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Oh Lawd....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am so sorry to have not blogged for so long....damn...it's been hectic around here. Joey left a message for me to call him on Wednesday of last week, told me it was an emergency. Bejus, it was....he tangled with a table saw and the saw won. This is what his hand looked like when he got home:

And this is what it looks like underneath...ain't that nasty?? He cut all the nerves and slice the back half of this thumb off. I took these when we had to go and get his bandages changed, because it bled through. He's got 2 weeks off, workman's comp to deal with and I have to be a nurse. Woohooo.....I'll wash hair...shoot, I'll even help him wash the heiney....but I don't do wiping...lol....he's capable of doing that. The nerves are too fine to do surgery on, but they hope they will grow back and he'll have feeling in his thumb again in about a year. The second picture does not look as deep or thick as the cut really is, and the black stuff is dead skin. Gee...hope you weren't eating dinner while reading this.