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Let Them Eat Cake!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

While in the laundry room folding clothes the other day, Nathan came to me and said, " Mommy, I make you cake." Now isn't that just the sweetest thing? I replied, "Yummy, Mommy will be in there and I want a piece of your delicious cake, k. What kind did you make for Mommy?" "A butter cake, Mommy." "Mommy just loves butter cakes, save me a piece." Dear Lord, what was I thinking? I mean, I'm dealing with forces that could help the Marines root out terrorists, because they act, think and behave like them. They'd be naturals at it!! Anyway, here is the cake Nathan made me. Can everybody say, AWWWWW?

Why yes, that is a whole cake mix poured into my carpet, globs of butter and ice. Need I tell anyone that 1) this was a beeyotch to clean up and 2) I did not spank him- (well, not that hard.)

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