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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I did not want the dang bird, I can't stand dang birds and now it's gone...YIPPEEEE!!! No, it did NOT die...but if it were possible to will something to die, then it would be. See, hubby bought this thing home, I took care of it, I did NOT hold it and all that, I left that to the kidz and him. However, several days or so after it got here, I started to break out in itchy red bumps, in patches at first, then everywhere. Now, I would be inclined to think that yes, perhaps, it was some sort of psychotic induced condition due to my dislike and fear of the things with wings, except the others in my family had it too. Not as bad as I did, but still they had a form of it nonetheless. Someone said it could be mites or something, so off to the pet store we went, well, actually my mom went but still....she brought back the recommended spray and such for the thing and I applied as directed, and applied as directed again...and again....and again...nothing. Still, itching, still bumpy. I vacuumed daily, I cleaned the cage, nothing. (More work for Momz) So, this weekend I'd had it. My first thought was I would take it up to those dumpsters up the road and leave cage, bird, food and all with a little sign saying, "Take me, I need a home, the bitch kicked me out." I also considered just letting it fly free. It may not survive, but surely those few moments of freedom would have been priceless. But, Noni talked me out of those. So, I called a pet store. They agreed to take it and find a home for it. Yes, I know, they probably were going to make some money off of the bird. Did I care?? Nope....in fact I would have paid them to take it if I had the money. So, armed with cage, bird and grocery money off I headed to the store. Oh yeah, I had to go grocery shopping also with very LITTLE money. I got to the store, and walked in. As I was explaining why I had the bird, this lady and her teenage daughter were listening. They started asking questions. Lord, you would have thought that it was breaking my heart to let the poor little creature go. See, we just didn't have the time to give him the love and attention he deserved, blah, blah, blah. They asked, "You're giving the cage away also?" "Ma'am, I'm giving the bird, the cage, his food and his toys plus the toys in the box away. I just want him to find a good home." BWAHAHAHAHAHA It ended up with them taking the bird, and me walking away with $20.00 for the dang thing!!! Yes, I did tell them it was NOT necessary, but they insisted and that was $20 more dollars for food. So, I guess I am glad I didn't let it "Fly like an Eagle" for the 2 minutes or so it would have lasted before my dogs got the wing-clipped chew toy. And my bumps and itchiness? Almost all gone!!!

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