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Neener, Neener, You're It!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Yep, I was tagged by Stephanie over at Mississippi Songbird. Girl, I am sorry it's taken so long for me to do this thing. And once you see my answers, you'll probably wish I hadn't. Let me preface this meme with this statement: I only have ONE blog, and I do good to post regularly on the one. I noticed a lot of participants had 1,2,3 or more blogs. So, I will do this the best way I can. I will make these links fit in my own twisted way. Okay, I have to list 5 links. Hmmm...here we go, this is gonna suck:

  1. Link one should be about family.......ummm...my blog? Other than that, here's a funny little link that is incredibly similar to what life looks like around the Nutz household, I didn't want to take all that time up uploading my pictures, so this'll do... --->go ahead, click HERE

  2. Link 2 should be about friends....well I've made a few friends along the way. Some I've met in person: Livey (she's Aunt Linda to my children, we've adopted her. We will not excuse for her not spending Christmas with us this year. And Gennie, we used to live in the same county, but we never would have met without the ol' blogging thang. She designed my blog layout. Interested in a really cool template of your own? Click HERE. I've also met Sam (she's not posting anymore it seems.) Busy, Busy girl. Her dad, Rob (R.I.P. friend, I really miss our weekly phone calls. I can't forget to add GuyK & Catfish. Then the friends I've made online and will probably never meet. The most evilicious witchy poo in the world, Maeve, LL (don't let her hard ass exterior fool ya...she's a marshmallow on the inside...(LL, don't kill me, k? :-) And last but not least, my buddy Beth. If I've omitted anyone I should have listed, forgive me...now c'mon...give me a hug!! LOL

  3. Link 3 - The link numbered 3 should pertain to me....DUH...MY BLOG, SILLY. Mom is Nutz.

  4. Link 4 - The Last Linkage thingy- This link should be about something I love, hmmm....When I am in my morbid mood ( alliteration, y'all) I love to go HERE. Playful mood? HERE. Money making mood? HERE (paid posts) or HERE (surveys).

I am supposed to tag 5 more people, however, I don't know who to pick....so, if your names on my friends' links, consider yourself tagged!