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The Saga, Part One...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

This can also be called, "How I know my in-laws are the fruit of Satan's loins." (sidenote to only decent in-law I have-I ain't talking 'bout cha Tonya) With everything that we've been through lately, it's been a confusing time for all concerned. I can say I am so thankful to be back home with, what appears to be, the man I married and not the demon he was becoming. He's really putting forth an effort and will have an appointment at the doctor's office next week to see about a new drug regimen and perhaps coping skills when he feels the bipolar and anger taking over. I know my husband better than anyone, and he is giving this family and marriage his all, at the moment. I in turn am doing the same. But, enough of that...let's get to the crazier than hell family he has. Part one, at least. Believe me, if I shared everything, we'd be here for years. Let's begin by saying that if this chick doesn't have some form of drama or someone to talk about, (usually someone she was just face to face with laughing and having a hi-ho time) then she ain't happy. I've done my damnest to get along with the two faced bitch...but it ain't happenin' I always manage to do something to tick her off and then she goes off the deep end and won't speak to me anymore. My latest transgression? I mentioned her son went to Hooter's. I honestly did not know it would send her over the edge. Damn, you'd have thought I said he snuck into a titty bar and got laid by a dancer...She seems to think that he ruins his testimony as a Christian by going in there. I on the other hand thinks the whole lying issue thing he has going on my be the culprit to the ruined testimony. But, of course, it got all turned around and I was lying and Justin, of deer killing fame, who practically lives at our house was lying...yadda, yadda, yadda. Basically your stupid 7th grade bullshit. Hell, I didn't even know she was mad until I called her for like 3 days and she didn't return the calls then Joey talked to somebody that gave him the scoop. Anyway....back to more recent events. So, I pack up the kidz stuff and mine, we leave. He calls his "ever concerned" sister...bullshit...his sister is concerned when drama happens, it gives her meaningless little life something to do. So, I'm sure with glee and wild abandonment she hops her fat ass over here as quickly as possible. Why you ask? Because, she's bringing her video camera to document the mess the house was left in. (Hello...no one said to change all the locks and make me bring policemen who gave me 20 minutes to grab stuff) I swear if "Idiots R Us" had a local chapter, I could pick their governing body. Anyway...I am gonna finish this later, suffice to say, by the end of the night, ol' sis was comforting the hubster by filling his head full of shit about me and a 17 year old kid having an affair...that is another story in and of itself.