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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood....

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I took the above picture while sitting on our back porch. I love taking pics of clouds and such. Just thought I'd share the above with you before embarking on the following story of life in my world. Buckle up.... :-)

I'm not one that's known to heed my mother's advice. Perhaps, in the future, I will. Let me relate a bit of yesterday to you. Joey has been working super long hours. Thursday afternoon, around 5:00pm when he returned to the shop, they, (*they being those in a supervisory position) asked hubby if he could possibly go and "do" a house that desperately needed completion. By "do" I mean outfit the whole home with cabinets, counters, bars, the like. He said yes, since we need the extra money. He took Justin ( before in my blog, he has been referred to as my boy toy, remember? Joey got him a job at his place of employment.) Hubby returned home at 3:00 am, grabbed a shower, settled down and got a restful hour and a quarter sleep. Got up, returned to work, worked until 6:00pm the next night, came home, crashed and then got up Saturday morning at 6:00am for a side job. He returned home around 7:00pm. Needless to say he was tired beyond belief. Therefore, I, the medicated wife, decided to throw caution to the wind and go to McDonald's and grab dinner. Bear in mind, there was a perfectly good package of pork chops, ready for the making in the fridge, however, this was too insurmountable a task for Medicated Mommy to tackle. Noni was asleep on the couch, Hubby promptly passed out in the recliner and the two boys begged to accompany me. I was dressed in the finery every Medicated Mommy must also model. My shorts that I sleep in, braless in a black T-shirt and Crocs on. After all, the only people who would even remotely see me were the clerks at Mickey D's and the ones at the Japanese drive-thru. Which all told, that is why I decided to drive the 30 minutes to McDonald's instead of the 10 minutes to Subway. It was not that I must feed my children Happy Meals with the much sought after Hello Kitty and Flying Wheel thingy toys. Nope, Medicated Mommy needed a shrimp bowl with extra sauce and a salad with ginger. After negotiating the fallen tree in our driveway (another story) I set out on my first foray into the public in over a week. Except the doctor's office, of course. While we were leaving our neighborhood, Nicklaus asked, "Momma, did you bring the cell phone?" To which I replied, "No, that was something else to remember. I have purse, money and kidz, I am fine." Oh Lord, if only I'd listened to my mother and dressed in case of incident while in public. I did have on clean underwear....but that did not play into what occurred next. I must stop now...and write another needed post...however, I will finish this up in just a second....ahem....

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