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Safe and Secure...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Your home is supposed to be your refuge from anything or anyone that wishes you harm. However , in today's world that is simply not true. I live back in the sticks y'all, in the middle of nowhere, nary a neighbor in site. I don't think anyone could find us "accidentally." I never think about anyone breaking in....until hunting season starts & Joey goes away for the weekends quite frequently (too frequently, for my tastes.) Where is he at you ask? Why he's gone to hunt down and kill Bambi. It's those nights, when I am alone with just the kidz that I wish like heck we had one of Laserfield's Security Systems. My mind goes over every True Crime book I have read (probably in the upper hundreds or more by now.) And I convince myself that some ex-convict is gonna come over us and kill us in our sleep. Hey, I told you I read ALOT of True Crime novels. Well, look at the features Laserfield Security Systems can offer their clientele. This camera is loaded! Look at what it offer:

24/7 monitoring;
just what you need for your small business or home;
key chain alarm;
wireless unit;
pet friendly;
high tech infrared detection system;

And that's not all!! They offer the most affordable monthly rates, trust me I know. I've called several business that offer Security Systems and what some of the others charge you is absolutely ridiculous. Unless I take the pruning shears to my money tree out back so, I won't be using other companies. I bet you are saying right now, "Oh Mom Nutz, please let us know where we can buy this fantastic product??" Never fear, I have the answer to that my dear!! You can purchase Laserfield Security Systems
at these fine retailers:

Comp USA
Home Depot
Montgomery Ward
and more

And if you shop around a bit for Laserfield Security Systems it's a safe bet that one or another retailer is offering a "special deal." One example a special deal the retailer is offering would be to waive the one time activation fee ($25) then offer monitoring services for only $9.97 for the first three months and then it will be $ 19.95, the non-discounted amount is awesome enough, but to get it for only $ 9.97...whew...Katy bar the doors, (southern expression.) And don't worry about being trapped by a contract, Laserfield does not require one, you are entering into the agreement on a month to month basis. If you aren't completely satisfied you can cancel your service, which is offered on a month by month basis. So, y'all go on over and check them out, I'll be utilizing their services next hunting season....or else I'll learn how to properly handle a firearm and "monitor" the bad guy myself.