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Interested In The Inside Scoop?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

If you want to know about high profile cases, i.e. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, then you really have to check out the Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Blog California Criminal Defense Lawyers Forum . Past Prosecutors for Los Angeles post and converse about California criminal law, the strategies that are being used and close scrutiny given high profile cases. The author of this blog is a lawyer named Dmitry Gorin. Mr. Gorin is also a professor at UCLA and Pepperdine Law School. Due to his knowledge and analysis skills, Mr. Gorin is frequently called on to perform commentaries for Fox News.

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Come One, Come All, The Freebies Are Posted For Y'all

I know, I know, it's Saturday, but when have I ever posted them on time?? In fact, I only chose to put "Freebie Friday" on my post because it sounded good and not because I was going to get off my lazy butt and actually post it. So, although I have no reason to believe that you'll buy this one, I am going to once again promise to post the freebies regulary, just now promising Fridays! :-) Here are a few good ones I found and I wanted to share them with you. Relax...Read...Click and get your free stuff groove on!! Take care and all of y'all come on back now ya hear??


Free Computer Programs Every Day. These are NOT trial versions.


Free 2007 Christmas Seals

Free Bag Of Purina One For Dog/cat Or Both

Iams Healthy Naturals $ 8.00 Coupon

Free Sample of Zostix Arthritis Pain Relief

Free Bracelet "Make the commitment"

Free Biore Pore Perfect Face Wash & Pore Strips

Tons of Totally Free Magazine Subscriptions!

Free Tums & OsCal Samples



Free Blue Star Flag for Military Member & Families

In honor of all of the brave men and women in uniform, Grantham University would like to offer every service member a FREE Blue Star Flag that your family can display to pay tribute to your hard work, dedication, and service to our country. The Blue Star Flag first appeared in 1917, when an Army captain who had two sons serving on the front line designed it as a tribute to their dedication and service. The flag quickly became the unofficial symbol of a child in the service. Today, families who have a loved one serving in the military display a blue star flag in the inside front window of their homes to show the family's pride in their loved one who is serving and to remind others that preserving America's freedom demands much.

Grantham is dedicated to providing military service members, veterans and their families access to a high quality college education. To receive your FREE Blue Star Flag please complete the request form below - it's that simple!


Hmmm.....I May Be Wrong, But I Think The Wrong Drug Rep Visited Nathan's Doctor....

Friday, September 28, 2007

We took the Natester to the doctor on Monday to ease a few concerns we had about his growth. Now, I know you don't compare one kid to another and all that, but, he is really small for his age. Everything was okay though, he's just a short little feller!! Although, I am not too sure they understood exactly what kind of growing we were referring too. LOLOLOL

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I guess it's the medication I am on, but I am having the weirdest dreams I have ever had in my life! For example, the other night, for some reason or another, Mariska Harigaty , (of Law & Order, which I don't watch anymore) were hanging out at all the fabulous Hollywood parties and then we went somewhere and she started giving me these dresses and such that cost $4000 and more. Now, I am not delusional, so I know I would never fit this fat butt into anything Ms. Harigaty owns, but, I can't control my dreams. Wonder if it means I am suddenly just going to lose a ton of weight? Doubt it. Now can you see why I need a dream dictionary?? Although, I am willing to be it would just say I'm Nutz!!



Oh Lawd....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am so sorry to have not blogged for so long....damn...it's been hectic around here. Joey left a message for me to call him on Wednesday of last week, told me it was an emergency. Bejus, it was....he tangled with a table saw and the saw won. This is what his hand looked like when he got home:

And this is what it looks like underneath...ain't that nasty?? He cut all the nerves and slice the back half of this thumb off. I took these when we had to go and get his bandages changed, because it bled through. He's got 2 weeks off, workman's comp to deal with and I have to be a nurse. Woohooo.....I'll wash hair...shoot, I'll even help him wash the heiney....but I don't do wiping...lol....he's capable of doing that. The nerves are too fine to do surgery on, but they hope they will grow back and he'll have feeling in his thumb again in about a year. The second picture does not look as deep or thick as the cut really is, and the black stuff is dead skin. Gee...hope you weren't eating dinner while reading this.



Like Going To Concerts?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

If so, are you in the UK area or planning to visit soon? If so, you MUST check into this site:

It's the one stop site for purchasing all your Concert Tickets!! And Viagogo.com also offers Tickets for sporting events, arts and theater and special exclusive event tickets that you can't find anywhere else!!

The way the site works is also unique. Say a person bought a ticket or more to a certain event. Something comes up and they are not able to attend. You can sell your tickets online to other members!!

The one concert I would LOVE to see is The Police's Reunion Tour. They are having a non-stop, whirlwind tour. The remaining concerts they have are in the following locations:

September 22, 2007 - Munchen

September 27, 2007 - Barcelona

September 29 ,2007 -Germany

September 30, 2007 -France

And that's just the rest of this month. Next month they will perform in the following venues:







I know they are Rock Legends and are most likely getting paid an amount that is outta this world! But, that is a lot of moving around and all. So, they probably do earn about 25% of what they get paid...the other 75% is given....ummm...just because they are The Police!!




Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Do all of y'all see my banner at top that reads, "Why are these kids following me?? And who are they calling Mom??" Only the top portion shows on my screen.



And He Thought The Bag Was Gay??? OY!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Now I understand why hubby wouldn't carry the "lunch purse." It did NOT match his fingernail and toenail polish!! Dang it...I wish Rob were still here...wonder what he would say about this little incident?? Would he find him "beautiful in a manly sort of way?" One could also surmise from these pics that we have wayyyyyyyyyy too much time on our hands here at the Nutz household. In all fairness, the hubster deserved it, he's always painting Justin's nails when he falls asleep...

Fingernail Polish - $ 2.50

Bribing Noni to Hush Up Laughing So Loud - $ 2.00

Seeing Hubby wake up to go to the hunting club with a full set of red nails - PRICELESS

He took the fingernail polish off. But can't you imagine Mr. Manly Man having to go to the hospital and taking his shoes off.....and then showing off those pretty nails of his?? Guess the lunch purse may not look so bad after all!!

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To ease the hassle and not waste yours or the lenders time, be sure you fill out the application thoroughly. Also, don't exaggerate your answers. Honesty truly is the best policy.

Applying for a payday loan online has quite a few reasons that make it a better way to shop, apply and receive a loan. Several of these reasons are: Online loans are usually processed faster, complete the application in the privacy of your own home and lastly, no waiting in lines or lobbies to finally talk to someone. So, if you need a little fast cash to pay an unexpected bill or other expense that cannot wait, check out the site above, you won't be disappointed!!



I'm Tellin' Ya....That Man o' Mine Is SOOOO Comfortable With His Sexuality

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One morning about a week or so ago I woke up in a "let's be a good wife" mode. I made lunch for hubby and then found out he'd lost his lunchbox, so I was going to put it in one of my "place we do not speak of plastic bags. Geez...none of those either. Then I remembered a bag my niece gave me. **Pictures below** The front of the bag is not white, it's a cloth diaper. I just put it there to cover up the name of the bank where my niece works. Now, I saw nothing wrong with the bag, it would hold everything nicely. I put Joey's lunch in it and he was already in the van, running late, and handed it to him. Here's our conversation about the bank bag....

Me **handing bag to hubby**

Hubby (looking puzzled) : What the heck is this?

Me: I ran outta bags, so I just put your lunch in there, why?

Hubby: **mumbling to himself how ridiculous this is** "hurry up, I can't wait all day!"

Me: Me, hurry up? What are you talking about, I'm ready! What are you waiting for?

Hubby: I'm waiting for you to go get the Sharpie marker.

Me: What do you want with a marker? You're a dork.

Hubby: I just wanted to help you out with the whole bag issue and let you just right GAY on my forehead so no one would be trying to guess if I am. Now even without my pocketbook people will know.

He didn't take his lunch in the cute little bag after all. DORK!!

How many of y'all see nothing wrong with a man carrying a bag like this with his lunch in it? I sure didn't think anything of it. It's not purple sequins, pink flowers and blue rhinestones...but yeah...you can.



Hitting Rock Bottom

Monday, September 10, 2007

Drug abuse is a prevalent illness that is sweeping our nation and others worldwide. Almost everyone knows someone that abuses drugs. Drug abuse does not discriminate against anyone. Those people that are addicted to drugs are from every race, every religion and every economic bracket. Location doesn't matter as well. In California, as in every state, the effects of drug abuse are more and more evident each day. Mothers and fathers losing their family due to drugs, imprisonment for drug use, living your life until the next high and the list could go on and on. I'd like to tell you a little bit about one Malibu drug rehab option.

Anyone can be addicted to drugs, but, hope lies in the fact that everyone can also get help for drug abuse. At Cliffside Malibu you will be entering a top notch facility that is dedicated to you and your recovery. Cliffside Malibu's housing offers breathtaking ocean views and a multitude of outdoor activities to keep one focused and busy. A few of these activities are horseback riding, surfing, bike riding and hiking.

At Cliffside Malibu our goal is to provide to our clients the resources they will need to combat and overcome their addiction(s.) This is evident in aforementioned housing and the effort that Cilffside Malibu put forth in this endeavor. Thus, the client is afforded privacy and the attention they deserve.

Each and every staff member, from doctors to massage therapists underwent a complete and meticulous selection process. This process allows Cliffside Malibu's clients the opportunity to focus on their recovery and not worry that the staff may not be up to par. Violating a person's right to privacy is not an event one has to wonder about at Cliffside Malibu.

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When a woman steals your husband, there is no better revenge than to let her keep him~Author Unknown

Joey and I were at church a week or so ago. The topic was how God gives each of us talents. Some people think that these talents are only obvious ones like singing or preaching. In actuality there are a lot of talents. Maybe some people have a talent for visiting those who are sick or calling people and just listening. Anyway....I leaned over and whispered to my dear hubby, " I think the talent God gave me is housecleaning." His reply?? "You're going to hell."

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Reason # 7,685,482,338 That I Ain't Gettin' That Mother of the Year Award AGAIN!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Moooommmmm....the tooth fairy left my tooth under my pillow...no money...nothing!!!

(Oh hell, I fell asleep.....dear God...what is the matter with me...I am a horrible mother...geez....)

Really?? Are you serious??? Wow...must have been a busy night for her!!! Leave it there, I'm sure she'll flutter by today while you're at school!!

Mom, the tooth fairy is a night thing...she won't come by....

No really, I swear to all things holy...happened to me one time....that ol' fairy had an extremely busy night and when I got home, swear to ya, money under tha pillow....why would I lie...what do I get out of you getting money from some winged fairy thingy? In fact, she could even flutter in and do it while you're matching a pair of socks outta the dryer, ya know?

Let me tell ya, I've never threw 2 bucks under a pillow so quick in my life. And no, I don't always match the socks as soon as they get dry exactly. I think once in a while...okay, a lot of the time, finding a matching pair of socks in the dryer on a school morning is fun...kinda like a scavenger hunt. Fun for who exactly, I don't know...but still, ya know????

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