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I Want A Home Makeover...Just the Bath & Kitchen & Bedrooms

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alas, I don't see Ty Pennington coming to my rescue, so I'll give it a go on my own. Let's see, I'd start by shopping, of course, but I would keep focused on my task at hand. I really want to start with my bathrooms. I would want to totally revamp my bathrooms. Starting with my linen closets. I am the first to admit that we desperately need new towels, matching towels, no holes in the towels, thick and fluffy and new towels....Ahhh....wish they were here already!!

After the bathrooms were completed to my satisfaction, I'd hit Noni's room next. I think she'll flip over the Hello Kitty bed sets. She is really into all things Hello Kitty! So, I know she'll love it!! Next up is Nathan's room. Hmmm....I know...he'd love a Cars duvet set. Nathan and Lightnin' McQueen's are best buds. Since Nicklaus is a bit older, 11, I need to find something that he likes, and feels comfortable with his friends seeing. So, no Pooh Bear for him!! I think we've got one picked out...but no...he refuses to even look at. What's wrong with Thomas the Tank Engine? Just kidding, I'd most likely buy him one of the England Football bed sets.

And for my last project? Well, I guess it's not really a project. I really like my kitchen just the way it is. I just need to throw out most of my dishtowels, oven mitts and pot holders. Mine are really old and the wear is showing, so I want new ones.

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