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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Moooommmmm....the tooth fairy left my tooth under my pillow...no money...nothing!!!

(Oh hell, I fell asleep.....dear God...what is the matter with me...I am a horrible mother...geez....)

Really?? Are you serious??? Wow...must have been a busy night for her!!! Leave it there, I'm sure she'll flutter by today while you're at school!!

Mom, the tooth fairy is a night thing...she won't come by....

No really, I swear to all things holy...happened to me one time....that ol' fairy had an extremely busy night and when I got home, swear to ya, money under tha pillow....why would I lie...what do I get out of you getting money from some winged fairy thingy? In fact, she could even flutter in and do it while you're matching a pair of socks outta the dryer, ya know?

Let me tell ya, I've never threw 2 bucks under a pillow so quick in my life. And no, I don't always match the socks as soon as they get dry exactly. I think once in a while...okay, a lot of the time, finding a matching pair of socks in the dryer on a school morning is fun...kinda like a scavenger hunt. Fun for who exactly, I don't know...but still, ya know????

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