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Monday, April 09, 2007


Joey loves bringing home animals, he calls them his and then I get the joy of caring for them. Now, I love animals as much as the next gal I suppose, but I have THREE children to try and raise and don't have time for the attention and supervision that animals need, I barely have the energy trying to keep up with the HELLIONS wonderful gifts from God I am raising, much less supervise THREE dogs as well. Jack, our little dog, is fine...however, Buster and Snuffy...whom are no longer with us, are not so easy. Seems they went on a little jaunt and killed a chihuahua that was in heat. Next day, kidz are playing happily outside...I am trying to clean house..not so happily...but meh...cleaning nonetheless, and Nicklaus comes inside and tells me a man is outside wanting to speak to me. It's a guy from Animal Control. There is no problem with our dogs not being penned up or anything. There are dogs all over our roads and such. It's the middle of nowhere, the country....so anyway....if your dog cause a problem, they usually just come out and warn you and all. However, my dogs killed another, so...now I have a summons to court, for 2 counts nuisance dog and 3 counts of not having proof of rabies vaccinations. We are getting Jack his shot next week, the other two Joey got rid of, so now, I, that's right I am facing about 800-900 dollars in fines for dogs I did NOT get, (I kept telling him to fence in the yard) and do NOT have the money to pay for. I have told him that I will NOT abide by getting anymore animals that we do NOT have the money for. Animals need vets and such and we hardly have the money for his and the kidz' doctors, much less animals. His ass will be at court, I swear to all things holy he better be, because I intend to defer the whole matter over to him. The only wild things I want to take care of are those that begin with the letter "N"...namely, Nicklaus, Noni, Nathan.....oh yeah...not to mention the TWO friggin' cats I have running hiter and yon in my home now....OY VEY!!!

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