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Hey Y'all!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Contrary to popular belief...LOL....I have not disappeared from the online computer world. It's just been NUTZ around here. I have soooo many posts to write. I have thank yous to write to very special people. Suffice to say, the "poor" kidz, (mine) are gonna look better off than the "rich" kidz most days!! LOL...I have been so blessed, the blogosphere is an awesome thing...but I'll update y'all on all of that, in more detail, in a day or so. The kidz start school on Wednesday...which I find stupid, AUGUST 1st?? Anyway, we have 2 Open Houses at two different schools to go to tonight. One 5 almost 6 year old that is raring to go and an 11 year old boy that is scared to death of changing classes, lockers and all that comes with middle school....I'll be back later, it may be a day or so, or could be earlier....I don't know, let's just see how this goes....it's a busy, busy time. Love all you guys!!!!


I'll be back later...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sorry, I've had a really bad ear infection and have been out of commission a few days. Although I am much better now, I have a demolished house to clean. Oh The Joy!



Hey Boys and Girls-Do You Know What Time It Is?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hey, I started it on Friday...does that count?? lol

Big lists where you can get Free Tee Shirts


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ree databuddha T-shirt. Easy form. Asks for company name.http://www.acidfm.com/contact.htmPress Package includes: CD, 8 x 10 band photo, reviews, merchandise: T-shirt, stickers, etc., more detailed band history, & promotional info. To receive a press package, fill out the form below, check the box and send as much information about your business or company as possible. Valid email address required.

http://www.travelusa.com/freeshirt.html Free Travel USA T-shirt

Free sample zip n steam by Ziploc.


A Good Cause

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'd love to tell you about a charity that is near and dear to my heart. It's the Autism Research Institute located in San Diego, California. Let me tell you a little about my charity.

Created in 1967,and based in San Diego the Autism Research Institute (ARI) is the global headquarters for study, research and knowledge about and on autism and related disorders, and the epicenter of a quick growing belief in which it is viewed that can be treated in an effective manner through concentrated behavior modification and a variety of biomedical treatments based on a per individual basis.. ARI’s number one priority is conducting research, and to extracting the important findings of the research. ARI also studies intensively the causes of autism and on ways to prevent, diagnose and treat autism and other severe behavioral disorders of childhood. ARI provides information found through their research to parents of Autistic children and to professionals around the globe.

One fact about the Autism Research Institute that is quite remarkable is the fact that they spend 77.4% of their money, whether grants or contributions on their program expenses. Much of this goes to research and development. In the world of charities this is phenomenal. So, I ask that you check this site out and see what you think. And if you're led to, donate a few or many dollars. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this is the way for all those mothers and fathers out there to get their child back?

**Sponsored by Navtej Kohli**





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Now, what series of pic posts would be complete without the demon chickens? None that I post. And, I will note, I take these pictures from a distance. I'm not letting Satan's little creatures get anywhere near me, I will NOT get chased again.

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Need New Furniture?

I probably will before too much longer. Kids can put a lot of wear and tear on your furnishings. However, the one piece of furniture I will begin saving up for soon is a new desk. Mine is almost worn out. It has chips in places, is scratched beyond belief. One maker I am really interested in is Bush furniture. They have some awesome desks, clean, sleek, minimalistic (and more complex) but I have always been one to like a big, clean desk without a lot of additions. I will definitely be checking into getting one of these as soon as I am able!!

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Another Pic Post

I know I call my kidz terrorists a lot. But they are not always way too active. I had to share the following picture of the two youngest when they are at the best behaved. I'd go so far as to share they are pure angels in this picture. I am not delusional though....I realize that yes, they are asleep and yes, they will wake up. But a mother can enjoy a "Non-Terrorist Zone" for as long as it lasts. God help us all!!

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Love Movies? TV? Video Games?

Friday, July 20, 2007

It's hard to find a site that will give you reviews and info on all 3, isn't it? Well, let me tell you about a site called CriticsRant.Com. This site offers movie discussions, discussions and reviews on your favorite tv shows and movie reviews!! They even review and discuss video games!! You can even contribute your opinion to the discussions, reviews and the like. Not only will you be able to speak your mind, if you enter your opinion YOU MAY WIN A DVD!! It's a really cool site and y'all should check it out!! I know I will be. It looks really awesome!

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This was too funny...had to share....


Another Pic Post

Noni and I planted slews of seeds in our flower bed. Here are a few pictures of what we have. The whole thing is in bloom. I don't know what you call any of these, except the sunflower of course. If you don't mind, check out the tree one and see if you have an answer for me, k?

This is a tree we saw on the same road as the geese. Joey and I both really liked it. When we are able to afford it, we'd love to buy one and plant it. Does anyone know what kind of tree this is??

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Are You Moving?

If so, then you need to know what the Top Moving Companies are. Visit that link and you'll find a list of movers, whether you are moving a mile away or a thousand miles away. You can also find links for truck rentals, storage rentals, moving supplies, auto transporters, self service moves and tons more. If you are moving and it's a small move, you can even get a small move quote. They even have listings of apartments, apartment specials, real estate and real estate agents. This site is definitely worth looking at. It could make what is usually a complicated task a much, much easier one!!

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Scenes From The Nutz' World....

As you all should be aware of, I LOVE taking pictures. No, I am not a professional by any means. I just thought I do a couple of pic post to show you our little corner of the world and what is in it. As I've said before, we go out riding in the evening almost every day during the week. Why? Because, I LOVE TAKING PICTURES!! And I am on the hunt for a picture of ALL the deer around here. However, they are usually in the back of this big field ( there are always at least 15 of them, most evenings around 25-30.) I can't ever get a good picture because they are way too far away. My camera doesn't have an attachable zoom lens and that is what you need for far away shots like this. Hubby says just as soon as the kidz get grown he'll buy me one. LOL....Anyway, here's the first of my pic posts with explanations beneath.

One of the roads we ride down has an enormous pond with slews of Canadian Geese. I love seeing them!! Sorry the pic is a little blurry. It's the whole zoom issue again.

This creature was in our back yard. Anyone know what it's called. Besides "huge ass lizard creature?" Do we have salamanders in Georgia? Is that what this is?

Kitty FIsher and Loki hanging out. Just couldn't resist the pics, they looked so cute. (Sorry Rob, I know you hate them. :-) I remember our cat discussion vividly!! The last picture is how they sleep most of the time.

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Trying To Lose A Little (or a lot) Of Weight?

Have you tried to find a calorie counter that is compatible with your lifestyle and diet choices? Well then, let me tell you about a free calorie counter available online that will make all of your calorie counting easy as can be! This calorie counter is compatible with ALL diet plans, and not only does it count calories it also counts carbs. The site is full of useful tools. Did you know that if you use a diet journal that it's a proven fact your weight loss attempts will be more successful? You can also sign up for a free e-newsletter that will give you useful dieting tips, fitness advice tips and much more. One other feature that is a great reason to check out the site? It's 100% free, NO CREDIT CARD EVER NEEDED!! It's definitely a site to check out!

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A Situation To Share....A Favor To Ask....

Okay...This may be a bit convoluted and confusing. To best explain the situation, I think I will use numbers, explain it in a sequential pattern.

  1. Joey works at a company that is nationwide. It's not some fly-by-night construction outfit.
  2. He's a cabinet installer.
  3. His rate of pay is per job. Different jobs pay different amounts.
  4. I told you all about his "promotion" that promised to pay a lot more, even when business was slow.
  5. Since he began the "promotion" position, we haven't really seen an increase, well, a small one some weeks.
  6. Joey swore someone was taking his money. I didn't know if it was the bi-polar or if he had a legitimate beef, at first. But, the jobs were suppose to pay a lot more. Granted, he DID a whole lot more work than before.
  7. He's even worked until 3:00 am before to finish a job that "HAD" to be completed. He starts work at 7am, so this was a long, long workday, don't you agree?
  8. He went into work one day and asked one of the sales reps a question about a job. The guy replied "You've already turned that paperwork in."
  9. Joey told him, "I have not turned it in. I had questions for you before I turned it in." The guy replied, "Yes you have, let me go get it."
  10. Joey got the paperwork, and more importantly, he got proof that they were taking money.
  11. By 'They" I mean a guy that is, in some form, a pseudo supervisor. Let's call him "Mutt" the other party involved will be referred to as "Dustin"
  12. When the guy went to get the paperwork, two things were obvious, a) the paperwork had been altered. They, "Mutt" & "Dustin" had copied the paperwork, which they took out of Joey's box at work. They covered up the pay detail part with a piece of paper and copied it. It was a horrible job. Lines were blatantly missing parts of the line. It looked similar to this: _____ _______. All told about 4 lines, in differing degrees of "cover up" were like this.
  13. Even more disturbing was the fact they forged Joey's signature. It is blatantly obvious that it is not my husband's signature.
  14. On this ONE job alone, over $562 was taken from us.
  15. Joey's has done well over 30 jobs. If we figure even $200 dollars taken from us, that would equal $6000. But, it is a lot more than $200.
  16. "Mutt" has been having a very good year. He's bought a boat, a new truck, and remote control cars that cost upwards of $500.
  17. Joey went to the head supervisor, "Christopher" and he promised to go through the paperwork. He's doing it, but he is taking a loooong time.
  18. We think they are just giving Joey the runaround. Joey has the numbers to call for the Corporate Office. He's just trying to give them a little time.
  19. However, we are now convinced that it will take these calls and possibly litigation to retrieve the monies stolen. Forgery is a crime.
  20. Joey told "Christopher" yesterday, "You need to get that paperwork finished. I need my money. I go home and can't buy my kidz an ice cream cone and those sons of a bitches are buying boats, four wheelers, toys and I know some of it is my money."
  21. He also told him that Forgery is a crime, and if something wasn't done soon, he was going to make some calls to people that would get his money back.
  22. "Christopher asked for just a few more days.
  23. "They" seem to think that they can just pay Joey off and go about their lives.
  24. Joey says, "No way, there have got to be some repercussions. They need to lose their jobs."
  25. I tend to agree with him. It's wrong on so many levels it's not funny. Our house payment is late. I buy groceries for 5 people on $50-$60 a week. It's not right.



Today is July 20. My kidz start school (Nicklaus & Noni) on August 1. The house payment has to be paid today. We have some saved up, the other is going to take almost all of Joey's check. Our electric bill is due as well, I have to call and see if we can delay payment until next Friday. Next Friday is the 27 of July. No more paydays until school starts. I have been trying to buy clothes off of Ebay. I can't even afford a lot of them. I've been using my paid posts money. Noni has a shorts outfit and a Capri outfit. Nicklaus has one pair of jeans. Do any of y'all have clothes that look good enough to be "back to school" clothes in sizes Boys Jeans-12, Shirts 14-16 or Little girls 6X that you want to sell cheap? I will pay for shipping too. If I can afford them, I am desperate. Nicklaus starts middle school this year and y'all know how cruel kidz can be, I want him to look nice. If y'all can help out in any way, I would greatly appreciate it. You can either leave a comment and I'll contact you, or click on the Booty Shaking Man in the sidebar and email me. I greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer!

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Are You Into The Goth Scene?

Are you a single girl into tats, piercings, black clothing, punk music and you can't live without your black eyeliner? Are you single and can't meet a lot of goth guys that are your match? If so, you have got to check out an awesome site devoted exclusively to goth dating. The site has tons of features to make your search easy. For instance, you can search by sex, whether you are into same sex or opposite sex matches, you can search by age range and zip code! If you are into all things gothic, then this is the site for you to finally find the one that matches your unique style and needs!!

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I've Been Wanting To Say This For Awhile....

I just want to ask my friends and family that read my blog and send me comments and such via email the following question: Could you pretty please with sugar on top leave comments on the blog? If you don't want to, that's fine, DON'T stop sending me the emails, I love them. All you need is a Google account and then it's really easy to leave comments. I just think your comments are really funny sometimes and I know all 4 of my readers would love to read them too. Just an idea. Think about it. ( the Cousin It comment was priceless!)

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Trick Out Your Ride

Thursday, July 19, 2007

One of the easiest ways to make your old jalopy look fashionably new is to invest in some awesome auto accessories. The options are endless. Need something to make a work day easier? Then check out slider tool boxes. Want your fenders to have some pizazz? Hook yourself up with some fender flares. Want your license plate to be noticeable? Get a lighted license plate frame. I could go on and on. Like I said, the options are endless!!



New Medication...

I went to my doctor's appointment yesterday. I told her all about the sweating, the way I was feeling lethargic and when the dosage increased it had me shaking really bad, I couldn't be still. So, she prescribed 50 mg of Zoloft to be taken in the morning and 100 mg of Trazadone to be taken at night. It's got me kinda loopy, but that's alright, I'm nuttier than a fruitcake most days anyway. Here are some things said in the doctor's office yesterday.

While the nurse was asking the standard questions about smoking, alcohol and using illegal drugs, I said I did not use illegal drugs. Another nurse, who is really a hoot and a half, said, "C'mon, be truthful." I replied, "You try living with my 3 terrorists and staying off drugs. It's not an easy task." Later while in the exam room the same nurse came in while the doctor was writing the prescription. I looked at her in all seriousness and quipped, "She's prescribing heroin."

The doctor asked me if I am trying to kill myself when I take the pills I do sometimes. I told her, "No, I just take them and go to my happy place. I have a high tolerance and it seems I only self-medicate when I've gone days without sleep and start seeing things. Hell, that makes me sound nuttier than a fruitcake, doesn't it?" "She replied, "I'm referring you to Dr. So-n-So, he's a wonderful psychiatrist here in Statesboro." Guess she answered my question, huh?

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Great Product

If you are in business for yourself, whether online or in the "real" world, then you know how important and useful good financial reporting software is to running a successful business. Everything, sales, taxes, overhead can be input and when it's time for taxes or maybe even a dreaded audit, the process will be much smoother if you have the information needed at your fingertips.



Overheard At The Nutz Household....

I researched the depression thing and it says it is a "unipolar" condition. I was telling this to bipolar husband and Nicklaus overheard. Later he asked me this:

**"Mom, if you are unipolar and Dad is bipolar, what will we be?" Nicklaus, you'll be tripolar, Noni will be quadrapolar." "What will Nathan be, Momma?" "Heck Nicklaus, he'll be normal, there's always gotta be one in the family."

** Husband: "Big Momma (one of the chickens) is gone." Noni: "Momma, did you kill her?" Of course I didn't.

**"Moooooooooommmmmmmm....Nathan pooped in his dresser drawer."

**Husband: "You're looped out of your mind, aren't you?" Medicated Mommy: "Pretty Much." (I have 2 new medicines, I will tell you about that is another post.)

**After a particularly trying day with my operatives for al-Qaeda ahem...kidz. Husband: "You know what there problem is, don't you? They've come unwhipped."

**Earthshattering caterwauling coming from the back seat. Earsplitting and headache inducing. Noni: " I can't sing opera like I used to. I used to be really good, now I am just good. That was in preschool and kindergarten though. I'm gonna be in first grade."

And you wonder why I am now a Medicated Mommy?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

As most of you know, I post my Freebie Fridays partly to share with you all my love of all things free. I love getting the samples, coupons and all the other stuff in my mail. I'd like to share with you all a site where you can Get Free Samples and Printable Coupons. This site is huge. They
have tons of links, hundreds and hundred in fact, that connect you to brand name Free Product Samples. And that's not all!! You can also find links for free printable coupons for items you buy everyday. Who doesn't like saving money? Plus you can check out their deals section and find out the Internet's best deals from businesses you know, trust and love!! They offer such categories as: Health and Beauty Products, cosmetics, food, perfume, baby products, free software downloads, diet pills, the list goes on forever!! So, if you enjoy going to the mailbox and getting little surprises each day, or going to the grocery store and actually being able to save a few bucks, you should definitely be checking this site out. You could literally spend hours exploring all the cool things they offer!!

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I'm A Schmoozer

Okay, it took me awhile to do this one. Sorry, Medicated Mommy hasn't been up to par. Actually, I got this award twice...hmmm...is that a good thing? The first wonderful blogger that picked me was the every witty, every wise Wander over at Wander's World. The second lovely lady was everyone's favorite BOOZING errr....I mean Schmoozing witchy poo, Maeve. What is a Schmooze Award for? It's for those bloggers that take the time to visit others in our little community, leave comments, make their prescense known. The schmoozers are those that create friendships that span thousands of miles with people they never "meet."

Now for the Schmooze rules:

If, and only if, you get the Thinking Blogger Award or The Power of Schmooze Award, write a post with links that make you think, or have schmoozed you into submission.

Link to
this post and Mike so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

Optional: Proudly display the "Thinking Blogger Award" or the "Power of Schmooze Award" with a link to the post that you wrote (here is alternative
silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog.

Now, my pick of five of the best Schmoozers:

1) Karen over at Clutzy's Clutzes - It's an awesome blog...check it out!!!

2) Gennie at DIzzy Girl - Witty, Intelligent, Outspoken, And Southern to the Bone...like me!!

3) Maybe Baby - The blog of a couple trying desperately to have a baby...from the man's point of view...it's great!!
4) Sour Patch Baby - she's a hoot, you gotta read her posts!!

Okay...that's only 4..couldn't think of anyone else.

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A Proverb

“There is no reply to the ignorant like keeping silence”



House Hunting?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I always enjoy looking at houses for rent in the areas close to me. I like to keep up to date on what the real estate market is doing around me. I was doing just this when I ran across this house, click HERE. I love it! This house is only about 25 minutes away from mine, but I want to go here for vacation! Wireless Internet, Water Slides, Lazy River, and the house is fully furnished and ready to go. Plus the added bonus of a 27 acre pond for fishing. That would keep the husband busy. This site is awesome. A few clicks and you can research any part of the country you want to. Happy Hunting!!



8 Facts About Me...

The lovely and witty Beth over at The Sassy Southerner tagged me with this...so I will try to thing of 8 facts about me to share with you all.

Here is how this thing works:

* Each player must post these rules to begin the meme.

* Each players starts with eight random facts or habits about themselves.

* People who get tagged must blog about their eight things and post these rules.

* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here you go...they are rather "dark." I do have brighter facts, this is just the mood I am in right now.

1) I have recently been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. I'm on Effexor ER to deal with it. Yep, it's a bitch.

2) The one thing that will make me want to kill someone is messing with my children. They are my life, my heart, my world and if you screw with them...you'll get butt kicked....hard.

3) I go nutz if I don't have anything to read. I read the back of cereal boxes if nothing else is available. I got rather odd looks from people in "the place we do not speak of" one day when Nicklaus handed me a book and upon my seeing it, I told him, "No honey, no one dies in that one, it's all about love and crap." I prefer books in which someone dies, in real life if possible.

4) I have corresponded with people on death row. Including Darlie Routier, whom I feel is 100% innocent. We wrote about 50 letters back and forth. I stopped, I don't know why...not enough time I guess. You should read her site, do a little research and see what you think.

5) I live in a small town. There is this one cemetary on the road we travel on to go "to town." No matter what day there is always a new "tent" up. The tents are for burials. I can't imagine that many people dying and there still being a town. I, however, have turned this into a game. Upon passing by the cemetary, all 3 of my children will play, "Count The Tents." I took this picture to show y'all...There was only one that day...but there was a fresh pile of dirt waiting for the new occupant. lol..

6) When my youngest, Nathan, goes to school, I am going to go to work. I want to do something in the writing field. I have written for several newspapers, e-zines and the like.

7) I am terrified of my children growing up. I cried for a whole day when Nicklaus completed 5th grade. Why?? Because now he will be in middle school...I am not ready for him to start being "grown."

8) I love blogging, I have met so many cool people both online and in real life. It's a blessing to me. I have no car, so when hubby is at work, I sit here, by myself, with 3 kidz, sometimes 7 days a week. THis is my outlet.

Now...who am I gonna tag?? Let me see....



(I know you hate these things...just do it for me,k?)

And Speaking of K....How about you too K?

The Lovely LL at Chromed Curses

My favorite witch....Maeve

This is really all I can think of right now....if you wanna play along...let me know in the comments....


Hmmm....An idea....

I was thinking when we had another get together at the house, wouldn't it be cool to play cards? Maybe make it like a casino night, with poker tables, roulette wheel, Blackjack and all the other stuff. We wouldn't have to play for real money or anything. It would just be cool, I think, to get together with our friends and have like "theme" nights. Maybe they could be based around games or something. One night have a charades night. I just think it may be fun. Or it could just be another nutty idea of mine.



Okay, Yes, I May Take Too Many Pictures...

As I mentioned earlier, we like to go out riding around and looking for deer and such. My camera won't zoom as far as I would like so therefore, I can't get the pictures I want. I am saving up though!! We chanced upon the following bit of wildlife on one of the dirt back roads. Joey and Justin swear it belongs to a bobcat or panther. They said the teeth are definitely canine, if so, this was one huge kitty cat. What do y'all think? Guy?? Catfish?? What is it??



Oh Dear, Now This Is Sweet, Thoof!!

Don't know what a Thoof is? Well, I'll tell ya. Thoof is a new website that offers you, the reader, personalized news based on a quite advanced and complicated algorithm. This algorithm "remembers" what you, the reader, is interested in, and loads up a personalized home page for you. It's TAILOR MADE to what YOU like!! The site was created because of all the time and trouble it takes to find stories that are interesting to YOU. How many times are you left sifting through things you could care less about, endless clicking and clicking only to find out that what interests you may not even be present on a particular website. Well, no more, one need only click on the stories one in interested in, and from then on Thoof takes care of the rest. Don't like how an article is described? Think it can be better? Then you, as a registered Thoof member, may make suggestions to change it. This collaborative filter of news, websites, videos, websites and other links, is a welcome respite from anything else the Internet offers. I must warn you though, once you start clicking and reading and/or viewing, you may find yourself addicted. This is truly a unique site, I love it. I left it only long enough to post and tell you all about it!!



An Ahem....Embarassing Story I Thought I'd Share

Well, tonight as we were riding around looking for deer, and seeing OVER 50 OF THEM, Joey decided to tell the dead bluebird story again. See, Justin was with us, and he, being the only person on the planet in our circle of acquaintances that had not heard the story, had to be told. A few years ago, come to think of it, every year, we are regaled with horror stories of West Nile Virus. It's a virus transmitted through mosquito bites and can prove quite deadly. We, the citizens of the South, are told to look for such things as dead birds. Well, one day, I noticed a rather large bluebird feet to the sky in our driveway. I got on the phone with the health people and was promptly reassured that dead bluebirds are not indicators of West Nile, it's their counterpart the Cardinals, or redbirds. Anyhow, I later looked at Joey in an "I shoulda had a V-8 moment" and said, "OH MY GOD, I killed the bird...it was me. I am a bird killer." Joey asked why I would think I killed a bird. Well, I'll tell you all how. See, I went outside and threw some bread out for the dear little birdies to eat. I swear, even though I do NOT like birds, I did not do this intentionally. When I looked out later, ants had covered the bread, I hate ants as well, and I quickly decided to kill the little bastards. What did I do? Well, I sprayed poison all over those suckers, thus, when the little birdies came to eat, at least the bluebird did, I can only assume, he ingested a poison filled snack and dropped from the sky.

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A Chance For Love

Monday, July 16, 2007

Many men just can't seem to find the "perfect" one for them out there in the "real" world. I also know, that many men, no matter how "we" may view it, prefer women born in another country. There is an online site, with sincere women for those men who are looking for Russian brides. This is not another one of those Russian dating scams . This site is for those men who are serious in their quest for a bride and for the men that prefer Russian girls . Available free to all registered users are the following features: private search, love tours, e-mail forwarding, and even gift delivery. Each and every girls' profile will contain their direct contact information which will be made available, free of charge to all registered members. The site also promised that every man will receive individual attention. Also, the administrators know the girls that are advertising, so you'll be safer from being scammed. In fact, the site has an antiscam page! These are sincere, attractive, well educated women looking for someone to share their life with. So, if you are seeking a love connection from Russia, you should check out this site!!



Just A Private Little Message To A Wacko....

“Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.”

--Nora Ephron (Screenwriter & Director)

Isn't it funny that those who are in the most dire need of help, never seek it. They merely surround themselves with insane conditions and then spend a better part of their life lashing out at those around them and never really seeing that they may be the ones in need of assistance?



The Gathering...

Thought I'd share with you a few pics from our redneck get together...yeehaw..ain't nuthin' better than guys with guns!!

And no decent down home gettin' together is complete without some horseshoe throwin'!!

And here's a pic you won't see the likes of often. (Don't worry Lisa...yer face is hidden) My beautiful niece with a baby....she is never going to procreate. And I won't tell her she needs to again. Every time I did, I ended up pregnant.

This baby ALMOST makes me want more.(then I remember they DO grow up) ..he's the cutest kid in the universe. And, I might add, he's a very smart tyke as well. This is his grandmaw. (okay...Nana) ...my best friend Sherry...she ain't proud of her cutie pie a bit is she?? Y'all that are the praying kind, say a few words for Baby J, k? He had club feet when he was born and now his casts are off and his braces are on. I'd appreciate it!! Also say a prayer or two for my friend and Sherri's sis in law, she's on her umpteenth dozen battle with cancer and has a little boy ( I think he's 7 or 8) that needs his momma. She's the one in the stylish do-rag. I love those things, but can't ever figure out how to tie them right. Michelle is cool as heck and had an awesome dice game she was teaching us to play.


THE AFTERMATH...THAT'S A WHOLE LOTTA SHOOTIN' EH? And Joey had to clean it all up.....

I can't wait to do this all again. We had 15 guests in the Nutz house that day...and it was great!! I love having people come over to our house, since our last one was so small.

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Wonder If I Could?

Well, I have to go to the doctor again on Wednesday. With this new medication I have to be careful what I take with it. I have heard so many good things about Hoodia that I am going to ask if I can take it. I really need to lose a few pounds, and from all that I have heard, Hoodia seems to be the way to go. I've researched it, and I would love to try it. We'll have to find out!! Maybe I can not be crazy and skinny, that would be cool!!



Give A Helping Hand...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kat over at MY SINGLE MOM LIFE is involved in Blogathan 2007. Read about her charity HERE.

Go on...read it, and then donate. It's for a great cause!! Every little bit will help!!

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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood....Part 2

I told you I would be back in just a second to finish this...hmmm...where was I? Oh yes, I was driving blissfully unaware to McDonald's. Well, while I was driving, I saw something in the road. I was unable to identify it, however, noted it's existence, by saying, "Whew, I am glad we didn't hit that!" To which Nicklaus asked what it was. My reply, "I have no idea, but it looked like something that didn't need to be hit." I drove on.....shortly after passing a local police officer, I heard a very disturbing sound. It sounded like my tire was falling off! I pulled over in some rather tall grass, examined the tire, in all of my car aptitude, decided I needed air and was proceeding to pull off. The police officer I mentioned before, was pulling in right behind me. Now, I had a dilemma, should Medicated Mommy, disembark and show off her quite fashionable attire, or stay burrowed in my seat, glancing furtively at him like a maniacal crack addict? If you've read me at all, you know, I threw caution to the wind, climbed out of the ol' mini van and said, "I heard my tire making an awful noise," ( damn, I sound like Eddie Haskell, or one of those damn Brady children) "and I pulled over. I think my tire is low on air and am going to the station now to put some in." The police officer walked over, pushed on the tire and said, "Ma'am, you can put all the air you want to in that, it's flatter than a pancake. Do you have a spare?" After replying I had no idea, then suddenly saying, as if in answer to the Final Jeopardy question, "YES, YES, I do have a spare. It's one of those, umm....danish, cookie, heck, what is it called?" "A donut, ma'am?" Yes, that's it!!! He proceeded to tell me to pull over to a driveway so he could change the tire. I did as told. The whole time thinking, I am sweating like a speed freak, that damn medicine is of the devil....Anyway, we pulled over, he got out, I got the tire out, all the while Nicklaus, the unmedicated King of ADD, babbling along. At one point, he asked the officer, "Do you have Internet? I mean, at home? If you do, you can read her blog. It's called My Mom is Nutz..." I blithely spoke over him, hoping that my attire along with my obviously, "don't get out much" children would not brandish me a loon. Although, I may have been labled one by medical professionals, one must try to keep up appearances, ya know. Even when dressed like someone who has no idea what is 'okay" to wear in public. I silently thanked God above I did not have on my "golden bedroom slippers that look like Liberace or a drag queen gave them to me." I almost had. Anyway, long story short, no jack, officer called garage, garage came and changed tire for free, farmer man and wife filled up all the other tires with air, kidz had burgers, I had Japanese, with some sushi thrown in for all my trouble. I returned home, arms sore from crossing them over my 365DD boobage so as not to have them fall to my knees in front of everyone and God. I've nursed 3 children okay??? Now, I have to make a run to the local grocery store. Husband is too tired and sore to do it, my medication dosage doubles tonight, so, I have to pack up some supplies, Lord knows what tomorrow will bring. I must go find my bra and something suitable to wear......I'll be sure to tell you what tragedy befalls me this time. I will be setting out with Noni this time. It's her turn. My kidz view traveling with me much like some view a roller coaster ride. It's fun, It's scary, just scream and hold on!!

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Looking For A Little Help With Financial Questions?

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Who doesn't need help in either one of these areas? I sure do!


A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood....

I took the above picture while sitting on our back porch. I love taking pics of clouds and such. Just thought I'd share the above with you before embarking on the following story of life in my world. Buckle up.... :-)

I'm not one that's known to heed my mother's advice. Perhaps, in the future, I will. Let me relate a bit of yesterday to you. Joey has been working super long hours. Thursday afternoon, around 5:00pm when he returned to the shop, they, (*they being those in a supervisory position) asked hubby if he could possibly go and "do" a house that desperately needed completion. By "do" I mean outfit the whole home with cabinets, counters, bars, the like. He said yes, since we need the extra money. He took Justin ( before in my blog, he has been referred to as my boy toy, remember? Joey got him a job at his place of employment.) Hubby returned home at 3:00 am, grabbed a shower, settled down and got a restful hour and a quarter sleep. Got up, returned to work, worked until 6:00pm the next night, came home, crashed and then got up Saturday morning at 6:00am for a side job. He returned home around 7:00pm. Needless to say he was tired beyond belief. Therefore, I, the medicated wife, decided to throw caution to the wind and go to McDonald's and grab dinner. Bear in mind, there was a perfectly good package of pork chops, ready for the making in the fridge, however, this was too insurmountable a task for Medicated Mommy to tackle. Noni was asleep on the couch, Hubby promptly passed out in the recliner and the two boys begged to accompany me. I was dressed in the finery every Medicated Mommy must also model. My shorts that I sleep in, braless in a black T-shirt and Crocs on. After all, the only people who would even remotely see me were the clerks at Mickey D's and the ones at the Japanese drive-thru. Which all told, that is why I decided to drive the 30 minutes to McDonald's instead of the 10 minutes to Subway. It was not that I must feed my children Happy Meals with the much sought after Hello Kitty and Flying Wheel thingy toys. Nope, Medicated Mommy needed a shrimp bowl with extra sauce and a salad with ginger. After negotiating the fallen tree in our driveway (another story) I set out on my first foray into the public in over a week. Except the doctor's office, of course. While we were leaving our neighborhood, Nicklaus asked, "Momma, did you bring the cell phone?" To which I replied, "No, that was something else to remember. I have purse, money and kidz, I am fine." Oh Lord, if only I'd listened to my mother and dressed in case of incident while in public. I did have on clean underwear....but that did not play into what occurred next. I must stop now...and write another needed post...however, I will finish this up in just a second....ahem....

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Time For School Shopping

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yep, it doesn't seem possible. My kidz start school on August 1st! I've been ordering a few clothing items the past several weeks, not nearly enough for them to start school though. Joey is doing a few side jobs so we can get them what they need. Nicklaus wants to get a pair of Air Jordan shoes.
Noni really doesn't care as long as they are "girl" shoes. I always try to buy more "expensive" shoes, because if I don't, I'll be buying 2-3 more pairs during the year. I don't know, right now, the thought of going and buying everything they need is really overwhelming. I wish they did not have to go back until after Labor Day like a lot of school systems I know.


This Medicine Makes Me Feel Like....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Doing absolutely nothing...nothing at all....however, while I lay on the couch the last several days...amazing things have happened. Wanna know what? Well, for one, Noni clogged the toilet up with a whole roll of Charmin - the double roll kind- so, after Joey got the plunger and unclogged it, I had a crap stained from bowl to outer rim toilet to clean...then, I went into the laundry room, to try and make myself do something, I figured laundry would be the way to start. Oh hell, there was a substance that looked just like blood all over my floor. After counting kidz and kittens I knew that nothing had happened to them, I realized Nathan had turned the freezer off, and it was a mixture of some sort of wild animal blood. Deer, rabbit...squirrel...who the hell knows. I threw some kitty litter on it and went and laid back down. I'll clean it up when he moves the freezer out and takes all the spoiled meat out of it. I turned it back on, so it wouldn't stink the house up. Hell, I may never get up again. Well, I did, I guess, to come in here and bitch about it. I have some pics and stuff to post tomorrow...if I get off the couch...lol...nah...I have to I guess....the house is falling down around me...

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Hey Y'all....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I am on the mend....the medicine is getting into my system I guess....hubby takes twice the dosage I do, so I guess we're both crazier than hell....who knows? The Effexor does make you feel weird at first. Like your hair is crawling and I have goose bumps all the time. I don't want to do a whole lot, but the alternative isn't great, (accidentoal overdose because I take other stuff to self-medicate...ahem....)so I guess I'll take them. But, I didn't want to lose ALL three of my readers, so I decided to post a few pics I took of the July 4th's fireworks. I thought they were pretty cool.

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Well, It's Official...And I Have the Papers to Prove It....

Monday, July 09, 2007

Blogging is going to be sparse for a week or so, I am trying to adjust to some medication given to me by my doctor. I've been labeled crazy. Well, they call it Major Depressive Disorder. I had a horrible day yesterday. Everything was going great around here, and I screwed it all up. I won't go into too much detail and bore you all, but lets just say, I self medicated to a point that bordered on ridiculous. Technically, a person that has a low tolerance for medications probably wouldn't be here. I, however, have an enormous tolerance and therefore take way more...and live. I act stupid, and out of it,I stumble and slur but I live. I always seem to do this stupid shit, especially if I haven't slept in 3 or 4 days. Yep, I have sleep depravation along with depression...great. Do you know if you can last 3 days with no sleep, sooner or later you start to see things that aren't there? No? Me, neither. I think it's when all is well in the Nutz household that I get antsy...knowing it will end soon. So, I go ahead and end it myself. I become the screwed up one. I am hoping the medication I was given, Effexor ER 75mg and later it will be 150 mg helps. So, don't think I am gone....I will be back....I just gotta adjust to life a bit.

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In A Quest For The Perfect Ride?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

If you live in the UK then your car shopping headaches are over! You simply have to type your way to this site that began in August, 2006 - The name of this wonder site? BuyYourCar. This company is fairly new, buts its already a force to be reckoned with. If you can't bear the thought of traipsing about looking at anymore Used Cars, then sit down, relax, have a cup of tea while you investigate the totality of this website. The site itself is very similar to those online dating services, Instead of looking for your soul mate, you are looking for a way to get out and find them! An prospective buyer will find dedicated pages by make of vehicle, one can utilize the New Regional Search!! You'll never have to go to the ends of the earth chasing out one good car and another. You can simply enter where you want to look and receive the listings for only that area. A few helpful tools on the site are Online enquiry forms and Google location maps with interactive directions.

This site not only helps the buyer, it also helps those involved in Private Car Sales . Dealers are allowed to increase their profit margins because of the way it lists cars by regions and makes. Plus each and every dealer that lists on Buy Your Car will receive Standard Listings, in addition to that an Individual Listing is given as well. Basically it's a win-win situation. A person looking for a used car can find exactly what they want because the dealer has it listed on-site.

So, despite the fact they are relatively new, they are fast becoming the premiere car listing site.

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Hey Y'all

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Freebies will be posted before the weekend is through. I have been busy trying to clean up my house. We are having a gathering of friends and family over to grill out ( That's barbecue to y'all Yankees) and shoot skeet, throw horseshoes, etc....Y'all c'mon over if'n y'all get the chance, mmmkay? See you all later....have a great weekend!

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To Say That I Am Pissed....

Friday, July 06, 2007

Is to put it mildly. I have been trying for months now to get my kidz records changed to a new doctor here in Statesboro. Please....if you live in my area and are looking for a pediatrician, steer clear of Pooler Pediatrics or Rincon Pediatrics. They suck. I've blogged about some of Nicklaus' learning related disabilities and such. He also has a few developmental ones. Not large ones, he just needs help with fine motor skills and such. Well, his school did not let me know this until our last parent conference, but they had been faxing my pediatrician for THREE MONTHS and received NO RESPONSE. I've had Nicklaus off of his ADD medication for the summer, because, I can deal with him when he's not in school with it, but he NEEDS it for school. Homework is not a task Nicklaus can do without his meds. Don't tell my I'm drugging my child or some other sort of nonsense, we've tried everything to keep him off the medication, but he simply cannot concentrate without it. Plus, I don't tell you how to raise your kidz, and you don't tell me how to raise mine...it's a fair trade, yes? So, I have until August 1 -that's when school begins-to get him on his meds, get their vaccinations up to date ( a chicken pox booster, I find it incredibly stupid, the shot wears off when it is the most dangerous for one to get chicken pox, but that is another post.) So, here I sit, with no doctor for my children and an assload of tasks to do before three weeks are up. OY!

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Changing Locations?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I know firsthand how hectic it is to plan a move. If you are a regular reader of mine, you know we bought our first, and hopefully last, house in August 2006. First you have to research moving companies. Finding one you can trust and one you can afford can be quite a time consuming task. Lord only knows how people who move overseas and have to find international shipping do it. And what if you had to procure auto transport as well? If you find yourself in any of these positions, you should really check out Relocation.Com. Not only will you find the answers to these questions from people who understand that making the right decisions in these fields may make all the difference in a successful move, you will also be able to seek advice and/of help in your career search in your new location. If you haven't yet selected your perfect home, you can even find Real Estate Agents in your new hometown. So, if you're changing location in the future, or simply want to research your options, you've got to check out Relocation.com, you won't be disappointed! They are experts in their field, and you won't have to worry about leaving anything out if you follow their suggestions!!

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Yep, We Grow 'Em BIgger 'Round These Parts

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I went outside to smoke a ciggy the other night and saw this creature on my door. Being ever mindful that anything that happens in my life that seems odd or interesting must be blogged about. I got hubby to hold a dollar bill up to show the size of this beetles. Is that huge or what?? Upon completion of the pic opp, I smushed, that is the technical term...smushed, the creature. Hubby asked me, "Why did you do that for? That bug may have done some good or something." To which I replied, "It will do some good now, either the chickens will eat it or the ants will. Thus, completing the circle of life thingy we learned about while watching "The Lion King" a bajillion times."

And no, that is not a roach, palmetto bug or what have you...it is some form of beetle.

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Just Say Hi

Are you into online dating services ? Are you leery of the high membership costs or the VERY limited free trial periods most dating sites offer? Well then you are in luck. The founders of JustSayHi.Com figured the Internet needed a 100% FREE, NO CREDIT CARD EVER NEEDED online dating site. And they created one. I know, you've probably heard of free dating sites , you've spent time filling out questionnaires and such and then found out that the site isn't free at all. The folks at JustSayHi.Com are doing it a bit different. They are honest. The site is free and is you are looking for a relationship-either friendship or more- then you'd really be doing yourself a favor by checking them out!!

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Myspace Layouts

Myspace Layouts




Well, to start it off, we'll be attending the 2007 Firecracker Fest in Statesboro. Our very first since becoming Bulloch County Residents. Then we'll return home and have a go at these babies.

**This is what Noni has called fireworks, firecrackers since she was old enough to talk. We just kept calling them that....And just for posterity, we couldn't wait until tonight to do them, so we had to do a couple last night....plus I got to try out the fireworks setting on my camera.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

You'd have to have been living under a rock to have missed all the hype and hooplah about The Police lately. It's all worth it!! But, just in case you haven't heard, I'll fill you in. The Police dropped a 2 CD set that hit the stores on June 5, 2007 and to put it mildly, it's simply amazing!! If you'd like to have a little look into what our friends across the big pond (that would be the UK) are seeing on the telly, then you have got to check out this thirty second TV spot that Universal Music is running:

Interested in what's on the new Police CD ? Here's a track list, as you can see, there isn't one song on here that most Police fans don't know ALL of the words to:

Disc: 1
1. Fallout
2. Can't Stand Losing You
3. Next To You
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Hole In My Life
7. So Lonely
8. Message In a Bottle
9. Reggatta De Blanc
10. Bring On the Night
11. Walking On the Moon
12. Don't Stand So Close To Me
13. Driven To Tears
14. Canary In a Coalmine

Disc: 2
1. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
2. Voices Inside My Head
3. Invisible Sun
4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5. Spirits In the Material World
6. Demolition Man
7. Every Breath You Take
8. Synchronicity I
9. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Walking In Your Footsteps
11. Synchronicity II
12. King Of Pain
13. Murder By Numbers
14. Tea In the Sahara

Also included in the 2 CD set is a really cool vintage The Police poster. That's not all!! The Police have also embarked on a concert tour. If they came anywhere near where I live, you can bet your bippy I'd be there. Alas, not too many big name concerts in ol' Brooklet, Georgia though! My kids had never even heard of The Police until I bought this CD and now they each have different songs they love. All seem to agree that "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da " is one that must be sung, ahem, yelled at the top of one's voice. They love it. With this release, The Police are branching out into a whole new generation of fans.