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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here's a little update on the situation with Joey's job.

The Fraud and Recovery man came down. He talked to the accused parties. About what you ask? Who the hell knows? He didn't even sit down with Joey and after all was said and done, we are still totally in the dark and Mr. Fraud and Recovery isn't answering his calls. Joey is about to have a nervous breakdown, he snapping at all of us, but we know it's because of what is happening at the workplace. Well, today Mr. Fraud & Recovery called Joey, got Joey's voice mail and left a nice long message to update him on what's going on. Basically he said, there was going to be some sort of disciplinary action but due to confidentiality protocol, he was not at liberty to discuss that part. He also said that everything that he's been told by Joey and other workers is valid. He's talked to some who had money taken or others who know what they are doing to Joey. Why the call today? I'd like to think it had something to do with this e-mail that I sent this morning. Bwahahahahaha!!

Mr. Fraud & Recovery Man, (obviously not his real name)

I appreciate your time spent reading this email. I just wanted to try and touch base with you and hopefully, get a response from you.

I think we will both agree that for a business, especially in the construction/remodeling field to prosper and grow, the business must exhibit certain characteristics. Such as: honesty, dependability, trustworthiness and high quality workmanship.

For a company to have these traits, they must hire employees that posses these traits. As we both know, Cabinets R Us ( not the real name of company) in (name of the city omitted) has quite of few employees that do not conduct themselves in a manner befitting a business environment. One thing that I would question is this: If there were certain people taking money out of a man's check that doesn't make massive amounts of money to begin with, one could wonder how much they've taken from Cabinets R Us coffers.

As you know, I am speaking of Joey's situation at work. It's not right, and it will never be right and tip-toeing around the subject does not help. Someone has committed forgery by signing my husband's signature for the sole purpose of monetary gain. Yet, to this date nothing has been done. Money has also been taken from numerous jobs and it seems as if somehow, the paperwork, documentation and production sheets have magically either disappeared or altered to cover up the deceit of certain people. But, we have copies of the above-mentioned items. And a quick look at the forged signatures when compared to Joey Last name-omitted, the signature is so obviously not Joey’s signature. In fact, a child in kindergarten could see they don't match up.

Mr. Fraud & Recovery Man, when Joey got switched to the Retail division, we thanked God for it. It meant more money, maybe we could actually do something with our children and not have to tell them over and over and over again that we didn't have the money this week. Maybe next week. Next week never comes. His paychecks just kept getting lower and lower.

My husband has never asked for anything if he wasn't entitled to it. His work ethic is strong, he is honest and his skills are above average. He is a hard worker and will make sure a job is well done, no matter how long it takes. He's arrived at the shop to clock out many times and been asked to go and do a job that "HAD" to be done. So, Joey would head off to another job. And many times not get home until after 12 or 1 am. Joey grew up knowing hard work was the only thing that would get you want you want and need. At 11 years old he was picking tobacco from the crack of dawn until nightfall so he could buy his school clothes.

Joey is one of the best cabinet installers you will ever come across. A lot of times a co-worker will ask him "Why are you trying to make this kitchen/bathroom/counter top so perfect." Joey's reply? "Because someone has to live here. Would you want to live in a new home and have to put up with something that isn't right?" I'd say that attitude is a great asset to Cabinets R Us.

We are drowning in debt here. Our house payment is way overdue, and we could even end up losing it. I've had to buy groceries for five people with only $50-$65 a week to spend. And our house payment is going to be even later because we have to pay an electric bill or we won't have lights today. More on why we don't have enough money to cover all this in the next paragraph. It's just been a horrible, horrible way to live for several months now. It has changed the whole tone of our household. On most days the stress and tension are so thick you could, theoretically, cut them with a knife.

If Joey had received what was due him, we would not be in this predicament now. Mr. Fraud & Recovery Man, we are honest people, a close-knit family, we attend church regularly and we don't steal. We don’t expect people to steal from us either. We just need what is rightfully ours. My husband gave Cabinets R Us 110% on every job he went to and now it seems Cabinets R Us could care less.It seems there is no end in sight.

How are people allowed to do this within a nationwide company and receive no reprimand whatsoever? How are they allowed to still control scheduling jobs?. In retaliation to what was deemed a "bunch of crybabies calling Corporate" (as said by one of the employees alluded to throughout this letter.) Joey hasn't had a retail job, which he was promoted to do, in over a month. They'll send Joey home and tell him there is no work, yet there are retail jobs, given to other crews, which are supposed to be his department. If he was taken out of Retail, isn't the proper procedure to inform him? We are struggling even more now.

His production sheet was $450 this week. We have a $300 electric bill. There have been warnings of more layoffs to come. And all the laying off that was done recently did not make a whole lot of sense. They fired a worker named Justin because there was no work in the top shop. They are backed up beyond belief in the top shop. It makes one wonder if perhaps this was done as another dig at Joey. Why does it affect him? He's the one that got Justin to apply for the job and talked to his supervisors on Justin's behalf.

Something must be done about this. Joey wants the money he earned and there needs to be some sort of disciplinary action taken. If Joey had been the one to steal, I guarantee he'd be out of a job tomorrow. If they do lay Joey off, we lose everything. Now keep in mind we don't have boats, jet skis, four wheelers and $500 remote control cars, we helped purchase those items, but we’ve never even touched them. . We just want to keep our home and feed our family and maybe, just maybe take our children to a movie or out for fun sometimes.

I apologize for the lengthiness of this email, however, there were things that needed to be said and Joey hasn't been able to reach you and you didn't return his calls, so this was the next best way. I would greatly appreciate an acknowledgment of this email.

Signed by ME!