubby, not son.*** Anyway, it was just Nathan playing. When Nicklaus asked later, "Momma, why did you run outside half-nekkid and threatening to kill Daddy?" I replied, "Honey, can you think of anything more terrifying for a mother to hear or think about seeing, a gunshot and then a very loud, sounded like pain-filled scream?" To which his superb facetious mouth opened up and spewed forth, "Well, yeah, if all that you said occurred, BUT, when you got out of the house we'd be laying on the ground covered in tomato sauce. That would be worse. A lot worse." Smart ass....

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I Keep Looking At...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Clocks. I have a thing for them. I don't necessarily pay attentionto them when it's time to go or anything. I just love having clocks in every room, even two or three. Nicklaus got me a mantel clock for Christmas and I keep hinting and hoping Joey will give me an anniversary clock. I would also absolutely love to have the room for a couple of grandfather clocks. One for the den and one for the living room. But, if I can only get one...that will do, I guess.



You Gotta Grow A Thousand Times Bigger to Fit In Them Thar Shorts Honey....

We have fun around here too...It's not all bipolar, ADD, and demon kidz-although you couldn't tell me that a lot of days. Hubby asked Noni to bring him his shorts and this is what appeared. A tiny elf child in the Jolly Green Giants pants...LOLOLOL

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A Little Information...

If you do a search for certain things you'll find out a bunch of different ways you can make money or earn points for rewards and such. I've been involved with several survey or market research sites for a while now. While the money isn't going to buy you a car or anything, you will end up making enough for a trip to the movies or even get to get new products in the mail to test and keep. All for just answering a few questions. Hey, I won't look a gift horse or site in the mouth...who would?


A Cement Pond Uncle Jed....

You don't have to have no cement pond at the Nutz house honey....I was inside doing the laundry and when I walked outside Daddy had decided to fill up a nice big hole the kidz dug with water from the water spigot. Ain't that grand? 3 kidz +lots of mud=naked kidz on front porch before they come in. It's a sad thang when ya gotta hose your nekkid kidz off in the front yard and then let 'em come in and take a bath. But, they had so much fun...and risk of ringworms aside, I was glad they had such a good time.



I needed a cure then...not so much now....

I used to party ALOT. Now, not so much. Just when the kidz have been demons or Joey has had a particularly horrible bipolar day. Okay, so maybe I drink a little more than I should. Meh....But, I digress...Everyone has a favorite or idea in the way of hangover cures. I've heard that the "hair of the dog that bit ya" works. It doesn't, tried it. One morning after much tequila I tried the old hair remedy. All it cured me of was whatever was left in my stomach from the night before, I ran gagging to the toilet. Bloody Marys are supposed to work also, as is drinking tons of water. One of my favorite hangover cures? Do NOT get up, pull the covers over your head, make sure it's nice and cool in your room and sleep the day away!!


And So, The Great Vegetable Experiment of 2007 Begins...

That's Joey and Justin ( our other son, or my 17-year old boy toy as my crazy ass sister in law tried to get Joey to believe...anyway...) tilling up Mother Earth for our huge garden this year. As you can tell, shirts and yardwork are not on option. In fact, Joey NEVER wears one unless we are going somewhere. My mom saw photos I've taken and asked me once if I had any of him with a shirt on. Hell, I had to search for one, taken inside, that he had on pants and not boxers (which he covers for photo ops...) I cannot wait. My favorite? The yummy cucumbers and tomatoes. This is that South honey, and you ain't ate (or 'et as some people say) until you've had a FRESH tomato sandwich on toast with mayo with cucumbers on the side....YUMMY...or sometimes I put the cukes on the sandwich. Now that's eating for all you poor ole' Yankees!!! BWAHAHAHAHA



My Kid's Pediatrician

I wrote awhile back that we were looking for a new pediatrician. Dr. Kim was awesome at first. She took up time with the kids. She even let them use one of her stethoscopes to listen to their hearts. She then explained what it was they were hearing. Anymore though, when we go in, if we are even lucky enough to see her, she's on a 3 minute per room schedule it seems. I hate when you find the perfect doctor and then their practice grows out of control and you never get to see them anymore. Oh well, I shouldn't have told everyone how awesome she was. I know for a fact about twenty moms I know switched to her after I told them how great she was.



This has me a little worried...

If you read this POST, then you know about the ummm....enterprising young man down the street. Well, last night I saw about three black guys, (and I don't care if they were Purple Haired Asians wearing Polka-Dots and White shoes outta season, it's just they are black, so I used the term black...) anyhoo....they went into the woods like 5 times. Now, granted, they are either stoners, or suppliers of the mighty Ganja weed. So, if they drop their cigarrettes and stuff while back there, it's not even 3 acres that would have to burn and my house would be nothing but cinders, ashes and memories. It wouldn't take much with the weather being like it is to start and hundred acre or more fire around here. What would you do? Report the pottage in the woods or just wait to burn to death in your sleep? Just a question, y'all. You can answer if you'd like.



A little extra info on my "Catholic" Phase...

I guess it would have helped to actually if I had read some catholic books that explained what Catholicism was about. I mean a book that explained the Basic Faith principles would have been very explanatory. See, I was under the impression that I could basically go out and murder the world, as long as I left priests and nuns alone, and then go in and say, "Father, forgive me, it's been since never that I've confessed..." He would tell me to do a couple of Hail Mary's and I'd be home free. It doesn't work like that....darn!


Just some thoughts...

While reading other blogs, I noticed some of you are getting hit hard with rain. It's funny how people live in different areas and are battling different things. Like SAM, her area is being rained on mighty hard, tornadoes touching down, scary stuff. And here? About 2 hours away, in Ware County they are battling a HUGE forest fire. By HUGE, I mean 60,000 acres burning, and no end in sight. There are firefighters from all over helping to fight this thing. 18 houses have burned at last count. That's horrible, the fire is so bad that if the firefighters aren't able to keep a house from catching on fire, they've been told to ignore their training and basic instinct, they are to just let it burn and if they can stop it from spreading, then try to do that. There is a story about it HERE. It is just awful, can you imagine? I can't. We're almost 7 inches low on rain for the year. All the farmers in the county I live in, I know, are just praying for it. We got a hard rain that lasted all of three minutes here this morning. One little rain cloud went over....and the rain was soaked up and the ground dry within all of 2 minutes. Damn...we need rain.



When I was younger...

I thought being Catholic would be the greatest thing in the world. Not exactly what a Southern Baptist minister wants his little girl to say. But really, all the rituals seemed cool when I went to to something or other my niece and nephew had at their church. I mean they got gifts, not just for birthdays, but cool stuff for christenings, first communion gifts, confirmation gifts. I love rosaries, even today. Just decided making my parents go into shock may not a good daughter make, so stuck with the Baptist religion. But, if confession had worked like I thought it did....hmmm.....


Pray For Me...

I am now signing off the computer...I am going to clean the urine soaked bathroom of an 11 year old boy....he thinks actually getting the piss in the pot is way to beneath him...oh no...to get it on the bottom of the toilet...that's what real men do...I told him that's what real dead men do...scared the hell outta him...NOT.....whateverrrrrrrrrrr

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Traveling across country

When I was young, I remember my momma and my aunt taking a trip to Nashville. The country music capital of the world. Sidetracked to Memphis. Elvis' stomping grounds. They took pictures at Graceland. The gold piano, the pink cadillac, Elvis' wild bedrooms. They were told one of his aunt's still lived on property. I guess she was an overseer of some sort. Now they say Nashville is too populated and all the old and some new country stars have set up residence in Branson. I think it would be great to rent huge RV and travel from Georgia to Branson. Eh...maybe better once the kidz are grown, but it would still be fun to attend the shows, see the stars. Maybe we will....one day....


Freebie, Freebie Fridays!!!


Really Fun Site...

Y'all have just got to check out whogets.com !! It's a great new site that allows YOU to pick the winner. The contestant enters the semi-finalist pool and it's up to you to decide who will get the prize. The neediest? The funniest? The most worthy in YOUR eyes. So, go check it out...it's a really fun and exciting site!!



Hubby took a vacation week this week from work, as I've blogged about a couple of days ago. Why? Because, we looked at the options, which were a) to have a check of about umm...nothing, a couple of hundred at most, because there is just simply NO WORK this week or b) to make vacation pay which would be substantially higher. We chose (b) since we aren't going to be able to afford to go anywhere anyway. He's been wanting to take us to Ohio for years now. He was born there and has some great memories of the place, but we just haven't done it yet. We haven't seen his brother in 5 years or better and I haven't seen my sister in law for 6 or so. And she's the one sister in law I really like. Damn...maybe one day. Maybe they'll win the lottery or we will and we can take a trip sooner or later. Who knows? I would love to go...now, Ohio isn't somewhere you just sit and think, "Dang, I gotta go to Ohio to see...." Hell, I don't even know what there is to see, but I have a gaggle of nieces and nephews that are graduating and doing all other kinds of cool stuff and I'd really like my kidz to meet their cousins. And Joey would love to show me where he grew up and I know he'd love seeing his big brother and "little" (I swear to God she's birthed a million babies and the chick is the most petite little thang...love ya Tonya!) sister in law after so many years. When he was living in Georgia he even moved back up there and lived with them for a while. Maybe one day.....

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WAHM Seeks Real Opportunities....

Y'all all know I am trying everything I can to make some extra money at home. The way it is though, it's tough finding REAL ways to make money. If you have insomnia, like I do, then you know every other channel has some million dollar making scheme infomercial on alst every channel late at night. A lot deal with real estate. Sorry, no credit here so I know that buying and selling real estate isn't an option. No matter how many times they yell, "Anyone can do it...no money required!!" I also get slews of invites in the mail or work at home options as well. They usually are holding meetings at a local area hotel and they promise gifts and such. Most also offer lunch. Who knows, they may be legitimate, most likely they are not. There is a site that has a good Internet Business Opportunity, I will be researching it out more thoroughly and let you know what I think about it. Who wouldn't want to have a real chance to stay at home and make money? Especially, if you are like me and would have to pay daycare for three kids. I would end up not really making enough at a "real" job to justify the expense of daycare, gas, and other expenses.



Has this ever happened to you? Hubby has been home all week and I walked into the bathroom after he came out the other morning. My nasal passages were brutally assaulted with the most god-awful smell they'd ever been beat with. I immediately went into bitch mode. "What in the hell died in here, oh my God, this is awful, Geezus, Mary and Joseph...what did you do?" To which the hubster replied, "What??? I sprayed!!" "Yes dear, and now it smells like someone has taken a massive shit in the middle of a rose garden." Has it ever happened at your house? I'm not saying it did here...but.....

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Good Morning....

When I was an employed outside the home mom, I drank coffee every morning...now, since it would only be me drinking it, I rarely make a pot just for me. I would like to try out Ganocafe healthy coffee though. It's loaded with healthy ingredients like the red mushroom, Reishi & Ganoderma which boosts 156 anti-oxidants good in repairing free rdical damage to the cells from toxins and pollutants that enter our body. Also contains 212 nutrients that are good to our health. It's also acid free and is lower in caffeine than most de-caf coffee. I kinda like the caffeine though, an energy booster. Darn, now I'm going to have to pick up coffee this weekend....I want some now.


Yummy, Yummy....Part 2

Yep, that's what a couple of boiled bunnies look like....Aren't your taste buds watering? Unfortunately ours weren't. Hubby worked so hard on it, too. We all dutifully took a taste and then he ate a big plate of it. I had me some 'maters -n-rice with baby carrots on the side. The kidz? They asked for and got hot dogs. Ahhh....life in the country. One thing, I am looking forward to, is this: Tomorrow, Joey is gonna put the vegatable garden in and Noni and I are going to plant 200,000 flower seeds!! Yes...there will be pictures!!

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I am in the mood for....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Redecorating. I want to buy new furniture for the house. Maybe not all of the house, because the den and living room have brand new furniture, but the bedrooms I would love to have matching suites and such. No plastic drawers for Nathan's stuff. And I have found a lovely site for Discount Furniture. They have an awesome selection of children's furniture that would be great for the youngest two. And I could get carried away in their bedroom furniture site. I want to have a great bedroom set-up for the kidz, but I also want one for the hubby and I. A place that demands comfort and you look forward to cozying up to each other at night. Maybe one day!


Yummy, Yummy....But Not For My Tummy...

As most of you know, hubby loves killing God's little woodland creatures. Even taught the SON to like it as well. (click son, see it in all it's glory) Never fear tree huggers, he is not killing them only for sport...Oh no...he likes to eat them it seems...and feed them to our children. He'd love to feed them to his wife as well, however, I do not and will not eat a bunny rabbit. It will not happen. What's got me writing about this now? Well, on our menu tonight is some yummy, yummy Rabbit and Rice. He's Chef-Boy-Ar-Joeying it right now...me? I'm gonna open a can of oh so good for me Baby Carrots and maybe have a not so good for me bologna sandwich.

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A Site I Could Become Addicted To...

A site where it pays to be cheap? Yep, a site where you bid4prizes and the LOWEST unique bid wins!! How cool is that? They have an awesome Scion XP up for auction today. And, most of y'all know that Momz is without wheels. Wouldn't the kidz and I look too cool tooling about town in that? And with the awesome gas mileage, we could afford to tool about quite a bit. They also have HUGE plasma TVs and Apple Iphones, and the list of cool prizes goes on and on!! And with the LOWEST unique bid being the one that wins, this broke Momma may actually have a shot. Y'all check it out!!


Finally...The World Knows How Smart My Kid IS....

Well, at least his teachers and such should. When I left the hubby a while back, most of y'all know that I could NOT stand the thought of taking the kidz out of school here. Nicklaus has a processing disorder on top of ADD, basically that means that he's got the information in his head, it just can't transfer to paper. And he is really smart, it's not just a momma saying that, he is. People have always commented on it. Well, after much testing and adjustments, the school implemented special help for him. He was able to do some things orally, so the information got out there, they saw he had it in him. And today, my baby brought home his Progress report. All B's and 1 A. Which is the HIGH HONOR ROLL to this household. We were so proud of him, and he was proud of himself. I cried some, and then cried some more. His daddy hugged him several, several times and then they went and shot the gun....some target practice. I hug and cry, daddy takes him to shoot stuff...wonder which meant more? BWAHAHAHAHA



After They Clean Their Rooms...

I may decide that they are worthy of something....perhaps I will get them gifts for children? I am really interested in an easel I found. Nathan loves to use the walls as an easel...this one's a Deluxe Standing Easel. Its dimensions are 25 inches by 25 inches by 45 inches. The height is adjustable. You get two surfaces with the set - a dry-erase board and a chalkboard - along with a paint tray with cup holders, a chalk tray, four colorful clips, and an easy-loading paper roller. Surely to God he'd use this instead of the kitchen, bathroom, and den walls, ya think? Who knows...I did give birth to him, so he'd probably use the easel to scale the walls and paint the ceilings....


Dear God...Please Don't Let Me Kill Them....

Nah...I wouldn't really do it...BUT.....I think we may come to blows this weekend...I've had it...I am so tired of living in a BRAND NEW home and having my kidz rooms look like shit...plain, sprayed on, blowed on, road kill on rice shit....I WILL take BEFORE pictures of their rooms, I will be semi-embarrassed to do so...but I will to show you how we...errr...they live...it's ridiculous....and I yell, I scream....nothing happens...this weekend...the gloves come off....they will clean up...or I will move...and not tell them where....as I've told them before...I will change my name from Momma...and I won't tell them what it is....

**Do I give off the impression I walked into my kidz room to put up laundry and saw the utter devastation and got pissed? Really? Good...that was the tone I was going for....

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What's the word I'm searching for....oh yeah...DUMBASS

Alleged Robber Leaves His AK-47 Receipt

From Associated Press
April 25, 2007 4:02 PM EDT

ORLANDO, Fla. - Sheriff's deputies tracked down a suspect in an armed robbery with a receipt he left at the scene of the crime, authorities said.
A man wearing a mask robbed an Orlando Hess station Monday, stealing $75 and two cartons of cigarettes, the sheriff's office reported.
When deputies arrived at the gas station, someone noticed that the robber had left a gun case against a display rack. Inside the case, deputies found a receipt for a new AK-47 assault rifle.
"Obviously, he wasn't a member of the MENSA society," sheriff's spokeswoman Susan Soto told the Orlando Sentinel.

The receipt was made out to Eric Cunningham, who lived only a few miles from the gas station, according to an arrest report.
Deputies found Cunningham, 18, at his apartment with a loaded assault rifle and a shotgun, the report said.
Cunningham was arrested and charged with armed robbery with a firearm while wearing a mask. He remained in jail with no bond.
Information from: Orlando Sentinel, http://www.orlandosentinel.com




Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things have been kinda hectic at the Nutz household....Joey had to take a vacation week, no work is available, money is really, really tight right now....we've worked out this re-payment plan with the house, not a great one, and if business doesn't pick up then we'll be looking for a place to move in a couple of months, I've beat my head against the wall trying to tell him I HAVE to go to work, to no avail as of yet. Somehow, he thinks he's failed if the kidz are in daycare...which, with 3....I wouldn't make that much anyway...I don't know....we'll see..now, back to cleaning up the house....I will be back...promise!!



Y'all Check This Out...

I was asked by someone at the production company to share this with you all. After reading what it was....I HAD to...all you moms have got to check this out. It's fabulous, and I love LEAH REMINI....she's great!!



Help Is Available

Monday, April 23, 2007

Not too long ago,a family member I love dearly, had a problem with prescription drug addiction. It seemed so easy to fall into. A hurt leg here, a prescription there and then it turned into an all out battle to basically save a life. I wish I had known then about 1800NoDrugs.com I spent a lot of time and effort calling various places trying to get help for this person. When someone you love is battling an addiction, your whole family is hurt, scared and confused. It would have been great to pick up the phone, dial a number, or enter a few letters and access this site and have the resources available that they offer. Many people just don't realize the dangers of maybe taking a few too many pills, what's the harm? It's prescribed, right? WRONG!! It can take you down a long dark road and it will turn into hell finding your way to the light again.


So I'm A Little Impulsive..heck, Sometimes I May Just Go Overboard

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What would you do if, while waiting for a prescription to be filled, you wandered to the candy aisle, where all the Easter Candy (including a HUGE Hershey's Kiss, M&Ms, etc.) were marked 75% off? Would you spend $ 8.59 and get all this?

Nah....me either

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Looking For A Mortgage?

When the hubby and I were researching mortgages , we frequently found ourselves overwhelmed and confused with the whole process. I wish I would have known about the Mortgage Lowdown site. This site covers anything you can think of pertaining to mortgages, but that is not all. There is a wonderful post or two about doing home improvements at your home. This is going to be an ongoing venture, so check back often. And, I sure do wish we had this:
43 Must-Know Tips (and Resources) for Every First-time Home Buyer, we would have been less apprehensive and less confused!!


Didn't See That One Coming...

Noni came in the other day and proceeded to share that she had some newfound knowledge.

Her statement?

"Momma, I know what Nicklaus and Nathan have that I don't and never will have."

Oh Dear Lord, she sees they have woozles (click on the woozles word and you'll learn what the heck a woozle is) and she doesn't.

I'm not ready to use the word penis or vagina with my 5 year old.

So, I put on my game face and turned around to face her, "What's that honey?"

To which she replied, "A sister."

Whew....Momz - 1, penises and vaginas-0

***I know a lot of you start teaching correct names for body parts practically at birth...and hey, if that works for you, go ahead. Just don't send me a lot of emails and stuff like I got last time for warping my son's mind by not telling him to call his woozle a penis. You raise your kidz...I'll raise mine...***

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I Have A Public Service Announcement...

Pay attention now, k? I know a few of you have made comments via email that I am whoring my blog out, selling out, and the like. I really hope majority of my old readers, realize that I am still posting my personal stuff as well, just glide over the posts that I am getting paid for. I had to do something to make some extra money, and this is it. I'll still have just as many personal posts as before, just interspersed with a few paid posts. I hope I don't lose too many of my readers because of this, but..dangit...we need the money and if you don't want to be bothered with them...just scroll past them. An easy way to tell a paid post on my blog is the post is written in all black. If you haven't noticed, I always use different colors and such for my regular posts. So, if it's all in black.....and you don't wanna read it.....then go right past it.

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Escape to the Mediterranean

Whenever I think about us being retirement age, I love to dream we'll be able to afford to travel to exotic locations. One such location is North Cyprus. North Cyprus is an idyllic region, that has not been affected by over-development, it's not overrun with tourists. It's a peaceful, serene place who's beauty will leave you breathless. You may find once you're there, you don't want to leave. If so, then head on over to the following site and check out the affordable and beautiful homes that are listed for sale! Majority of the houses offer stunning views and come complete with pools!! So, check out North Cyprus Property.


Update on The Saga...

Joey never went and got the tag changed on her van when she gave it to us...so Ms. Camcorder herself came up here and got Joey to sign the Bill Of Sale and she had her son take the tag off the car. Ya know, she knows good and well that the van is the ONLY way Joey can get to work. She could have just said, you need to get a tag ASAP, I'll come back Friday for the tag. But no...it had to be taken off right then and there and to hell with her brother. Well, all I can say is she pissed in her Easter Basket with Joey....she's already signed the title over to us, and we had a bill of sale, and she calls and left a message that she was coming to get HER van if we didn't have this taken care of by tomorrow. She also said that she had just spoken to the Deputy City Marshall and the bill was not paid, basically I'm a liar. I bit my tongue (no not literally, as in a way to keep silent. wanted to speak out ...but I didn't) when they pulled up, I went inside, grabbed a piece of paper that had the CONFIRMATION NUMBER for payment via telephone. So, that is that. It's not like we see any of his family a lot. And it is painfully clear who's children matter to them and who's don't...We are in the don't category and likely to stay that way. So, why bother anymore? Every time I turn around and think we are finally friends, she gets mad at something. This van thing wasn't what set her off, I hadn't talked to her in a month or two because she was pissed at petty bullshit then. She even went to the point of not inviting my children to her kidz birthday party, nor letting hers come to Nicklaus'. Whatever works for ya, I guess! I am done...finished....laterrrrrrrrrrr

***Oh yeah...Mr./Ms. Anonymous could it be someone in Ohio? who knows, who cares. Until you walked a mile in my moccasins with these people, keep your mouth shut. If you were worth anything you wouldn't hide behind a mask.


I Want A Home Makeover...Just the Bath & Kitchen & Bedrooms

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alas, I don't see Ty Pennington coming to my rescue, so I'll give it a go on my own. Let's see, I'd start by shopping, of course, but I would keep focused on my task at hand. I really want to start with my bathrooms. I would want to totally revamp my bathrooms. Starting with my linen closets. I am the first to admit that we desperately need new towels, matching towels, no holes in the towels, thick and fluffy and new towels....Ahhh....wish they were here already!!

After the bathrooms were completed to my satisfaction, I'd hit Noni's room next. I think she'll flip over the Hello Kitty bed sets. She is really into all things Hello Kitty! So, I know she'll love it!! Next up is Nathan's room. Hmmm....I know...he'd love a Cars duvet set. Nathan and Lightnin' McQueen's are best buds. Since Nicklaus is a bit older, 11, I need to find something that he likes, and feels comfortable with his friends seeing. So, no Pooh Bear for him!! I think we've got one picked out...but no...he refuses to even look at. What's wrong with Thomas the Tank Engine? Just kidding, I'd most likely buy him one of the England Football bed sets.

And for my last project? Well, I guess it's not really a project. I really like my kitchen just the way it is. I just need to throw out most of my dishtowels, oven mitts and pot holders. Mine are really old and the wear is showing, so I want new ones.

A really wonderful site for all your linen needs is Home Linen -London. You can spend hours looking at all their merchandise. So, give them a visit...you won't be disappointed.


It's Planting Time At The Nutz Farm...

Well, not really, we have to get a tiller, my dad has one that the string thingy you pull to crank it up (ah, yes, that is a technical term) anyway, it broke. But, if we can get my uncle to look at it, he can fix it and tune it up a bit. However....Noni planted her sunflowers today. I do have pictures, just too lazy to get up and get my camera. But, rest assured, if my kidz did something and I took a picture of...it will be on here. I hope these sunflowers grow like the seed packet said. They are the Russian Mammoth type and they average from 8' to 12' tall. I hope they grow. We planted some before at our old house and they never grew at all. Oh well, if they don't I have about 20 packets of flower seeds, and 20 packs of vegetable seeds. So, we'll be all up in 'da crib chillin' this summer, eating good food and surrounded by the aroma of fresh cut flowers! Do any of you have gardens?



Introducing Eric Schiffer

Eric Schiffer is an up and coming celebrity in today's Hollywood. He's one star that you need to keep an eye on. In what promises to be a whirlwind year for Eric Schiffer, we'll definitely catch his ascent into A-list classification lists. Eric Schiffer has quite a few deals in the making. He's already assented to star in a independent production company's remake of Charles Bronson's Death Wish, the new release has a working title of Death Wish Returns. This movie is scheduled to begin filming on location in Glasgow, Scotland in December, 2007 with an expected release date of mid 2008. Eric Schiffer is currently discussing the opportunity to star in an Action/Comedy film alongside a very well-known A-list celebrity. This film is primarily a "buddy flick." So, if you want to get in on watching a rising star. Look no further...Eric Schiffer is climbing the ladder of fame, fortune and success!! And he's doing it two rungs at a time!!


The People's Court

Well, today was my big court case. Don't remember why I had to face a judge and answer to charges? Then read HERE. It was truly a unique experience. I told the judge that the two white dogs were gone and our little dog, Jack got his rabies shot as directed. So, she cut me some slack...yeah...right...I have to pay $650 dollars for all this shit...those were Joey's dogs...he should have been in court...not me...thank God they have a payment plan. I have to pay $40 a month for the rest of my life....well, not really, but that's a lot of money....

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Wanna Find Your Soulmate? Friend? etc...

Maybe you can on Person.com...or if you're not in the market for love connections, you can always "meet" new friends, participate in chats, or, using your web cam, you can play the game called "Play and Flirt." Person.com is different than any dating site you've ever seen or been a member of. If you don't have a web cam, don't fret you are still welcome at Person.com. While on site you can also view tons of member performing on live video as you surf the site!! So many areas to choose from. Person.com - webcams, chat, personals hmmm...you could do all three and still never run out of people. Person.com has over 250,000 members and gaining more everyday!! So, grab the cam, and start your search today!!

You won't be disappointed.



I received this in my email. I thought it hilarious, and wondered if it could possibly be true. I mean, could a dog really grow that big? Well,
First, the Facts

Hercules was recently awarded the honorable distinction of Worlds Biggest Dog by Guinness World Records.

Hercules is an English Mastiff and who has a 38 inch neck and weighs 282 pounds.

With "paws the size of softballs" (reports the Boston Herald), the three-year-old monster is far larger and heavier than his breed's standard 200lb. limit.

Hercules' owner Mr. Flynn says that " Hercules weight is natural and not induced by a bizarre diet: "I fed him normal food and he just "grew"... and grew. and grew. and grew."

The size of Hercules' neck - 38 inches, is 6 inches more than the standard waist size for a man, 32 inches!



Life Insurance-or Eenie, Meenie, Miniee, Moe...I'll take this policy..let's go!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Joey receives a certain amount of insurance through his job. It's an okay amount, but he'd like to get another policy. If you've ever shopped around for life insurance it can be downright confusing. Do you want whole life insurance or term life insurance? How much insurance should you have so your family is taken care of if something happens to you? Well, I have a site for you that will answer just about any questions you can think up. Life Insurance Lowdown is the only site you'll need to decide which types of insurance are best for you. This site is very well laid out, easy to understand and easy to navigate. One article I found to be extremely useful was Life insurance options, this article gives you information on all the different offerings when perusing life insurance policies. Another plus is the fact that this site is very easy to understand, written in laymen's terms, it walks you through every facet of buying life insurance. Give them a visit....k? Don't just take the first policy that comes a long, be selective. Ask other people who their life insurance is with and would they recommend them? So, visit a site that answers all those questions. Alrighty? Tip-toe on over and get the answers you seek!!


Another Installment for The Saga-Part 3

Or, repeat after me...How I know my in-laws are Satan's spawn. This will prove what kind of imbecile I am dealing with here. Ms. Camcorder herself called needing a bill of sale for her van from us. She gave it to Joey, but we did do the bill of sale (price? $1.00) Anyway, the letter she recieved in the mail was just your general "failure to pay this ticket may result in prosecution." You have 30 days to pay, it's only been 10 days. Just your standard letter from Parking Services. Now, hmmm....I did not talk to her this evening, her time is coming, it just wasn't tonight. Keep in mind she has a computer, instead she chose to send her teenage son to my house, 40 miles from hers. My thoughts on that? Type up the damn bill of sale yourself. Well, I told her son, "she doesn't need a bill of sale for a parking ticket, I'm paying it Friday, and then poof!! it's gone. Anyway her son went outside and called her, she wanted to speak to Joey. While Joey was talking to her on the phone and she called me a bitty...I assume that's some dumb ass relative to a bitch. Actually I prefer bitch...well, Ms. Bitch to you...lol...Joey didn't say anything, he says he is in the middle, one person is his wife, the other his sister....well, I am certainly not an expert on relationships, but loyalty to the wife is the correct thing to do. Here comes the good part. She has just got to have that bill of sale, to CLEAR HER NAME. Geezus, the car was not involved in a drive-by, used as a get-a-way car in a robbery or involved in a hit and run. She also says it will be on her record now. Helloooo, get a clue bitch...it's a parking ticket. While he was on the phone with her, he walked up to me and asked, "so, are you going to do the bill of sale for her?" To which I replied, loud enough for her to hear, I hope..."I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire, so, my final answer isn't just no...it's HELL NO!! Stay tuned, I am sure this isn't the last of it.



Sin CIty Baby....

One city I have always wanted to visit is Las Vegas. I would love to be able to see it. I love it, the lights, the strip, the shows. And have you ever looked at Las Vegas real estate ? Their houses look nothing like ours here in Georgia. I really enjoy looking up different places and seeing what the prevailing type of homes are. You know, some places are pretty much ranch homes, some may be colonial and others may be mainly condominiums. If you want any information on Las Vegas Real Estate, you have to visit this site: http://www.millionsaver.com/ I cannot wait until we are able to afford a Las Vegas vacation...I wanna test the theory, "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.


The Saga Part 2

If you missed the post "The Saga Part 1" click HERE. And now, another installment in the harrowing epic, "Why I think my in-laws are Satan's spawn." Okay....Ms. Nosy Bitch (Joey's sister) the one with the video camera (read part 1) called here a bajillion times yesterday. Why? Because a while back, she'd given Joey her old minivan to drive (it wasn't out of goodness and mercy either, it was worth nothing as a trade in and she didn't want to be bother with trying to sell it. We however appreciated it immensely) and he hasn't registered it in his name yet. Therefore, when I got 2 parking tickets downtown while babysitting, the City of Savannah sent her a notice. Yeah....I purposely did not pay them until now because I wanted to cause her some panic. Little things make her crazy ass go overboard. Like I've said before, if drama ain't happening, she ain't happy. Numerous times she gotten pissed at me and then a month or two later she'll apologize and say she's missed me. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. And we start talking again. In our drama free time periods we talk every day. Well, ain't happening this time. Joey is the one that spoke to her last night....I've been waiting weeks for her to call so I can tell her exactly what I feel about her 2-faced, lying fat ass. But, I went to sleep early for once and missed the call. I woke up around 10 pm or so and Joey tells me that she wants me to call her. My initial response is what the hell for? So Joey says, "I think she wants to be friends again." Umm, yeah...screw her. Want in one hand, shit in the other, see which one fills up the fastest. I have bent over backwards trying to get along with this family, I am now, officially done. Over, finished, complete. I am a very giving person, but my giving stops now. Example: Before Ms. Nosy Bitch's husband died, he was a truck driver for a certain company. This company does not have replicas of their trucks for sale. What did I do? I tracked down some numbers, left some messages and ended up speaking to the President of the whole company and Ms. Nosy Bitch's 3 boys had replicas of their dad's truck for Christmas. The president just so happened to have a couple. Was it appreciated? Nope. I am not going to do a damn thing for her or the rest of that crazier than a shithouse rat bunch of psychos. However, I have planned on what to say if she calls today. I will talk to her and tell her to disregard the notice, the tickets are going to be paid this week, and if she likes, since she has such a fondness for videos, she is more than welcome to come and film me doing it. Hell, I'll tell her my 17-year old lover is on his way over, she can film us going at it. (***Again, please read the Saga Part 1, it explains all about my torrid little "affair") I will also tell her to not call my house again, someone that derived that much pleasure because our family, with THREE children was breaking up is just taking up valuable oxygen in my world. I only have to see these people once a year, Thanksgiving....but, this may cause problems in November, but I am no longer attending. They can all kiss my ass. I have had it....I may even mention that she should shave that damn mustache she has on her upper lip as well.

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Feel Fresh & Clean - Inside & Out

Everyone knows that one way to gain control over weight issues is to eat properly. Few people know that their bodies are full of poisons and toxic materials. Here's a couple of products that can be used seperately or grouped together...which ever you prefer! All are safe, easy to use and made of all natural ingredients.

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light, clean and toxin-free inside.
So, if you're just starting, ready to begin working on the new you or you're a long time health and fitness person, it's time to pay the website above a little visit!!


Pick me..Pick me...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ted over at PayPerPost has announced that he will be giving a way an expense free trip to PostieCon!! That's right...free!! Ted says, and I quote,

"The winner will get an airline ticket (yes, from anywhere in the world), hotel for Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Downtown Orlando, rental car and of course a free ticket to the event which includes food for both days and cool swag (including a few goodies from our buddies over at TypePad." If you have already paid for the event we will give you a full refund."

All we have to do is make a post telling what we would have to offer at PostieCon and what we hope to achieve by being there. I gave the following reasons, and yes....I would achieve a lot by attending...I'd get away from the kidz for awhile, thus keeping those dang men carrying that funny looking coat at bay for now...perhaps....they're coming to take me away..I know it, the voices in my head tell me so..lol...now on to my post about why I should go!!

I would of course bring my sparkling personality, my amusing outtakes on life and I would get away from my crazy ass bipolar husband and 3 hellion children. Something I have not done in 11 years. So, take pity on the Mom that's Nutz and be like Nike and Just Do It Ted...just do it...I'm like that kid that wants to play kickball...pick me, pick me..pick me...Oh yeah...I can also tell how PPP has helped my family out...which is ALOT. Hubby's job has cut way back for the next few months, and the last several. You, dear Ted, and this wonderful company, have put food on my table quite a few nights here recently!! Again, I will shed any self-pride I have and say, one more time:




Safe and Secure...

Your home is supposed to be your refuge from anything or anyone that wishes you harm. However , in today's world that is simply not true. I live back in the sticks y'all, in the middle of nowhere, nary a neighbor in site. I don't think anyone could find us "accidentally." I never think about anyone breaking in....until hunting season starts & Joey goes away for the weekends quite frequently (too frequently, for my tastes.) Where is he at you ask? Why he's gone to hunt down and kill Bambi. It's those nights, when I am alone with just the kidz that I wish like heck we had one of Laserfield's Security Systems. My mind goes over every True Crime book I have read (probably in the upper hundreds or more by now.) And I convince myself that some ex-convict is gonna come over us and kill us in our sleep. Hey, I told you I read ALOT of True Crime novels. Well, look at the features Laserfield Security Systems can offer their clientele. This camera is loaded! Look at what it offer:

24/7 monitoring;
just what you need for your small business or home;
key chain alarm;
wireless unit;
pet friendly;
high tech infrared detection system;

And that's not all!! They offer the most affordable monthly rates, trust me I know. I've called several business that offer Security Systems and what some of the others charge you is absolutely ridiculous. Unless I take the pruning shears to my money tree out back so, I won't be using other companies. I bet you are saying right now, "Oh Mom Nutz, please let us know where we can buy this fantastic product??" Never fear, I have the answer to that my dear!! You can purchase Laserfield Security Systems
at these fine retailers:

Comp USA
Home Depot
Montgomery Ward
and more

And if you shop around a bit for Laserfield Security Systems it's a safe bet that one or another retailer is offering a "special deal." One example a special deal the retailer is offering would be to waive the one time activation fee ($25) then offer monitoring services for only $9.97 for the first three months and then it will be $ 19.95, the non-discounted amount is awesome enough, but to get it for only $ 9.97...whew...Katy bar the doors, (southern expression.) And don't worry about being trapped by a contract, Laserfield does not require one, you are entering into the agreement on a month to month basis. If you aren't completely satisfied you can cancel your service, which is offered on a month by month basis. So, y'all go on over and check them out, I'll be utilizing their services next hunting season....or else I'll learn how to properly handle a firearm and "monitor" the bad guy myself.


Oh Damn....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nicklaus hasn't felt really well all day....I gave him some Tylenol and he's laid on the couch pretty much most of the morning and afternoon. He felt like he had a low grade fever earlier...when I felt him again, he was hotter. Yep....103 degree fever. If this keeps up, that means no school on Monday, I've already had to attend a meeting about he and Noni missing too many days. And I get to go back to the pediatrician from hell. I am looking for a new one...anyone out there know of one in Statesboro, Georgia that's good?

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COOL BEANS Y'ALL...Please go and vote for me at the web awards site. Do I really expect to win anything. Heck no, but it was great just being nominated. While there, go ahead and vote for blogs in the other categories as well. There are tons of categories, you can even nominate someone in the blog world you find worthy to win some web awards! There are categories for Best Celebrity Blog, Best Animal Blog, Best Blog about Blogging and even a Worst Blogging award. No, I was not nominated in that category. I wish I could win the Hottest Mommy Blogger, but nope wasn't even nominated in that category. However, my new buddy Kat was nominated for Freakiest Blogger. Vote for her, mmmkay?? Rosie O'Donnell is leading in the "Best Celebrity Blog," meh...won't go into how I feel about that one right now. Check out the "Most Obnoxious Blog" and cast your vote. Voting is open until May 22, 2007 at 11:59 pm and the winners will be officialy announced at POSTIECON in Orlando, Florida!! PostieCon begins on May 31, 2007 and runs until June 2, 2007. There are going to be tons of speakers and help for us bloggers to make the most of our earning potential. Wanna know what categories, yours truly, the Mom thats Nutz was nominated for? Well, I will tell you, but you have to promise to take your butts over there and vote for me. Okay??

My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!

My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog!

Okay...so I nominated myself..so what...shut up....



This is way too appropriate.....remember when I burnt about an acre of land??



From Go-Quiz.com

Let me know if y'all did it too....



Oh, swiftly glides the bonnie boat.Just parted from the shore...(Joanna Baillie)

I was an English Major...so forgive the quotation. Anyway, some of the fondest memories I have of growing up were spent gliding through the ocean on my parent's boat it was a 19 foot Bayliner. I loved it. The smell of the salt water was just exhilarating. I wish we had the money right now to afford a boat and motor and just take off for the day. Just us and the kids! I do remember all the time and work it took my dad to maintain the boat, I just wish there was a site like BoatCoversAdvice.com back then. They have great tips on everything, including pontoon boat covers! I've never been on a pontoon boat, but I would love to go on one!! If you are into boating this is one site you MUST visit. One of the most popular types of boat covers is called a sunbrella. However, the best cover in the world isn't worth the fabric it's made of if it doesn't fit properly. So, if you're a boat owner, do yourself a favor and visit the Boat Covers Advice site, you'll gain tons of knowledge and be able to keep your boat in ship-shape form for a very long time.


I'll Ask Y'all Again....

I lost my blogroll a while back, through no fault of my own...Ahem...anyway....if you were on or want to be on my blogroll....please leave me a comment...thanksssssssss



The Shit In My Life Has Got To Stop....It Simply Must

I thought about it today, while I gagged changing Nathan's crappy Pull-Up. Nathan's poops could gag a maggot. He's the kid that will not potty train. I'm tired of wipes and crap stained bottoms. Let's think of this shall we. If I figure that my kidz had 3 shitty diapers a day until potty training, and they were all breastfed when they were babies, that is a wildly conservative estimate. They were pooping machines. Anyway, Nicklaus was potty trained by 2 1/2 years old. Noni by 1 1/2 years old and Nathan is hitting 3 1/2 years old with no desire whatsoever to poop in the pot. This breaks down into, a rough estimate that I've changed approximately this many diapers/pull-ups:

Nicklaus - 2,737

Noni - 1,642

Nathan - 3,832 (and no end in sight)

THAT MEANS, IN A ROUGH GUESSTIMATE KINDA WAY: 8,211 diapers and or pull-ups that I have changed. That is way too much shit for one woman to handle. I don't want to wipe anyone's ass for the rest of my life except my own. Just thought I'd share that little bit with you. Aren't you glad you read my crap? Now, if you all will excuse me, I have to go and clean out the kittens' litter box.




Friday, April 13, 2007

Your hubby, looking for a deck of cards, finds the following in the cabinet...



Into Pumping Iron?

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My, My...how they've grown....

I'm sorry ...when I took this pic all I could think of was Kentucky Fried Chicken...under da' lamp waiting just for me...BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Hubby also had the unmitigated gall to ask me to feed the damn things today. Then laughed when I said, "You want me, to go into an enclosed area with 10 birds?? Me?? Hellooooo???? I'll be damned." If you don't know how I feel about feathered creatures, click HERE. He then tells me, "Well, just tell Nathan to go in the pen, grab the pan and hand it to you. That's right folks, I sent my youngest child, he's three, into the pen so I could feed the chickens. I cowered like a puppy and my three year old handled it like a BIG DOG. Damn, that's sad....

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