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Nathan Is In Love....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

with The Bedbugs!! I received an email several weeks ago asking if I would review a DVD for children. The DVD I received was Volume 1 - "The Bedbugs," and contained three episodes of the action packed television show ( for a list of stations that air "The Bedbugs" click HERE. The series was created by husband and wife team Alex Greene and Carol Sweeney who were trying to come up with ideas to make some grueling tasks of parenting, ( bedtimes, sharing, etc.) less of a horrible thing for their kids and more of an adventure. The series set sail in 2002 and as of this date, the show has garnered 13 Emmy Awards and 12 Telly Awards.

Okay, now for my review. This DVD was AWESOME!! It wasn't annoying or irritating like some shows I've mentioned before in my blog and it came with a message that inspired your children to develop even stronger character traits! Let's face it, nothing is going to entirely ease the load of trying to get your child to bed, or to brush his teeth or even to have fun on a rainy day, but "The Bedbugs" made these ideas fun. The characters are a trio of siblings, brothers Gooby & Toofy and their adorable little sister, Woozy ( who is adorable by the way!!) There are several other characters as well. One I liked especially well was a vacuum named J. Edgar ( Hoover, get it? vacuum?)

Nathan absolutely LOVED "My Bedbugs" and was quickly singing all of the catchy tunes they have. Hey, the episode entitled, "Lost Sock Adventure," even helped out when I wanted him to pick up his room. I really like this DVD series, I wish they were on a station around here, but, you can purchase this and other DVDs at this LINK. Believe me, it is well worth the money. Go check them out, you'll love it, I promise. Has Momz ever steered you wrong?