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Caps and Gowns and Trips, Oh My!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I was talking to a friend I have not spoken to in a while the other day. Somehow the subject got on our kids and school. I told her about how we got help to buy Nicklaus' and Noni's school clothes and how I wished that Bulloch County would just go ahead a do uniforms like all the other counties around us. It would be so much cheaper. Well, she told me I don't know the half of it. Her son is a junior in high school and there are going to be expenses flying at her non-stop. The class ring was the first, then next year she'll have to cough up money for Senior Pictures, caps and gowns, the Senior Cruise, Grad Night at Disney, graduation announcements and the list goes on and on. Whew, I am glad I only have children in First and Sixth Grade. I guess I need to focus more on filling that money jug for the kids Senior year. There goes that vacation.....