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Monday, April 23, 2007

Not too long ago,a family member I love dearly, had a problem with prescription drug addiction. It seemed so easy to fall into. A hurt leg here, a prescription there and then it turned into an all out battle to basically save a life. I wish I had known then about 1800NoDrugs.com I spent a lot of time and effort calling various places trying to get help for this person. When someone you love is battling an addiction, your whole family is hurt, scared and confused. It would have been great to pick up the phone, dial a number, or enter a few letters and access this site and have the resources available that they offer. Many people just don't realize the dangers of maybe taking a few too many pills, what's the harm? It's prescribed, right? WRONG!! It can take you down a long dark road and it will turn into hell finding your way to the light again.