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Hey.....Who turned out the lights????

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yep, all the creatures I raise are gonna be brain surgeons one day.

Another note of interest: Nicklaus and Nathan are in the bathtub, right near me as I type this....they were getting really loud and wild. I said, "PUHLEEZE shut up....Just BEEEEEE QUITEEEEEEEEEEEEE NOWWWWWWWWWW"
Nicklaus asks, " Mom, was that you that just said that??"
Me: "Uhh...yes Nicklaus, who did you think it was?"
Nicklaus: "Well, I thought it was you...I hoped it was you....but it really sounded like Satan"



Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I've been a nail biter for all of my life. Never really had a problem...BEFORE...This is what my pinkie finger looked like ONE day after biting a hang nail....after 2 days it was swollen to about 4 times it normal size, filled with pus, purple and so painful that I would rather give birth to another child, sans epidural, than experience this pain again. It looks almost normal in this picture, compared to what it really looked like. The throbbing was horrid, and if I accidently just 'grazed' it? My breath was taken away, no sounds would come out of my mouth, and tears just welled up in my pretty brown eyes....it took a week of antibiotics, constant application of an anti-bacterial lotion and a medicated bandage to even get it back to pseudo-normal size. There is purplish, dead skin, but it doesn't hurt!! So, I am now a pain-free blogger and ex-nail biter. Ain't y'all so glad I share stuff with y'all? LOLOLOL



Sorry I've been gone so long...had a lot of stuff going on...will elaborate later...but, I wanted to share these pics with you all....What...you think us Sutheners give the youngins' a day to play? Heck no...pick that there cotton you all...LOL



Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My daddy taught me lots of things when I was growing up. One such "lesson" came in handy during the plague's stay at my house this past week. My daddy ( I'm Southern, so daddy ain't babyish...it just is the name I and many other adults call their "fathers"...) Anyway...back to the point. I learned early in childhood that if it's broke, then 9 out of 10 times Duck Tape can fix it. As you can see, I learned my lessons well....not more taking the diaper off and playing with the poo for you little man...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Better Late than Never I suppose....

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey y'all!! I am back from the dead!! I will try to post something later, I have tons to post about!!

But...I had to get this on here as soon as I could. I missed Livey's birthday....sorry!! And HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY GIRLFRIEND!!!! Livey is very, very special to me and she's one of the "best" blogging buddies I have! She's one of the first bloggers I ever "talked" to and is a great person...Now if I could get her to visit Georgia...Maeve would have to come too...we'd paint the town red...or, well, I guess Maeve would want it black with baby Satans all aglow in feeding troughs... or manger...whichever you prefer...LOLOLOLOL


Forget the House of Ill Repute....I live in a house of ILLNESS & PUKE

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I will try to post tomorrow...with my family I have tons of stuff to post about, but....we're all sick, even Hubby missed a day of work, which he never does...but, I promise to try my best to post, maybe even later this evening and I'll try to find a double dose of freebies to make up for last week's. So, "talk" to you later, take care and go shopping in my damn store..now..you know you want to...Besides, I have to buy gifts for 3 kidz for Christmas....LOL


Wanted to Make Sure this Got Posted!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I just wanted to let all veterans of any war, at any time, know that they are appreciated, supported and revered! Thank you, your honor and courage are not traits many of us posses, and we wouldn't be able to be the country we are, the people we have become or the best damn nation in the world without all of our veterans. Thank you is such a small thing to say, but I do want to thank you.

It is the Soldier,

not the reporter

who has given us freedom of press

It is the Soldier,

not the poet

who has given us freedom of speech

It is the Soldier,

not the campus organizer

who gives us freedom to demonstrate

It is the Soldier

who salutes the flag,

who serves beneath the flag,

and whose coffin is draped by the flag,

who allows the protester to burn the flag.

Father Dennis Edward O'Brien - USMC

If you are reading this, Thank a teacher....

If you are reading this in English, Thank a soldier....


It's Now Official....My Life is Too Full of Anxiety..LOLOLOL

Okay....Hubby got his check, for the RIGHT amount...YIPPEEEEEE!! Our bank account numbers aren't written in RED anymore....damn, grab the Dom and pour me one!!! When my huzzband went to the doctor on Monday, he made me an appointment. I haven't really been in a while, and he wanted me to get a checkup and maybe start sleeping like a normal person (more on that later) stop getting headaches, the usual, right? So, I went. I do not like going to see "the doctor", well, when I was single, and had a date with a cute resident or 2 it was okay, but not like an appointment or anything. Anyway, he stayed home with the kidz, and off I went. I only had to wait like 5 minutes or so and got called back. The nurse took my temp, weight (holy shit) and the usual. Now, having already declared that I am not a "model" patient, when the doc usually comes in and asks why I am there, what seems to be the problem, I usually say whatever I am sick with, or it's a baby problem, and I ain't having no more babies, and I wasn't technically sick so I just answer, "My husband made an appointment, here I am." And then he said, do you have any concerns at the moment in your life, we need to check you out for, or concerns?" Dear Jesus, Mary and Joseph, my mouth opened and I have no idea where this spiel came from, but for the first time ever, I just opened my mouth to a physician and let it fly. By this I mean, I said the following:

" Oh I don't know, let's see, I have a bi-polar husband that hurt his back
and hasn't taken his meds because of the pain pills he's on, so he's basically been
a jerk for the last week or so, I have a 9 year old with ADD that bounces off the
walls most days, a 4 year old that thinks she's 20, those 2 fight constantly,
and a 2 year old that has developed a love of his feces and everyday it's a toss-up
where I will find it next. I haven't slept for about 2 1/2 years. Well, I go to sleep around 4 am most nights, get up at 6:30 to get my son on the bus and my 2 year old to Pre-K,
so, do you have anything that will just take the edge off of my life?"
He was silent for a moment, the nurse walked back in, the doctor asks, "So, you get 2 hours of sleep most nights? How long does this go on?" "I say, well usually I start seeing things, I guess from sleep deprivation, after a month or so, and I usually just die on the couch one day, and keep an eye on my kidz as best I can." The nurse, looked
at me and asked, " Do you work?" I couldn't help myself, I looked at her and
said the following: "Did you not hear me say I have THREE CHILDREN?" "Uh, yeah...I did,
I meant outside the home, but I know that 3 children can be a lot to handle, I have one." The end result?? I am now Katy's medicinal sister, we are takers of the Paxil, women with pills UNITE!! I also have Ambien to help me sleep. Woohoo!! And ya know, just to further let the whole damn place know that "Kel waz in da house" I was
waiting for the guy to call me to take my blood and it was quieter than a church in there...all of a sudden, REDNECK WOMAN blares out of my pocket, yep, I am one of those annoying bitches with loud ringtones, 3 people walked down the hall to see what in the hell that noise was, while I answered the phone and said, you'll never guess who it was... the Blogger Babe that's a Gawja Gurl just like me!!! My buddy Gennie..... Hell yeah!!!!



Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yep, the title of this post is a phrase I heard a time or two growing up. And yes, those that said it directed it at sweet, shy, introverted me...Bwahahahaha.....well, I just decided to post a bit on how my weekend and week has been thus far.....I'll include a few pics to illustrate, because if I didn't, well...it wouldn't be my blog, would it? I have to share my misery with someone....and who better than the people that read my blog? A scaffold fell on Hubby at work last Tuesday, he bravely faced the pain of a 100 lb. scaffold on his back and went to work everyday, until Thursday night. He came in from work, limping as he had been since Tuesday, and he laid down on the living room floor, Nathan the youngest spawn, was sitting beside him. Some demonic urge overcame the tot and he thought it would by fun to head butt Daddy's back. So, like a Flying Wallenda he took a running start and did just that. The Headbutt from Hell!! This was not a good idea, he hit Joey's back in exactly the same spot the scaffold did. Suffice to say, his pain was great, so I called Poppy, my daddy, to take him to the ER. I did not want to take my kidz out to a germ infested waiting room. The end result? He hasn't been to work since. He is going back on Thursday. The ER just gave him a few shots and a prescription for pain medication. He was looped for about 15 hours on the shots. He went to his regular physician on Monday. His doctor doesn't think he damaged any discs or whatever permanently, he just sprained his back really bad. The company says that Workman's Comp. will most likely pay for the days absent due to the injury, however, that can take up to 2 weeks at the least. We can't wait for that, so he went ahead and took his remaining vacation days so his check would still come. If they get it right. His check has been short $400 for 3 weeks now. Every week it is supposed to be here, it's not. That was for vacation pay from 3 weeks ago....now $400 may not be alot to some people...to us? With 3 kidz? It's a small fortune. They swear it will be in this week's check....let's hope so...I don't think the hubby will be able to stop at just raising hell verbally, like he did the past 2 weeks, this time. And I do not want to ask my parents to help out anymore. Suffice to say that with only one income, savings are non-existent. Thank God for Nanny & Poppy...they have helped us out so much in so many ways. It's gonna take forever to pay them back, but they are the best!!! So, the first part explains the grumpy, pained, yelling person my husband has become lately. The following is for illustration purposes only, Noni did not stand on his back like that...he would have cried if she had.

Next, Nathan was extremely congested, coughing and such this weekend. Noni seemed okay Sunday morning, so she and her dad went to church. Nicklaus woke up with an ear ache and congested, so the 2 boys and I stayed home. Noni got the same way as the other 2 Sunday evening. Nathan hasn't slept well since Saturday night due to coughing and such. And if Nathan doesn't sleep, Mommy doesn't sleep, so I have had about 5 hours total sleep since Saturday...rah rah rah...I'm on top of the world!!! They are all still congested and coughing. Nathan seems to be the one that has it the worst. The pediatrician prescribed breathing treatments for him when he starts coughing too much and can't catch his breath. As you will see below , he really enjoys those!! My life has been one big bundle of snot here lately...lots of snot and no sleep do not a happy Momma make...but, these are the dues of motherhood....although in my opinion, my dues should be waived, I should have such a positive balance in my dues account that I don't have to pay until the year 2050, be declared a charter member or something.

Next, the weather has been kind of cool here in South Georgia lately and I let Noni and NIcklaus go outside to play on Monday, since they both seemed a lot better. When they came inside, Noni was covered with mosquito bites....Nicklaus had one. I swear to you, if there were 500 people in a thouand acre field and 4 mosquitoes in the field, Noni would be the only one they bit. They love her, and she's quite allergic to the bites, they get really red and swell up on her. Here's a tip for ya, if you don't know it already...the best thing to put on mosquito bites to reduce swelling, redness and relieve itching? We use deodorant, it works really well on Noni.
Here's a link with this and other remedies for mosquito bites. Just click the red sentence. I don't know how well you can tell by the pic, but my girl is covered. I never in a million years thought there would still be mosquitos out still. We used to be swarmed with them, for the last month or so, we've seen none. But as I said before, they will seek Noni out, just to get her blood. Now I will live in fear the next week or so until I know she hasn't caught West Nile or some other mosquito transmitted disease.

Next, I went to open the door and let our newest member of the family, Sable, inside. Our beautiful, white (because she's still a puppy) Golden Retriever/Lab Mix. Her fur is soooo white, and soft, that you can't get enough of petting her. She is convinced she's a giant lap dog. I suppose her fur will turn golden soon. Hmmm...make a note to ask Cat if her girls were white when just puppies. I know I could look it up...but dammit...I'm tired. Did you not read that I have had NO SLEEP?? Back to the topic at hand, letting Sable in. I opened the door and found some other dog in my pretty, clean Sable's place. After my initial shock, I realized this was my Sable. And sleeping outside was her only option for tonight. As you can see, she was not phased one bit. Wherever she'd rolled in the mud that covered her from head to toe must have been one exhausting experience, she could have cared less where she slept, that's pretty evident though, isn't it?

Little Dirty Doggy...

And last, but not least, those who read my blog know of Nathan's fondness for his feces. What post from hell would be complete without a mention or two of that? Someone, gee I wonder who, moved Noni's bank/ATM thingy and we couldn't find it . Noni found it under her bed. Can you tell what the problem with this item is? Someone was trying to make a deposit of what he considers a valuable commodity. Yep, right in the coin slot. So, can you guess who the culprit is? And what he was trying to invest? And how to explaing the concept that crap is a no deposit, no return, item to a two year old??? Bwahahahahaha


I wanted to share this with y'all...Hubby's hurt, kidz are sick, so...posting may be scarce for a few...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

***Forgot to include this when I posted the following. Momz Giftz now has a HUGE section of photo frames!! There are frames for babies, grandparents, moms, dads, family, cats, dogs, and on and on. Many frames in themes, i.e. dolphins, palm trees, shabby elegance, and much, much more. In fact, there are 60+ frames for you to choose from...check them out by clicking here. ***

Since a few of y'all have said you'd like to shop from my store for Christmas gifts. I just wanted to give you the the last day an order may be placed to ensure Christmas delivery. Also, if you need to know your zone, please comment or email me with your zip and I'll let you know as soon as I can. For some reason, I cannot get my zone chart to upload properly on Blogger. I also want to let you know that until 11/14, I have a section of my store dedicated to Christmas Bonus Buys....for a limited time, these items will be drastically reduced for you to purchase for youself, your home, a gift or whatever. Please look it over when you can and I will really appreciate your orders!! Thanks!! To go directly to the special savings section....click HERE!! To see the full description of item, just click on the pic. Thanks again!

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Mrs. Dawn, Done, Done It!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ms. Dawn is now officially Mrs. Dawn, she and longtime boyfriend tied the knot....And while I don't know her personally, I've read her blog, and I think she is one of the people on this earth that deserve TRUE happiness. She paid her dues in hell, and her time is NOW. To put it mildly, she's had a, ummm....few relationship and family issues. (Personally, I wonder if I could have made it through as much as she has!) So, click HERE and wish Dawn, her daughter and her new hubby - CONGRATULATIONS!!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com


It's Before Midnight Somewhere...so My Friday Freebies Are Not Late!!!

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Before I had kidz, I never worried about half of the stuff I worry about now.
I put on make-up every day. I fixed my hair. I got out of my jammies -EVERY DAY!! I was able to sleep all night.

Before I had kidz, my house was semi-organized. I never stepped on Legos in my bare feet. I never had to remove sticky candy from my butt when I sat down. If someone annoyed the hell out of me, I did one of the following:
1) Left the place they were at
2) told them to shut the hell up
3) knocked the crap out of them....
4) maybe all of the above

Before I had kidz...I never knew what 2 gallons of red Kool-Ade looked like when spilled in your refrigerator. I'd never been spit on, puked on, pooped on or peed on. And if I had?? Retaliation would have been swift, severe and very, very painful, and I certainly wouldn't have cleaned it up for them or worried about them eating it, in fact shoving it down the person's throat that did it would have been a top option on my list.

Before I had kidz....I never cried when I saw someone else get immunizations. I never walked the floor carrying another human, singing insane songs, ALL NIGHT LONG, over and over and over again.

Before I had kidz....I never lived in fear of something happening to another human being quite so much. I never fully understood the deep, intense fear that a parent feels their child is missing. My heart had never stopped because I lost sight of someone in a crowded shopping mall. I never understood the ferocious nature of animals in the wild when their young are in a situation that can be construed as mildly harmful.

Before I had kidz....I never knew the pride one could feel when you breast feed and your baby actually gains weight - all because of you, when your child colors between the lines, when they tie their shoes all my themselves, when they go to the potty, when they write their names neatly - without help or when they catch a fly ball during a baseball game.

Before I had kidz...I never knew that the first time your baby says Momma could make your heart swell with love, your eyes fill with tears and a realization that you posses a deep seated devotion to your child and it is eternal in your heart. Before I had kidz...I never knew how deep, profound, and everlasting love could be. Now I have kidz, and I understand all of this...and so much more. Before I had kidz....I never thanked God everyday for His blessings to me or understood the depth of my mom's love for me.


I Ain't Skerred of No Ghost!!

The South is full of superstitions, ghost stories and voodoo. Especially Savannah, The Southernmost parts of South Carolina and the surrounding areas. This trailer used to be abandoned, white, and falling down. Well, only 2 things have changed thus far. I just had to take a picture of this for you....mainly in the African-American neighborhoods around here, you'll find the most outrageous loud tints of paint. Yellows, pinks, greens and most often the blue color above, it's called "haint blue." It's supposed to protect the inhabitants from spirits. Now, I know the neighborhood this "traylorrrr" is in and I am just willing to hazard a guess and say the paint is to keep the spirits away, and the pile of cinder blocks are there to chunk, (that's southern for throw at) young entrepreneurs hawking their wares thugs with gold teeth and their pants hanging off their asses, selling crack to passing cars. Or ya know, I could have it totally wrong, they could be to throw at nosy white housewives taking pictures of their houses and posting it on a blog.



Thursday, November 03, 2005

19 Pc. Knife Set In Case

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** Please click on picture of item to be taken to the store page for the item. Just want to browse? Click the banner on top. If you cannot see the banner, click HERE. I really appreciate your business and so will my kidz at Christmas....I'm not trying to "poormouth" honestly, but money is tight here at the Harmon homestead, hubby's work is slow due to supplies and such being sent to New Orleans. And if the houses are ready for cabinets, he doesn't make any money...so...buy, buy, buy...LOL... If you are interested in previous Top 5 items, please let me know and I will upload them to store again. Dummy me deleted them somehow!!***



Most of you know Cat, from A Mom in the Swamp. Well, Ol' Cat ain't in Swampland anymore. Nope, after losing their dream house, the house they were renting and the house they just sold all to that beeyotch Hurricane Katrina, Cat and her boys(including the grown one) are in Kansas City now. As is understandable, it took a while for Ms. Cat to get back in the bloggin' mood. Well, she's back and she's moved her blog as well, which is a tough thing to do!! Please just take a moment, click on the banner above and comment on her site and let her know, that we still love Cat, whether she's in the swamp.....or NOT!!!! So, pretty please...just do it...and tell her that Mom Is Nutz sent ya!! If you cannot see my pretty banner at top...click HERE.




A costumed man's public "gyrations" sent him to jail early Sunday.An officer reported seeing 21-year-old Will Johnson, decked in face paint, a blue leotard and orange wig, doing strange things in the 100 block of West Congress Street.
A police report states that Johnson would jump in front of cars as they drove down Congress "and begin numerous physical gyrations." When the drivers honked their horns, he would allegedly yell and curse at them. The report states that Johnson pulled off his wig and ducked into a crowded club when an officer approached him. Police did not pursue. But a half-hour later, the officer said he again spotted Johnson gyrating in front of traffic in the same spot.
He was charged with disorderly conduct around 1 a.m. and taken to jail without incident. (Printed in the Savannah Morning News 10/31/2005)

I will not attempt to explain this guy's actions in any way. I just had to share this with you and also a few notes things that I thought of while reading the article. I wonder if anyone else thinks/says/does/asks the same things I did while reading. Here is a brief list of the thoughts running around my brain when confronted with the "Gyrating Jester":

1) Did he have help with his make-up, or do it all himself?

2) Is he wearing the team colors of University of Florida or Savannah State? No matter which, I'm sure both are just delighted to have such witty, personable fans. To gyrate is the sincerest type of flattery, I suppose.

3) If he's from around her, can you imagine his parent's pride and adulation that their boy was on the front page??? I bet Momma and Daddy did a little gyration around the breakfast table that morning!! Can you blame them?

4) Was he by himself clubbing? If not, couldn't one of his friends or all of them said, "Hey....Dude....Gyrating in front of cars isn't cool." Friends don't let friends gyrate....Especially in leotards, wigs and makeup.

5) Can you imagine the people driving down the street? What in God's name did they think? One minute, quite drive home, the next minute they have gyrating boy with paint and leotards in front of their car?

6) If this nut goes to trial, can you imagine the testimony of witnesses? "Yes, we were sitting outside having a beer in City Market, when all of a sudden, Eunice screeched, "Bob...Bob...What is that purple and orange blur heading toward us? And why, well, I know this is nutz...but it's gyrating Bob, it's gyratinggggggggggggg..."

7) The police did not pursue this fella.....he got away....went into a club, ripped that wig off and called it a done day. He'd done all the gyrating he was gonna do....WAIT...nope...this brain surgeon thought, 'Nope, I'll just bide my time in here a while, blend into the crowd, and try to gyrate on the dance floor....but just wait....the Ringed gyrator will be back doing what he does best.

8) At what point in a person's life do they realize they are so bored with the club scene that they must start doing something else. And they decide to do something else. At what moment do they say..."Gyration, yeah...that's it...I wanna gyrate?"

9) Is he available for parties? Bachelorette, birthday, whenever...I mean...what's a party without some gyration?

10) And one last thing, whomever he called to bail him out of jail....do ya think he told them he was locked up for "gyrating without a license?"


Hubby's New Shirt...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Now what redneck is complete without a "Here's Your Sign" T-shirt?? What does it say?

Man #1: (looking at mounted deer head) Did you shoot that deer?

Man #2: Nope, it ran through the house and got stuck in the wall!

Here's your sign, I'm stupid sign that is!



Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I am so addicted to Junkin' with Dave and Val. Val must be the coolest female ever made. I am so excited, they are coming to town on November 5th!!! I am going to get my picture with these two....mainly Val, and it's so going to be posted if I get it!!!!


Now, what kind of Mommy would I be....


For the second year in a row, Nicklaus was that god of wrestling, John Cena...same hat, new shorts, new jersey. Is this obsession ever going to end? (okay...maybe momz thinks the dude is too hot also, but I don't dress like him.) Noni, complete with red hair, although it doesn't show up really well, is Strawberry Shortcake, she wanted the halloween socks, and she outgrew the costume within the last 2 months, but...she was happy, I was happy, so who cares?I had an absolutely adorable bear costume for Nathan, but he acted as if it was a grizzly attacking him, complete with bloodcurdling shrieks and screaming hissy fits, every time I tried to put it on him. Sooo....Mommy decided he'd be Howdy Doody...which was not met with any sort of enthusiasm either, his hair is red also, and he did have eyeliner freckles and red cheeks, but the snot and tears washed all that off......Next year? We're putting him in camo...he can be a hunter, an army guy or a redneck...call it what you want....Happy Halloween....thank God it's over..LOL...and now...my final quandry....has anyone else had a day like mine? The kind of day, that you almost say, "Dear Lord, please let my child cough, have a snotty nose or sneeze...that way I can be a good mommy and help them feel better? A nap would help them Lord, I know it would...just one good COUGH...please??????? "