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Yummy, Yummy....But Not For My Tummy...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

As most of you know, hubby loves killing God's little woodland creatures. Even taught the SON to like it as well. (click son, see it in all it's glory) Never fear tree huggers, he is not killing them only for sport...Oh no...he likes to eat them it seems...and feed them to our children. He'd love to feed them to his wife as well, however, I do not and will not eat a bunny rabbit. It will not happen. What's got me writing about this now? Well, on our menu tonight is some yummy, yummy Rabbit and Rice. He's Chef-Boy-Ar-Joeying it right now...me? I'm gonna open a can of oh so good for me Baby Carrots and maybe have a not so good for me bologna sandwich.

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