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This has me a little worried...

Friday, April 27, 2007

If you read this POST, then you know about the ummm....enterprising young man down the street. Well, last night I saw about three black guys, (and I don't care if they were Purple Haired Asians wearing Polka-Dots and White shoes outta season, it's just they are black, so I used the term black...) anyhoo....they went into the woods like 5 times. Now, granted, they are either stoners, or suppliers of the mighty Ganja weed. So, if they drop their cigarrettes and stuff while back there, it's not even 3 acres that would have to burn and my house would be nothing but cinders, ashes and memories. It wouldn't take much with the weather being like it is to start and hundred acre or more fire around here. What would you do? Report the pottage in the woods or just wait to burn to death in your sleep? Just a question, y'all. You can answer if you'd like.