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A proud moment...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Most mothers get to brag on their children's report cards, the points they scored in a game, a great piano recital, you know "normal" parental bragging thangs...I, however, get to brag on things such as this:

For those of you who don't know...this is a tree climber. One can sit in the top of a tree and slaughter Bambi as he runs by underneath.

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Lord, Help Us!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Most mothers and fathers wonder what their child will look like in the future. Joey and I have. However, with Noni, we feel as if we already know. Every so often I take a picture of her and I swear to Bejus that she looks like a teenager. Joey is already planning on how to get any of her would be suitors to head out to the woods with him for a little "target shooting!!!" (for those of you who do not know how old Noni is....she's SIX!!!")



Extra!! Extra!! Read All About It!! Blogland and Real World Intersect!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Yep, folks this is a truly rare occurence, initial reports seem to confirm the last known sighting was about 2 years ago. And in an astounding stroke of luck one lucky lady was able to snap a few photos!! Even more amazing is the fact this species was photographed WITHOUT HIS HAT!! That's gonna be worth a fortune on Ebay!! How remarkable it is to find out that real humans actually write their blogs, it's not just some highly evolved personal computer!!

Okay, all kidding aside, the Nutz family were honored to pay host/hostess to that lovable teddy bear of a man, GuyK and his better half, Ms. Sweet Thang!! Alas, Ms. Sassy Poodle and Little Sister were left at the campground. And it was most likely the safest place for them to be. See, Ms. Sassy is up there in years and Little Sister is only one year old and scared of everything. I have this feeling, call it women's intuition if you will, that after those dogs were subjected to my HELLIONS kidz, Mr. Guy and Ms. Sweet Thang would have to search far and wide for some puppy prozac. Small little bundles of fur and my kidz are not a match made in heaven. Granted they wouldn't try to hurt them, Nathan never means to hurt the cat when he picks him up by the neck. It just happens...I was so happy we got to visit a little while yesterday, and even happier I finally met Guy's Sweet Thing!! We met up with Guy and several more bloggers from around here about two years ago. Sweet Thing was in pain with her back and wasn't up to socializing. But now, she's had her operation and is doing well and I finally have a face and voice to go with the name. Joey and Guy shot some guns so basically Guy had him at "wanna shoot my new pistol!" The kidz loved them to death as well. Well, I'll post a few pics of our day. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did taking them! And don't even think about copying my pic of the Mighty Guy without his hat...that's my Ebay fortune maker!!

Honey, I am all Southern. A Proud G.R.I.T.S. (Girl Raised in The South!) If you come to my house, I'm gonna feed ya. It's a deep genetic trait amongst all Southerners, passed down from generation to generation!!

Metamorphosis of a blog buddy turning into a real life friend!! Ain't that just a beautiful thing?? (don't even think about copying my picture, I'm watching you. Seriously though, without his hat he reminded me of someone and I couldn't think of who. It came to me last night, as soon as I find a pic of him, I'll do another post about it!!

I still can't believe they didn't take at least one of those kidz with them!! I offered!! I know where we made our mistake...I told Joey a long time ago, we started feeding them, now they ain't ever gonna leave!! :-)

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It's An Epidemic

Friday, January 18, 2008

What is going on in Hollywood these days? It seems like 3/4 of the "celebrities" whether real or just in their own mind are in need of some serious drug rehabilitation!! And if they do go to some sort of facility, then it's one that apparently does NOT work. The rehab they choose is one they are still treated like stars and get their lattes and carry their pups in their Louis Vuittons no work is required. The only celebrity I can think of that doesn't need help these days is Ms. Spears. Her? She's in need of some serious mental health lock-up time wearing that lovely white suit in which one hugs themselves. She doesn't have a drug problem, she's just certifiably nuts!!



Hey Y'all!!

So much for promises to blog more, eh? But, in my defense, I have to add, I am homeschooling 2 kidz and trying to tame a 4 year old hellion while I do so. Just thought I'd check in and tell ya about a visit we had to the Nutz house last week. Believe it or not, I do have some in-laws that AREN'T THE SPAWN OF SATAN are really cool. The down side is we haven't seen them in seven years, since they live in Ohio and we live here. And neither one of us have spare funds for travel. I got to see my FAVORITE SIS IN LAW Tonya!!! I love her to death!! Here's a pic of us (Aunt Tonya's headgear provided by Nate-Nate:)

As any visit at the Nutz household goes, guns and ammo were brought out:

It was just awesome to see them and I hope like hell it doesn't take another seven years to do so. Joey shouldn't go that long without seeing his big brother and family, and neither should I!! I'd hate to wait that long to have another pic like this!!


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I know I said I'd blog more, but it's been really hectic around here dang it!! This is going to be a short little pic post. I thought I'd share with you how the holidays went at the Nutz Household. And what better way to show you? Why pics of the 3 little Nutz!! Here they are on Christmas Eve. My whole family came over and we had a great time!!

Noni with her brand new Tinkerbell necklace...I don't know if she liked it or not....can you tell?? LOLOLOL

Howdy Pardner!! Saddle up and let's hit the trail!!

And finally, what Christmas is complete without at least ONE John Cena item??

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

glitter graphics

Hey Y'all!! Remember me?? I'm still alive! And I have a lot to blog about. (Livey, this is a post dammit!! LOL) I thought I would start off the New Year with a bang and follow one of my resolutions which is: To blog more! This blog means alot to me, but the friends I've made via my blog mean more! So, for my first post of 2008, I will share my New Year's Resolutions with all of you. Don't it just warm your little ole hearts?


2. BE MORE PATIENT WITH MY CHILDREN Get stronger medication.

3. BLOG EVERYDAY Blog whenever my spawn are contained somewhere!!



Glitter Happy New Year Graphics