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Update on The Saga...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Joey never went and got the tag changed on her van when she gave it to us...so Ms. Camcorder herself came up here and got Joey to sign the Bill Of Sale and she had her son take the tag off the car. Ya know, she knows good and well that the van is the ONLY way Joey can get to work. She could have just said, you need to get a tag ASAP, I'll come back Friday for the tag. But no...it had to be taken off right then and there and to hell with her brother. Well, all I can say is she pissed in her Easter Basket with Joey....she's already signed the title over to us, and we had a bill of sale, and she calls and left a message that she was coming to get HER van if we didn't have this taken care of by tomorrow. She also said that she had just spoken to the Deputy City Marshall and the bill was not paid, basically I'm a liar. I bit my tongue (no not literally, as in a way to keep silent. wanted to speak out ...but I didn't) when they pulled up, I went inside, grabbed a piece of paper that had the CONFIRMATION NUMBER for payment via telephone. So, that is that. It's not like we see any of his family a lot. And it is painfully clear who's children matter to them and who's don't...We are in the don't category and likely to stay that way. So, why bother anymore? Every time I turn around and think we are finally friends, she gets mad at something. This van thing wasn't what set her off, I hadn't talked to her in a month or two because she was pissed at petty bullshit then. She even went to the point of not inviting my children to her kidz birthday party, nor letting hers come to Nicklaus'. Whatever works for ya, I guess! I am done...finished....laterrrrrrrrrrr

***Oh yeah...Mr./Ms. Anonymous could it be someone in Ohio? who knows, who cares. Until you walked a mile in my moccasins with these people, keep your mouth shut. If you were worth anything you wouldn't hide behind a mask.