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Pick me..Pick me...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ted over at PayPerPost has announced that he will be giving a way an expense free trip to PostieCon!! That's right...free!! Ted says, and I quote,

"The winner will get an airline ticket (yes, from anywhere in the world), hotel for Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Downtown Orlando, rental car and of course a free ticket to the event which includes food for both days and cool swag (including a few goodies from our buddies over at TypePad." If you have already paid for the event we will give you a full refund."

All we have to do is make a post telling what we would have to offer at PostieCon and what we hope to achieve by being there. I gave the following reasons, and yes....I would achieve a lot by attending...I'd get away from the kidz for awhile, thus keeping those dang men carrying that funny looking coat at bay for now...perhaps....they're coming to take me away..I know it, the voices in my head tell me so..lol...now on to my post about why I should go!!

I would of course bring my sparkling personality, my amusing outtakes on life and I would get away from my crazy ass bipolar husband and 3 hellion children. Something I have not done in 11 years. So, take pity on the Mom that's Nutz and be like Nike and Just Do It Ted...just do it...I'm like that kid that wants to play kickball...pick me, pick me..pick me...Oh yeah...I can also tell how PPP has helped my family out...which is ALOT. Hubby's job has cut way back for the next few months, and the last several. You, dear Ted, and this wonderful company, have put food on my table quite a few nights here recently!! Again, I will shed any self-pride I have and say, one more time: