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Didn't See That One Coming...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Noni came in the other day and proceeded to share that she had some newfound knowledge.

Her statement?

"Momma, I know what Nicklaus and Nathan have that I don't and never will have."

Oh Dear Lord, she sees they have woozles (click on the woozles word and you'll learn what the heck a woozle is) and she doesn't.

I'm not ready to use the word penis or vagina with my 5 year old.

So, I put on my game face and turned around to face her, "What's that honey?"

To which she replied, "A sister."

Whew....Momz - 1, penises and vaginas-0

***I know a lot of you start teaching correct names for body parts practically at birth...and hey, if that works for you, go ahead. Just don't send me a lot of emails and stuff like I got last time for warping my son's mind by not telling him to call his woozle a penis. You raise your kidz...I'll raise mine...***

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