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Paid Surveys....

Monday, August 27, 2007

Several of you have asked which surveys I am a member of that actually pay money. I will have a definitive list for you in the next couple of days. Sorry for the delay!!

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I've had all I can stands, and I can't stands no more. ...Popeye

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here's a little update on the situation with Joey's job.

The Fraud and Recovery man came down. He talked to the accused parties. About what you ask? Who the hell knows? He didn't even sit down with Joey and after all was said and done, we are still totally in the dark and Mr. Fraud and Recovery isn't answering his calls. Joey is about to have a nervous breakdown, he snapping at all of us, but we know it's because of what is happening at the workplace. Well, today Mr. Fraud & Recovery called Joey, got Joey's voice mail and left a nice long message to update him on what's going on. Basically he said, there was going to be some sort of disciplinary action but due to confidentiality protocol, he was not at liberty to discuss that part. He also said that everything that he's been told by Joey and other workers is valid. He's talked to some who had money taken or others who know what they are doing to Joey. Why the call today? I'd like to think it had something to do with this e-mail that I sent this morning. Bwahahahahaha!!

Mr. Fraud & Recovery Man, (obviously not his real name)

I appreciate your time spent reading this email. I just wanted to try and touch base with you and hopefully, get a response from you.

I think we will both agree that for a business, especially in the construction/remodeling field to prosper and grow, the business must exhibit certain characteristics. Such as: honesty, dependability, trustworthiness and high quality workmanship.

For a company to have these traits, they must hire employees that posses these traits. As we both know, Cabinets R Us ( not the real name of company) in (name of the city omitted) has quite of few employees that do not conduct themselves in a manner befitting a business environment. One thing that I would question is this: If there were certain people taking money out of a man's check that doesn't make massive amounts of money to begin with, one could wonder how much they've taken from Cabinets R Us coffers.

As you know, I am speaking of Joey's situation at work. It's not right, and it will never be right and tip-toeing around the subject does not help. Someone has committed forgery by signing my husband's signature for the sole purpose of monetary gain. Yet, to this date nothing has been done. Money has also been taken from numerous jobs and it seems as if somehow, the paperwork, documentation and production sheets have magically either disappeared or altered to cover up the deceit of certain people. But, we have copies of the above-mentioned items. And a quick look at the forged signatures when compared to Joey Last name-omitted, the signature is so obviously not Joey’s signature. In fact, a child in kindergarten could see they don't match up.

Mr. Fraud & Recovery Man, when Joey got switched to the Retail division, we thanked God for it. It meant more money, maybe we could actually do something with our children and not have to tell them over and over and over again that we didn't have the money this week. Maybe next week. Next week never comes. His paychecks just kept getting lower and lower.

My husband has never asked for anything if he wasn't entitled to it. His work ethic is strong, he is honest and his skills are above average. He is a hard worker and will make sure a job is well done, no matter how long it takes. He's arrived at the shop to clock out many times and been asked to go and do a job that "HAD" to be done. So, Joey would head off to another job. And many times not get home until after 12 or 1 am. Joey grew up knowing hard work was the only thing that would get you want you want and need. At 11 years old he was picking tobacco from the crack of dawn until nightfall so he could buy his school clothes.

Joey is one of the best cabinet installers you will ever come across. A lot of times a co-worker will ask him "Why are you trying to make this kitchen/bathroom/counter top so perfect." Joey's reply? "Because someone has to live here. Would you want to live in a new home and have to put up with something that isn't right?" I'd say that attitude is a great asset to Cabinets R Us.

We are drowning in debt here. Our house payment is way overdue, and we could even end up losing it. I've had to buy groceries for five people with only $50-$65 a week to spend. And our house payment is going to be even later because we have to pay an electric bill or we won't have lights today. More on why we don't have enough money to cover all this in the next paragraph. It's just been a horrible, horrible way to live for several months now. It has changed the whole tone of our household. On most days the stress and tension are so thick you could, theoretically, cut them with a knife.

If Joey had received what was due him, we would not be in this predicament now. Mr. Fraud & Recovery Man, we are honest people, a close-knit family, we attend church regularly and we don't steal. We don’t expect people to steal from us either. We just need what is rightfully ours. My husband gave Cabinets R Us 110% on every job he went to and now it seems Cabinets R Us could care less.It seems there is no end in sight.

How are people allowed to do this within a nationwide company and receive no reprimand whatsoever? How are they allowed to still control scheduling jobs?. In retaliation to what was deemed a "bunch of crybabies calling Corporate" (as said by one of the employees alluded to throughout this letter.) Joey hasn't had a retail job, which he was promoted to do, in over a month. They'll send Joey home and tell him there is no work, yet there are retail jobs, given to other crews, which are supposed to be his department. If he was taken out of Retail, isn't the proper procedure to inform him? We are struggling even more now.

His production sheet was $450 this week. We have a $300 electric bill. There have been warnings of more layoffs to come. And all the laying off that was done recently did not make a whole lot of sense. They fired a worker named Justin because there was no work in the top shop. They are backed up beyond belief in the top shop. It makes one wonder if perhaps this was done as another dig at Joey. Why does it affect him? He's the one that got Justin to apply for the job and talked to his supervisors on Justin's behalf.

Something must be done about this. Joey wants the money he earned and there needs to be some sort of disciplinary action taken. If Joey had been the one to steal, I guarantee he'd be out of a job tomorrow. If they do lay Joey off, we lose everything. Now keep in mind we don't have boats, jet skis, four wheelers and $500 remote control cars, we helped purchase those items, but we’ve never even touched them. . We just want to keep our home and feed our family and maybe, just maybe take our children to a movie or out for fun sometimes.

I apologize for the lengthiness of this email, however, there were things that needed to be said and Joey hasn't been able to reach you and you didn't return his calls, so this was the next best way. I would greatly appreciate an acknowledgment of this email.

Signed by ME!



Lights, Camera, Action...

One of the first things I want to do when I am able to afford it, is replace my kitchen lights . They are the most aggravating things in the world. They shut off and on as it suits them. There must be some sort of problem with the wiring or something. When we had our little get together here at the house a few months back, the lights were exceptionally ornery. By some fluke they were almost totally in sync with my walking. They'd turn on when I was under them and off when I walked elsewhere. Finally one of my friends asked, "Are those motion lights." To which I replied, "Why yes they are." I told her the truth a short while later. But don't you agree that motion lights sounds much better than just saying they are defective?

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Are Y'all Ready For This??

Friday, August 24, 2007

WooHoo!!! It's Still Friday and I am starting my Freebie Friday entry!!! Will wonders ever cease? So, without further adieu, I present to you my top pick freebies of the week. Enjoy!!

Free Splenda Bake Sale Kit (doing any fundraising this year?)

Free National Wildlife Cards

Free Health Samples and Resources

Club Venus - Samples Coupons and More

Free Can of Sheba Cat Food (at the bottom of page)

Free Sample of Tide Pure Essentials

Free Hair Restoration Kit

Free Sure antiperspirant/deodorant


They Were Mesmerized!!

Who you ask? Why Noni and Nathan. I got another little perk in the mail the other day. Two copies of a game for the Nintendo DS (which they also sent along by the way, 2 of them) that hasn't even been released yet. Needless to say, I had 2 very happy campers in my house. They love the games and activities on it. What I love is that Nathan is able to play with it also. A lot of times games may say they are for 3-6 year olds, then you get them out and try to play them and you have trouble, how's your child supposed to do it. Entitled Interactive DS Storybook Series 1, the disk is jam packed with all sorts of fun stuff for kids to do and play and learn!! Let's see, the four stories included are: The Three Little Pigs, The Snow Queen, The Bat & Kaguyahime. Color me psychic but after watching the last one, I am positive it's a Japanese fairy tale. Your child can paint, draw, color and play the harp. The music one is awesome it records your music for playback. The only drawback is the harp playing and the Japanese woman who paints the notes reminded of Japan, which reminded me of food,and I started craving sushi! This is definitely a fun, entertaining and educational game here. It will take a long time for them to tire of playing this. This game will be released the latter part of September, so keep your eyes pealed. It would be the perfect birthday or holiday gift!! There is also a game made specifically for boys coming out. I can't wait to see what is on and in it!!! It even had Nathan sitting still! Don't believe me? I have proof!!

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Neener, Neener, You're It!!

Yep, I was tagged by Stephanie over at Mississippi Songbird. Girl, I am sorry it's taken so long for me to do this thing. And once you see my answers, you'll probably wish I hadn't. Let me preface this meme with this statement: I only have ONE blog, and I do good to post regularly on the one. I noticed a lot of participants had 1,2,3 or more blogs. So, I will do this the best way I can. I will make these links fit in my own twisted way. Okay, I have to list 5 links. Hmmm...here we go, this is gonna suck:

  1. Link one should be about family.......ummm...my blog? Other than that, here's a funny little link that is incredibly similar to what life looks like around the Nutz household, I didn't want to take all that time up uploading my pictures, so this'll do... --->go ahead, click HERE

  2. Link 2 should be about friends....well I've made a few friends along the way. Some I've met in person: Livey (she's Aunt Linda to my children, we've adopted her. We will not excuse for her not spending Christmas with us this year. And Gennie, we used to live in the same county, but we never would have met without the ol' blogging thang. She designed my blog layout. Interested in a really cool template of your own? Click HERE. I've also met Sam (she's not posting anymore it seems.) Busy, Busy girl. Her dad, Rob (R.I.P. friend, I really miss our weekly phone calls. I can't forget to add GuyK & Catfish. Then the friends I've made online and will probably never meet. The most evilicious witchy poo in the world, Maeve, LL (don't let her hard ass exterior fool ya...she's a marshmallow on the inside...(LL, don't kill me, k? :-) And last but not least, my buddy Beth. If I've omitted anyone I should have listed, forgive me...now c'mon...give me a hug!! LOL

  3. Link 3 - The link numbered 3 should pertain to me....DUH...MY BLOG, SILLY. Mom is Nutz.

  4. Link 4 - The Last Linkage thingy- This link should be about something I love, hmmm....When I am in my morbid mood ( alliteration, y'all) I love to go HERE. Playful mood? HERE. Money making mood? HERE (paid posts) or HERE (surveys).

I am supposed to tag 5 more people, however, I don't know who to pick....so, if your names on my friends' links, consider yourself tagged!



Happy BIrthday To Who???

Although we are as broke as convicts, on Noni's birthday she asked to go to Hooter's of all places. Anyway, we were sick and tired of telling our kidz "no, we can't do that" and Joey did a side job that paid really well so off we went. Personally I think Nicklaus got her to ask to go to "The Land of Boobies." But they both said it was Noni who wanted to go...so I guess I'll let it go at that. We did have a good time, it was wonderful to be able to do something as a family that did not entail just driving to "the place we do not speak of" for our requisite $50-$60 of groceries for the week and cat litter & food for Jack, Loki, Kitty Fisher & the demon birds. Of course I had to tell our server that it was the Princess' birthday (gotta sing Happy Birthday again, ya know?) Sure enough, as soon as we were finished eating, our waitress went to the middle of the floor and clapped her hands and every waitress in the place flocked to her. (**more on this at bottom of post**) As one of them approached the table, followed by the rest of the flock, I could read Nicklaus' mind by the expression on his face. What did I gather about this moment? Well, I tend to think my boy was saying, "Oh my Lord, the Boobie Fairies have landed and they are coming straight to me....Yes Virginia, there IS a Boobie Claus!" They arrived at the table and asked Noni to come with them. This is her expression upon hearing that:

The Hooter Girls took her to the middle of the restaurant, where they announced that "Tinkerbell turned 21 today!" Then they made her do a little dance as they sang the Hooter's Happy Birthday Song for her:

She loved it. However, I believe in terms of happy kiddo, Nicklaus was the happiest of all.

** When Nicklaus saw the Hooter Girl clapping and all the others come to her, his little mind started workin' overtime. On the way home, this is what he'd conjured up:

Nick: "Well, I know how to get Hooter Girls, Daddy. I can just stand in the front yard and clap. They come to clapping."

Daddy: "Son, if it were that easy, I'd be outside clapping every night."

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The Ones That Didn't Get Away!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My sister and brother in law love the outdoors. Fishing is one of their favorite activities. In fact, they often participate in fishing tournaments. I came across a site I have to share with them. BountyFishing.com is a really cool site for fishing enthusiasts. The site is running a tournament in which you compete to catch the longest fish with people all over North America. Weekly prizes of up to 125K are awarded! BountyFishing.com also offers an awesome community as well so you can connect and talk to others who love to fish as much as you do!!
One other thing I want to tell them and you about it the cool selection of fish pictures available. Plus you can submit your own. Below are my three favorite ones from the site. Y'all should really go and check this site out!!

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"My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint." -Erma Bombeck

Will someone please explain to me where does it say in my Mommy Manual that I am to check all pockets before I put them in the washing machine. Now, I know some of you moms/wives do this as second nature, I am not one of those. What precipitated this post? Why the following conversation I had with my oldest HELLION TERRORIST son, Nicklaus:

Just to set the scene properly, I carried pieces of a laser pointer/flashlight/ pen to him. Needless to say, it did not work anymore after being laundered. The item was bought by his dad for him and it cost around 4 bux at the place we do not speak of. It looked pretty much like this when I gave it to him:

Momz: "Nicklaus, I found this in the dryer. It doesn't work anymore. You have to remember to clean out your pockets."

Nicklaus: "Mom, why didn't you check my pockets???"

Momz: "Because I didn't. I do enough around here without having to remember to check pockets. Go ask you Dad how much stuff he's gotten messed up because he left it in his pockets."

Nicklaus: "Daaaaad"

Joey: Son, that's a battle you won't win. I've tried. Check your pockets from now on."

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Nathan Is In Love....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

with The Bedbugs!! I received an email several weeks ago asking if I would review a DVD for children. The DVD I received was Volume 1 - "The Bedbugs," and contained three episodes of the action packed television show ( for a list of stations that air "The Bedbugs" click HERE. The series was created by husband and wife team Alex Greene and Carol Sweeney who were trying to come up with ideas to make some grueling tasks of parenting, ( bedtimes, sharing, etc.) less of a horrible thing for their kids and more of an adventure. The series set sail in 2002 and as of this date, the show has garnered 13 Emmy Awards and 12 Telly Awards.

Okay, now for my review. This DVD was AWESOME!! It wasn't annoying or irritating like some shows I've mentioned before in my blog and it came with a message that inspired your children to develop even stronger character traits! Let's face it, nothing is going to entirely ease the load of trying to get your child to bed, or to brush his teeth or even to have fun on a rainy day, but "The Bedbugs" made these ideas fun. The characters are a trio of siblings, brothers Gooby & Toofy and their adorable little sister, Woozy ( who is adorable by the way!!) There are several other characters as well. One I liked especially well was a vacuum named J. Edgar ( Hoover, get it? vacuum?)

Nathan absolutely LOVED "My Bedbugs" and was quickly singing all of the catchy tunes they have. Hey, the episode entitled, "Lost Sock Adventure," even helped out when I wanted him to pick up his room. I really like this DVD series, I wish they were on a station around here, but, you can purchase this and other DVDs at this LINK. Believe me, it is well worth the money. Go check them out, you'll love it, I promise. Has Momz ever steered you wrong?




Does anyone still read this? Sorry I was away...but now I am back....Feel free to comment! Is there anybody out thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????

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Single? Then You've Gotta Check Out Just Say Hi!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The online world abounds with free dating sites but JustSayHi.Com is really and truly 100% No Credit Card Ever Needed ABSOLUTELY FREE!! I guess if I was single again, the only place I could go to find men that were still young enough not to need life support due to age related conditions would be the Internet. In my research of this post, I looked around on the site a bit and compared to other free online dating sites JustSayHi.com stacks up pretty good. They have a lot of good looking gents to peruse and they are not all over 70 or total goobers, or so their pics and profiles seem to convey. Another feature that is really awesome is they have a really active online member community about all kinds of interesting subjects. It isn't all about meeting for sex and what your kink of the week is. There seem to be genuine people here, all of them are not even looking for love, they are just merely seeking friends. I'm sure there are a lot of insincere people on this site like on others, but if you pick and choose to whom you communicate, you may not end up married, but you could make a lot of new friends that you like "talking" to online. So, even though you may not be interested in a total free dating site, you could end up meeting people to hang out with, either online or off. It's worth a shot!



Noni - Fountain of Knowledge...

Noni has an answer for everything, she cracks me up all the time. Earlier this week, I was going to go eat lunch with her at school. This is the conversation we had:

Momz: "Noni, what are y'all having for lunch tomorrow?"

Noni-Bug: "Do you want hot lunch or cold lunch?"

Momz: "What are they serving?"

Noni-Bug: "Hot lunch is turkey."

Momz: "What's cold lunch?"

Noni-Bug: "That's the one on the white plate."

Momz: "Alrighty then." (they tell them everyday, as a way to help the learn time or something what time it is when they do certain things, one of these is lunch) "What time do you go to lunch?"

Noni-Bug: "Mom, we go right after the kindergarten and before the second grade!"

You know if that girl just keeps coming up with answers that quick without just saying I don't know, she could be a politician!



Decisions, Decisions

As lot of you know, I used to run my own website that featured products for sale. However, due to lack of sales, I decided to just quit doing it. I am looking into future items and products that maybe would sell better. But, it's not as if one can just throw some items on a page and expect them to sell. It's a bit of a maze to work through and lots of things to consider. For example, who to use for your web site hosting? You can't just pick anyone of them available. You have to consider how much you want to spend, what storage space you'll need, what platform you want to run it on, (i.e. NT, UNIX, MAC) and how well it performs based on other users reviews. In my opinion, the top four things one should do when moving a pre-existing web site to a new host would be the following:

  1. You MUST coordinate your switch. You may even end up paying two web hosting companies, but unless you are techno savvy, you have to have your new site up and running before cancelling your old one.

  2. This really should have been number one, but you MUST, MUST, MUST BACK-UP ALL of your data. Even if your new server has a transferring feature, it is always a good idea to save everything to your computers hard drive.

  3. As soon as you are given your new IP address, start uploading all your files to the new IP. This will save a lot of last minute hassle and time. It will make the move a lot easier.

  4. When uploading to your new site, use this time to check for ANY dead links or outdated information. Start with a clean, functioning new site!

So, I hope this has helped in some small way if you are looking to join the exciting and profitable world of e-commerce!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Since the freebies are being posted on Sunday, I decided on using the above picture for my graphic this week. This is picture of our church and the clouds. I just thought it looked too pretty to pass up... c'mon, y'all know I have a thing for cloud and sky pictures!! Hmmmm...where was I? Oh yeah, freebie time!

Daisy by Marc Jacobs Fragrance Sample







































http://www.safetymerchant.net/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=01&Category_Co de=specials






Listerine Whitening Strips


FREE A.C.T.™ Energy Drink

FREE Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles

FREE 3-year Subscription "LIVING THE COUNTRY LIFE"

Coupon for Free Johnson’s lotion or body wash

I hope y'all can find something you want. I also hope everyone has a Great Week!!! Laterrrrrrrrrrrrr



Caps and Gowns and Trips, Oh My!!

I was talking to a friend I have not spoken to in a while the other day. Somehow the subject got on our kids and school. I told her about how we got help to buy Nicklaus' and Noni's school clothes and how I wished that Bulloch County would just go ahead a do uniforms like all the other counties around us. It would be so much cheaper. Well, she told me I don't know the half of it. Her son is a junior in high school and there are going to be expenses flying at her non-stop. The class ring was the first, then next year she'll have to cough up money for Senior Pictures, caps and gowns, the Senior Cruise, Grad Night at Disney, graduation announcements and the list goes on and on. Whew, I am glad I only have children in First and Sixth Grade. I guess I need to focus more on filling that money jug for the kids Senior year. There goes that vacation.....



Let Them Eat Cake!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

While in the laundry room folding clothes the other day, Nathan came to me and said, " Mommy, I make you cake." Now isn't that just the sweetest thing? I replied, "Yummy, Mommy will be in there and I want a piece of your delicious cake, k. What kind did you make for Mommy?" "A butter cake, Mommy." "Mommy just loves butter cakes, save me a piece." Dear Lord, what was I thinking? I mean, I'm dealing with forces that could help the Marines root out terrorists, because they act, think and behave like them. They'd be naturals at it!! Anyway, here is the cake Nathan made me. Can everybody say, AWWWWW?

Why yes, that is a whole cake mix poured into my carpet, globs of butter and ice. Need I tell anyone that 1) this was a beeyotch to clean up and 2) I did not spank him- (well, not that hard.)

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Someone's In The Kitchen.....

I am sick and tired of using poorly made pots, pans and the like. Either they are just horribly made and not fit to use, or my pots are older than most of my children. I want something nice one day, something that stays nice. I've did a little research and I have just the set of cookware I want and I will settle for nothing less than a cookware set from berndes cookware. I am in love with their products and I cannot wait until I am able to buy something for longevity, usefulness and reliability instead of which ones cheaper!



Hey Y'all And YeeHaw.................

They let ole' Bobby Joe Dinkins fix the sign right by himself at that there fast food establishment. Uh-Huh.....He shore did. And he was mighty proud of that, yes he was. It just warms ya to the bone when someone you know gets to do something so dang-fired important. Rest of you'uns have to eat Hardee Thickburgers....don't cha? His Paw is so proud of his work that he's been telling everybody that'' lend a ear that his boy is gonna write a book someday. He was beginning to think letting him stay in school until the 6th grade, instead of taking him out in the 5th, was a mistake. Ole Bobby Joe proved him wrong, ain't is so?

This was taken in Statesboro, Georgia about 20 minutes from my house......

“My mother, Southern to the bone, once told me,
"All Southern literature can be summed up in these words:
'On the night the hogs ate Willie, Mama died when
she heard what Daddy did to sister”
Pat Conroy

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Thanks Dad!

My dad loves being a "Poppy." He takes up a lot of time with each of my three children. He's a great dad and a wonderful grandfather. They all have him wrapped around their little fingers. I am so grateful that he and my mom are here for my kids, since Joey's side of the family have nothing to do with him or our children. Their loss, not ours! When each of my kids were born, my dad bought them a life insurance policy. Partly because he wanted to and partly because we had no money to do so. Sometimes we don't tend to think of thinks such as life insurance but, it is something everyone in your family should have, I think...and so does my Dad!

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Martha Stewart, Eat Yer Heart Out....

In my family EVERYONE does well with crafts. I, however, through some twist of fate received none of their gifts. My sister paints, and does it really well, plus she comes up with all this other really unique stuff. My mom can make anything as can my niece. As I stated before, I do NOT posess any of their talents. I may scrapbook, but I haven't ever done that since we moved here, over a year ago. I am good at making cake mix cupcakes, baking them in cones and letting the kidz decorate them. I only do it on their birthdays so they can take them into their classes. This simple feat is my one accomplishment in the being a creative baker. Kinda sad, huh?

Recently though, I had another burst of creativity. Joey bought me a boquet of lilac roses...my favorite. Even though we didn't have the money really, who could pass up 19 long stemmed roses for $8? They were discounted at the place we do not speak of. I couldn't bear to throw them away, even as they sat withered and heads droopped low. I came up with a marvelous idea.
I took this-------->

<-----And made this!!!Dang it, I'm a regular old Martha in the making...NOT....I was scared to make pine cone turkeys one year in Sunday School with the kidz I taught because that whole thing just intimidated me....I instead found one to make with a potato, some toothpicks and candy corn!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mesothelioma is a cancer that may occur in one if they have been exposed to asbestos. Joey and I were talking about this the other day, we didn't know the name of the cancer. Why were we talking about it at all? Joey's Aunt has Mesothelioma and she is undergoing Mesothelioma treatments. I couldn't figure out how in the world she got it, she was never out anywhere around asbestos. I could not believe how she contracted it-from washing her husband's clothes which were always covered in a multitude of different types of substances.



It's Hard To Believe

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

That it's been six years since I delivered The Drama Queen. On Saturday, August 11th she formally turned 6. Noni's my lil' princess. Except she won't let me put her in frills and lace anymore. The above picture was then. The following picture is now.

Happy Birthday Noni Bug!!!

It's amazing how many changes occur in just 6 years. You're breastfeeding them one day and then the next they are starting school. I am enjoying being a mom and trying to cherish every moment with my children. Because in the blink of an eye you packing them off to college.

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Alrighty Then...

I'll be the first to admit how much I love "the place we do not speak of," A.K.A. Wally World. However, I think these people must love it more than anyone on the planet. What could be so importand to get that you would shop while on your honeymoon?


As Soon As We're Able...

I want to do a little remodeling on our bathrooms. Even though our house is new, I don't really care for the faucets in our bathroom and kitchen. There is nothing wrong with them, I just don't like them. My friend has Delta faucets in her bathrooms and kitchen and I really like them. They have tons of different styles available and are surprisingly really affordable compared to other high cost faucets. I am hoping we'll be able to do this by December.



I've Heard That God Will Never Put On You More Than You Can Bear....He's Obviously Confused Me With Someone Else!!

Sorry I haven't been around in a week or so. I've just been in one of my "funks" about the whole job issue. We thought that Fraud and Recovery were going to do something...it seems that they've dropped the ball. Joey is going to take it one step higher and if nothing is done then....I guess we'll call an attorney. But I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I need to blog and I need to blog for pay a bit to help us out more. We were so broke last week that the church took up money for us to buy groceries. I am so grateful they did.

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Reason # 345,432,345,000 Why I Will Never Be Named Mother of the Year

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nicklaus and I were in the kitchen the other day, and he did something goofy. He then made the comment, "Well I'm not a very bright middle schooler" To which I replied, "Nicklaus you know good and well how smart you are. So stop saying stupid things." It all about the nurturing baby!!



Ode To Freeze It

I saw the look on my husband's face as he came through the door
I immediately knew why he was home much earlier than before.

A slow gait, a grimace of pain, I knew he'd hurt his back again.
I told him to sit down & I'd find something for it,

I searched the house in a manner that was hurried...

"What's the use" he asked "we've used every cream, every lotion and every salve.
They are all useless, they are all the same"

I remembered the samples I'd received in the mail, why just this morning is when they came.

Three samples of Freeze It that promised a change.
He said okay, but this is the last, never again.

I opened the packet and squeezed out the gel...
Immediately a cooling sensation was felt.

In just 10 minutes or so the pain was all gone, it made him so happy, he hummed a little song.

The menthol scent of Freeze It lasts a very short time.
And there are no stains or greasy messes of any kind!

Added to Freeze It are Aloe and Vitamin E to help soothe the skin.
So just try Freeze It, you'll never use another product again!!

Okay, so maybe I am not a poet, but I wanted to do something different. The story told above really happened. The hubster twisted his back installing cabinets and came home in horrible pain. I put on some Freeze It and the pain vanished. In fact, he went outside and mowed the lawn!! If you have aches and pains, you really HAVE to try Freeze It!!



Better Late Than Never....

Whew...what a whirlwind week. Back to school, making lunches, washing clothes, doing homework, reading stories, cleaning house...I could go on. I, once again, apologize for being late with the Freebies. Believe it or not, I am catching up around here and should be on schedule again shortly!

iams healthy choice

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Free Girl Stuff Sample Pack

Free Stuff From Marlboro,
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Ultraswim Shampoo Sample

I'll post more next week. I have a lot to do...including trying to make some money!



An Update

Friday, August 03, 2007

Well, Joey had his meeting with the branch manager and the thieves. Everything was covered up. They went so far as to fire several, several people.....they said for slow work. I think, as does Joey, they were getting rid of people that didn't matter a whole lot to the company in the general scheme of things to make him squirm perhaps. Anyway, they think it's all over. All is well, they had stopped giving Joey any installs (how he makes his money) and were giving him and his partner (whom they fired) a bunch of piddly little jobs that made them NO money. However, what they do not realize is the man from Fraud and Recovery, whom I've spent every day emailing and faxing documentation to, per his request, is investigating the lot of them....things are getting interesting!! Mr. Fraud and Recovery told Joey to be patient, there is whole lot going on behind the scenes and he will contact him in a few days. They talked on the phone for 3 hours the other night. Seems there may be a whole lot more than just taking my husband's money that's going on.

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If You Need Help Visit DrugRehab.Net-A Narconon Vista Bay Company

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Drug abuse is an ill that is sweeping out country. Many people, either by using prescription or illegal drugs find themselves in a position to really need to seek out drug rehab. One of the most established companies, Narconon Vista Bay has a 76% success rate. That means that all of those helped here in the 76% choose to live the rest of their lives drug free. Did you know that when street drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and other drugs are abused that they have a residual effect that stays in your body for years? These residual effects can contribute to drug cravings and depression? One way that Narconon Northern California helps ensure success is by use of a Sauna Program. The Sauna Program includes supervised exercise by a medical professional, entering a dry sauna and sweating out the toxins from your body's fatty tissues, these coupled with nutritional supplements. This will help the person's body by not having cravings for the substances it has used and abused. So, if you or someone you know needs help with drugs or alcohol, do yourself a favor, visit this site!!

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First Day Of School....

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oh God....

There were nerves, butterflies in stomach, panic feelings....

There were jitters galore....

There was a clinging to, not wanting to let go at the appropriate time....

There was reassurance that all would be okay, they would be fine, Mommy had to leave now...

There were tears, rolling down cheeks, hidden so no one could see.....

But, I'm okay now, and the kidz seemed to be doing fine, when I was pulled off and had to leave them....

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