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This Medicine Makes Me Feel Like....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Doing absolutely nothing...nothing at all....however, while I lay on the couch the last several days...amazing things have happened. Wanna know what? Well, for one, Noni clogged the toilet up with a whole roll of Charmin - the double roll kind- so, after Joey got the plunger and unclogged it, I had a crap stained from bowl to outer rim toilet to clean...then, I went into the laundry room, to try and make myself do something, I figured laundry would be the way to start. Oh hell, there was a substance that looked just like blood all over my floor. After counting kidz and kittens I knew that nothing had happened to them, I realized Nathan had turned the freezer off, and it was a mixture of some sort of wild animal blood. Deer, rabbit...squirrel...who the hell knows. I threw some kitty litter on it and went and laid back down. I'll clean it up when he moves the freezer out and takes all the spoiled meat out of it. I turned it back on, so it wouldn't stink the house up. Hell, I may never get up again. Well, I did, I guess, to come in here and bitch about it. I have some pics and stuff to post tomorrow...if I get off the couch...lol...nah...I have to I guess....the house is falling down around me...

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