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It's Planting Time At The Nutz Farm...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Well, not really, we have to get a tiller, my dad has one that the string thingy you pull to crank it up (ah, yes, that is a technical term) anyway, it broke. But, if we can get my uncle to look at it, he can fix it and tune it up a bit. However....Noni planted her sunflowers today. I do have pictures, just too lazy to get up and get my camera. But, rest assured, if my kidz did something and I took a picture of...it will be on here. I hope these sunflowers grow like the seed packet said. They are the Russian Mammoth type and they average from 8' to 12' tall. I hope they grow. We planted some before at our old house and they never grew at all. Oh well, if they don't I have about 20 packets of flower seeds, and 20 packs of vegetable seeds. So, we'll be all up in 'da crib chillin' this summer, eating good food and surrounded by the aroma of fresh cut flowers! Do any of you have gardens?