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An Update

Friday, August 03, 2007

Well, Joey had his meeting with the branch manager and the thieves. Everything was covered up. They went so far as to fire several, several people.....they said for slow work. I think, as does Joey, they were getting rid of people that didn't matter a whole lot to the company in the general scheme of things to make him squirm perhaps. Anyway, they think it's all over. All is well, they had stopped giving Joey any installs (how he makes his money) and were giving him and his partner (whom they fired) a bunch of piddly little jobs that made them NO money. However, what they do not realize is the man from Fraud and Recovery, whom I've spent every day emailing and faxing documentation to, per his request, is investigating the lot of them....things are getting interesting!! Mr. Fraud and Recovery told Joey to be patient, there is whole lot going on behind the scenes and he will contact him in a few days. They talked on the phone for 3 hours the other night. Seems there may be a whole lot more than just taking my husband's money that's going on.

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