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Another Installment for The Saga-Part 3

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Or, repeat after me...How I know my in-laws are Satan's spawn. This will prove what kind of imbecile I am dealing with here. Ms. Camcorder herself called needing a bill of sale for her van from us. She gave it to Joey, but we did do the bill of sale (price? $1.00) Anyway, the letter she recieved in the mail was just your general "failure to pay this ticket may result in prosecution." You have 30 days to pay, it's only been 10 days. Just your standard letter from Parking Services. Now, hmmm....I did not talk to her this evening, her time is coming, it just wasn't tonight. Keep in mind she has a computer, instead she chose to send her teenage son to my house, 40 miles from hers. My thoughts on that? Type up the damn bill of sale yourself. Well, I told her son, "she doesn't need a bill of sale for a parking ticket, I'm paying it Friday, and then poof!! it's gone. Anyway her son went outside and called her, she wanted to speak to Joey. While Joey was talking to her on the phone and she called me a bitty...I assume that's some dumb ass relative to a bitch. Actually I prefer bitch...well, Ms. Bitch to you...lol...Joey didn't say anything, he says he is in the middle, one person is his wife, the other his sister....well, I am certainly not an expert on relationships, but loyalty to the wife is the correct thing to do. Here comes the good part. She has just got to have that bill of sale, to CLEAR HER NAME. Geezus, the car was not involved in a drive-by, used as a get-a-way car in a robbery or involved in a hit and run. She also says it will be on her record now. Helloooo, get a clue bitch...it's a parking ticket. While he was on the phone with her, he walked up to me and asked, "so, are you going to do the bill of sale for her?" To which I replied, loud enough for her to hear, I hope..."I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire, so, my final answer isn't just no...it's HELL NO!! Stay tuned, I am sure this isn't the last of it.