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Getting Back In The Swing of Things....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hi y'all...does anyone even come and read this sorrier than hell blog anymore? I am going to try my best to begin blogging again..and believe me...I have lots to share!! So, once I again I am going to give you all a look into the train wreck that I call life....plus...I love letting the world get "all up in my bidness..." To kick things off I guess this is a good enough post as any~

The hubster (Joey) and youngest son (Nathan, 4) were taking a shower, (we do this sometimes it's a whole easier to shampoo his hair)
But, on to the funny ha ha part.
Whilst in the shower the Natester noticed....well...Joey's ummm....well...his nuts....
He asked his daddy what they were and Joey, thinking quickly replies "eggs."
Nathan promptly inspected his "eggs" and announced...
"I don't have eggs daddy, I think they hatch dud"
(yep...meant to spell it that way...because Nathan said it that way."

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