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Noni - Fountain of Knowledge...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Noni has an answer for everything, she cracks me up all the time. Earlier this week, I was going to go eat lunch with her at school. This is the conversation we had:

Momz: "Noni, what are y'all having for lunch tomorrow?"

Noni-Bug: "Do you want hot lunch or cold lunch?"

Momz: "What are they serving?"

Noni-Bug: "Hot lunch is turkey."

Momz: "What's cold lunch?"

Noni-Bug: "That's the one on the white plate."

Momz: "Alrighty then." (they tell them everyday, as a way to help the learn time or something what time it is when they do certain things, one of these is lunch) "What time do you go to lunch?"

Noni-Bug: "Mom, we go right after the kindergarten and before the second grade!"

You know if that girl just keeps coming up with answers that quick without just saying I don't know, she could be a politician!