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A Situation To Share....A Favor To Ask....

Friday, July 20, 2007

Okay...This may be a bit convoluted and confusing. To best explain the situation, I think I will use numbers, explain it in a sequential pattern.

  1. Joey works at a company that is nationwide. It's not some fly-by-night construction outfit.
  2. He's a cabinet installer.
  3. His rate of pay is per job. Different jobs pay different amounts.
  4. I told you all about his "promotion" that promised to pay a lot more, even when business was slow.
  5. Since he began the "promotion" position, we haven't really seen an increase, well, a small one some weeks.
  6. Joey swore someone was taking his money. I didn't know if it was the bi-polar or if he had a legitimate beef, at first. But, the jobs were suppose to pay a lot more. Granted, he DID a whole lot more work than before.
  7. He's even worked until 3:00 am before to finish a job that "HAD" to be completed. He starts work at 7am, so this was a long, long workday, don't you agree?
  8. He went into work one day and asked one of the sales reps a question about a job. The guy replied "You've already turned that paperwork in."
  9. Joey told him, "I have not turned it in. I had questions for you before I turned it in." The guy replied, "Yes you have, let me go get it."
  10. Joey got the paperwork, and more importantly, he got proof that they were taking money.
  11. By 'They" I mean a guy that is, in some form, a pseudo supervisor. Let's call him "Mutt" the other party involved will be referred to as "Dustin"
  12. When the guy went to get the paperwork, two things were obvious, a) the paperwork had been altered. They, "Mutt" & "Dustin" had copied the paperwork, which they took out of Joey's box at work. They covered up the pay detail part with a piece of paper and copied it. It was a horrible job. Lines were blatantly missing parts of the line. It looked similar to this: _____ _______. All told about 4 lines, in differing degrees of "cover up" were like this.
  13. Even more disturbing was the fact they forged Joey's signature. It is blatantly obvious that it is not my husband's signature.
  14. On this ONE job alone, over $562 was taken from us.
  15. Joey's has done well over 30 jobs. If we figure even $200 dollars taken from us, that would equal $6000. But, it is a lot more than $200.
  16. "Mutt" has been having a very good year. He's bought a boat, a new truck, and remote control cars that cost upwards of $500.
  17. Joey went to the head supervisor, "Christopher" and he promised to go through the paperwork. He's doing it, but he is taking a loooong time.
  18. We think they are just giving Joey the runaround. Joey has the numbers to call for the Corporate Office. He's just trying to give them a little time.
  19. However, we are now convinced that it will take these calls and possibly litigation to retrieve the monies stolen. Forgery is a crime.
  20. Joey told "Christopher" yesterday, "You need to get that paperwork finished. I need my money. I go home and can't buy my kidz an ice cream cone and those sons of a bitches are buying boats, four wheelers, toys and I know some of it is my money."
  21. He also told him that Forgery is a crime, and if something wasn't done soon, he was going to make some calls to people that would get his money back.
  22. "Christopher asked for just a few more days.
  23. "They" seem to think that they can just pay Joey off and go about their lives.
  24. Joey says, "No way, there have got to be some repercussions. They need to lose their jobs."
  25. I tend to agree with him. It's wrong on so many levels it's not funny. Our house payment is late. I buy groceries for 5 people on $50-$60 a week. It's not right.



Today is July 20. My kidz start school (Nicklaus & Noni) on August 1. The house payment has to be paid today. We have some saved up, the other is going to take almost all of Joey's check. Our electric bill is due as well, I have to call and see if we can delay payment until next Friday. Next Friday is the 27 of July. No more paydays until school starts. I have been trying to buy clothes off of Ebay. I can't even afford a lot of them. I've been using my paid posts money. Noni has a shorts outfit and a Capri outfit. Nicklaus has one pair of jeans. Do any of y'all have clothes that look good enough to be "back to school" clothes in sizes Boys Jeans-12, Shirts 14-16 or Little girls 6X that you want to sell cheap? I will pay for shipping too. If I can afford them, I am desperate. Nicklaus starts middle school this year and y'all know how cruel kidz can be, I want him to look nice. If y'all can help out in any way, I would greatly appreciate it. You can either leave a comment and I'll contact you, or click on the Booty Shaking Man in the sidebar and email me. I greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer!

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