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An Ahem....Embarassing Story I Thought I'd Share

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well, tonight as we were riding around looking for deer, and seeing OVER 50 OF THEM, Joey decided to tell the dead bluebird story again. See, Justin was with us, and he, being the only person on the planet in our circle of acquaintances that had not heard the story, had to be told. A few years ago, come to think of it, every year, we are regaled with horror stories of West Nile Virus. It's a virus transmitted through mosquito bites and can prove quite deadly. We, the citizens of the South, are told to look for such things as dead birds. Well, one day, I noticed a rather large bluebird feet to the sky in our driveway. I got on the phone with the health people and was promptly reassured that dead bluebirds are not indicators of West Nile, it's their counterpart the Cardinals, or redbirds. Anyhow, I later looked at Joey in an "I shoulda had a V-8 moment" and said, "OH MY GOD, I killed the bird...it was me. I am a bird killer." Joey asked why I would think I killed a bird. Well, I'll tell you all how. See, I went outside and threw some bread out for the dear little birdies to eat. I swear, even though I do NOT like birds, I did not do this intentionally. When I looked out later, ants had covered the bread, I hate ants as well, and I quickly decided to kill the little bastards. What did I do? Well, I sprayed poison all over those suckers, thus, when the little birdies came to eat, at least the bluebird did, I can only assume, he ingested a poison filled snack and dropped from the sky.

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