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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bryan County, Ga. Animal Control apparently cares nothing at all for animals. I assume they took the pit mix dog and puppies, but all of the others one seem to have been left. People...ahem....shall I say it again? Okay...PISS ME OFF..... Below...better or worse depending on how you look at it, of the dog next door....

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Why I Think Some People Are Just Wasting Our Oxygen....

Monday, May 11, 2009

When we bought our new house, we were aware the neighbors had dogs. LOTS OF DOGS....We love dogs...we have Abby, our inside Black-n-Tan Hound that was destined to be killed by her owner at the hunting club because she wouldn't hunt. Abby, who is the sweetest dog in the world came to us emaciated and timid. This is Abby, our lapdog today:

She's really mistreated today, eh?? Now back to our new "friends", no we don't know them. They have slews, that's Southern for a helluva lot, of dogs. I would say between 10-15 dogs. Hey, have 100 if you can take care of them. But you will see shortly they cannot. They have all kinds of dogs. Majority are on 3 foot chains, unfed, unkempt, emaciated, mangy and generally just hanging on to life for al it's worth. They have a Pit Bull that has visited us a few times. It charged, barked, growled and tried to attack the kids, myself and Joey. Joey called the cops, he wanted to know if they would do something or if we needed to keep the guns and ammo handy. They spoke to the owners twice, told us that if the dog is aggressive, protect the family. Well, since that time, they moved that dog somewhere, got a bigger as in thicker, 3 foot chain and it's stayed pretty much over there. However, we saw a pit bull mix over there pregnant a week or so ago...this is what the dog looks like today:

We do not have the money to keep this dog, and I would not keep a dog this mistreated around the kids anyway, sorry, they can snap...any dog can. So, I did what I could, fed it and called the Animal Control people. They came and got her, her puppies and the other dogs, all of them, I think. Why would you even want pets if this is what you do? These aren't pets...what are they? Lawn ornaments...people piss me off.....