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The Saga Part 2

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If you missed the post "The Saga Part 1" click HERE. And now, another installment in the harrowing epic, "Why I think my in-laws are Satan's spawn." Okay....Ms. Nosy Bitch (Joey's sister) the one with the video camera (read part 1) called here a bajillion times yesterday. Why? Because a while back, she'd given Joey her old minivan to drive (it wasn't out of goodness and mercy either, it was worth nothing as a trade in and she didn't want to be bother with trying to sell it. We however appreciated it immensely) and he hasn't registered it in his name yet. Therefore, when I got 2 parking tickets downtown while babysitting, the City of Savannah sent her a notice. Yeah....I purposely did not pay them until now because I wanted to cause her some panic. Little things make her crazy ass go overboard. Like I've said before, if drama ain't happening, she ain't happy. Numerous times she gotten pissed at me and then a month or two later she'll apologize and say she's missed me. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. And we start talking again. In our drama free time periods we talk every day. Well, ain't happening this time. Joey is the one that spoke to her last night....I've been waiting weeks for her to call so I can tell her exactly what I feel about her 2-faced, lying fat ass. But, I went to sleep early for once and missed the call. I woke up around 10 pm or so and Joey tells me that she wants me to call her. My initial response is what the hell for? So Joey says, "I think she wants to be friends again." Umm, yeah...screw her. Want in one hand, shit in the other, see which one fills up the fastest. I have bent over backwards trying to get along with this family, I am now, officially done. Over, finished, complete. I am a very giving person, but my giving stops now. Example: Before Ms. Nosy Bitch's husband died, he was a truck driver for a certain company. This company does not have replicas of their trucks for sale. What did I do? I tracked down some numbers, left some messages and ended up speaking to the President of the whole company and Ms. Nosy Bitch's 3 boys had replicas of their dad's truck for Christmas. The president just so happened to have a couple. Was it appreciated? Nope. I am not going to do a damn thing for her or the rest of that crazier than a shithouse rat bunch of psychos. However, I have planned on what to say if she calls today. I will talk to her and tell her to disregard the notice, the tickets are going to be paid this week, and if she likes, since she has such a fondness for videos, she is more than welcome to come and film me doing it. Hell, I'll tell her my 17-year old lover is on his way over, she can film us going at it. (***Again, please read the Saga Part 1, it explains all about my torrid little "affair") I will also tell her to not call my house again, someone that derived that much pleasure because our family, with THREE children was breaking up is just taking up valuable oxygen in my world. I only have to see these people once a year, Thanksgiving....but, this may cause problems in November, but I am no longer attending. They can all kiss my ass. I have had it....I may even mention that she should shave that damn mustache she has on her upper lip as well.

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