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Oh, swiftly glides the bonnie boat.Just parted from the shore...(Joanna Baillie)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I was an English Major...so forgive the quotation. Anyway, some of the fondest memories I have of growing up were spent gliding through the ocean on my parent's boat it was a 19 foot Bayliner. I loved it. The smell of the salt water was just exhilarating. I wish we had the money right now to afford a boat and motor and just take off for the day. Just us and the kids! I do remember all the time and work it took my dad to maintain the boat, I just wish there was a site like BoatCoversAdvice.com back then. They have great tips on everything, including pontoon boat covers! I've never been on a pontoon boat, but I would love to go on one!! If you are into boating this is one site you MUST visit. One of the most popular types of boat covers is called a sunbrella. However, the best cover in the world isn't worth the fabric it's made of if it doesn't fit properly. So, if you're a boat owner, do yourself a favor and visit the Boat Covers Advice site, you'll gain tons of knowledge and be able to keep your boat in ship-shape form for a very long time.