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I'm Tellin' Ya....That Man o' Mine Is SOOOO Comfortable With His Sexuality

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One morning about a week or so ago I woke up in a "let's be a good wife" mode. I made lunch for hubby and then found out he'd lost his lunchbox, so I was going to put it in one of my "place we do not speak of plastic bags. Geez...none of those either. Then I remembered a bag my niece gave me. **Pictures below** The front of the bag is not white, it's a cloth diaper. I just put it there to cover up the name of the bank where my niece works. Now, I saw nothing wrong with the bag, it would hold everything nicely. I put Joey's lunch in it and he was already in the van, running late, and handed it to him. Here's our conversation about the bank bag....

Me **handing bag to hubby**

Hubby (looking puzzled) : What the heck is this?

Me: I ran outta bags, so I just put your lunch in there, why?

Hubby: **mumbling to himself how ridiculous this is** "hurry up, I can't wait all day!"

Me: Me, hurry up? What are you talking about, I'm ready! What are you waiting for?

Hubby: I'm waiting for you to go get the Sharpie marker.

Me: What do you want with a marker? You're a dork.

Hubby: I just wanted to help you out with the whole bag issue and let you just right GAY on my forehead so no one would be trying to guess if I am. Now even without my pocketbook people will know.

He didn't take his lunch in the cute little bag after all. DORK!!

How many of y'all see nothing wrong with a man carrying a bag like this with his lunch in it? I sure didn't think anything of it. It's not purple sequins, pink flowers and blue rhinestones...but yeah...you can.