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I needed a cure then...not so much now....

Friday, April 27, 2007

I used to party ALOT. Now, not so much. Just when the kidz have been demons or Joey has had a particularly horrible bipolar day. Okay, so maybe I drink a little more than I should. Meh....But, I digress...Everyone has a favorite or idea in the way of hangover cures. I've heard that the "hair of the dog that bit ya" works. It doesn't, tried it. One morning after much tequila I tried the old hair remedy. All it cured me of was whatever was left in my stomach from the night before, I ran gagging to the toilet. Bloody Marys are supposed to work also, as is drinking tons of water. One of my favorite hangover cures? Do NOT get up, pull the covers over your head, make sure it's nice and cool in your room and sleep the day away!!