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Yep, We Grow 'Em BIgger 'Round These Parts

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I went outside to smoke a ciggy the other night and saw this creature on my door. Being ever mindful that anything that happens in my life that seems odd or interesting must be blogged about. I got hubby to hold a dollar bill up to show the size of this beetles. Is that huge or what?? Upon completion of the pic opp, I smushed, that is the technical term...smushed, the creature. Hubby asked me, "Why did you do that for? That bug may have done some good or something." To which I replied, "It will do some good now, either the chickens will eat it or the ants will. Thus, completing the circle of life thingy we learned about while watching "The Lion King" a bajillion times."

And no, that is not a roach, palmetto bug or what have you...it is some form of beetle.

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