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It's Now Official....My Life is Too Full of Anxiety..LOLOLOL

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Okay....Hubby got his check, for the RIGHT amount...YIPPEEEEEE!! Our bank account numbers aren't written in RED anymore....damn, grab the Dom and pour me one!!! When my huzzband went to the doctor on Monday, he made me an appointment. I haven't really been in a while, and he wanted me to get a checkup and maybe start sleeping like a normal person (more on that later) stop getting headaches, the usual, right? So, I went. I do not like going to see "the doctor", well, when I was single, and had a date with a cute resident or 2 it was okay, but not like an appointment or anything. Anyway, he stayed home with the kidz, and off I went. I only had to wait like 5 minutes or so and got called back. The nurse took my temp, weight (holy shit) and the usual. Now, having already declared that I am not a "model" patient, when the doc usually comes in and asks why I am there, what seems to be the problem, I usually say whatever I am sick with, or it's a baby problem, and I ain't having no more babies, and I wasn't technically sick so I just answer, "My husband made an appointment, here I am." And then he said, do you have any concerns at the moment in your life, we need to check you out for, or concerns?" Dear Jesus, Mary and Joseph, my mouth opened and I have no idea where this spiel came from, but for the first time ever, I just opened my mouth to a physician and let it fly. By this I mean, I said the following:

" Oh I don't know, let's see, I have a bi-polar husband that hurt his back
and hasn't taken his meds because of the pain pills he's on, so he's basically been
a jerk for the last week or so, I have a 9 year old with ADD that bounces off the
walls most days, a 4 year old that thinks she's 20, those 2 fight constantly,
and a 2 year old that has developed a love of his feces and everyday it's a toss-up
where I will find it next. I haven't slept for about 2 1/2 years. Well, I go to sleep around 4 am most nights, get up at 6:30 to get my son on the bus and my 2 year old to Pre-K,
so, do you have anything that will just take the edge off of my life?"
He was silent for a moment, the nurse walked back in, the doctor asks, "So, you get 2 hours of sleep most nights? How long does this go on?" "I say, well usually I start seeing things, I guess from sleep deprivation, after a month or so, and I usually just die on the couch one day, and keep an eye on my kidz as best I can." The nurse, looked
at me and asked, " Do you work?" I couldn't help myself, I looked at her and
said the following: "Did you not hear me say I have THREE CHILDREN?" "Uh, yeah...I did,
I meant outside the home, but I know that 3 children can be a lot to handle, I have one." The end result?? I am now Katy's medicinal sister, we are takers of the Paxil, women with pills UNITE!! I also have Ambien to help me sleep. Woohoo!! And ya know, just to further let the whole damn place know that "Kel waz in da house" I was
waiting for the guy to call me to take my blood and it was quieter than a church in there...all of a sudden, REDNECK WOMAN blares out of my pocket, yep, I am one of those annoying bitches with loud ringtones, 3 people walked down the hall to see what in the hell that noise was, while I answered the phone and said, you'll never guess who it was... the Blogger Babe that's a Gawja Gurl just like me!!! My buddy Gennie..... Hell yeah!!!!