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Overheard At The Nutz Household....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I researched the depression thing and it says it is a "unipolar" condition. I was telling this to bipolar husband and Nicklaus overheard. Later he asked me this:

**"Mom, if you are unipolar and Dad is bipolar, what will we be?" Nicklaus, you'll be tripolar, Noni will be quadrapolar." "What will Nathan be, Momma?" "Heck Nicklaus, he'll be normal, there's always gotta be one in the family."

** Husband: "Big Momma (one of the chickens) is gone." Noni: "Momma, did you kill her?" Of course I didn't.

**"Moooooooooommmmmmmm....Nathan pooped in his dresser drawer."

**Husband: "You're looped out of your mind, aren't you?" Medicated Mommy: "Pretty Much." (I have 2 new medicines, I will tell you about that is another post.)

**After a particularly trying day with my operatives for al-Qaeda ahem...kidz. Husband: "You know what there problem is, don't you? They've come unwhipped."

**Earthshattering caterwauling coming from the back seat. Earsplitting and headache inducing. Noni: " I can't sing opera like I used to. I used to be really good, now I am just good. That was in preschool and kindergarten though. I'm gonna be in first grade."

And you wonder why I am now a Medicated Mommy?

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