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Friday, April 27, 2007

While reading other blogs, I noticed some of you are getting hit hard with rain. It's funny how people live in different areas and are battling different things. Like SAM, her area is being rained on mighty hard, tornadoes touching down, scary stuff. And here? About 2 hours away, in Ware County they are battling a HUGE forest fire. By HUGE, I mean 60,000 acres burning, and no end in sight. There are firefighters from all over helping to fight this thing. 18 houses have burned at last count. That's horrible, the fire is so bad that if the firefighters aren't able to keep a house from catching on fire, they've been told to ignore their training and basic instinct, they are to just let it burn and if they can stop it from spreading, then try to do that. There is a story about it HERE. It is just awful, can you imagine? I can't. We're almost 7 inches low on rain for the year. All the farmers in the county I live in, I know, are just praying for it. We got a hard rain that lasted all of three minutes here this morning. One little rain cloud went over....and the rain was soaked up and the ground dry within all of 2 minutes. Damn...we need rain.