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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yep, the title of this post is a phrase I heard a time or two growing up. And yes, those that said it directed it at sweet, shy, introverted me...Bwahahahaha.....well, I just decided to post a bit on how my weekend and week has been thus far.....I'll include a few pics to illustrate, because if I didn't, well...it wouldn't be my blog, would it? I have to share my misery with someone....and who better than the people that read my blog? A scaffold fell on Hubby at work last Tuesday, he bravely faced the pain of a 100 lb. scaffold on his back and went to work everyday, until Thursday night. He came in from work, limping as he had been since Tuesday, and he laid down on the living room floor, Nathan the youngest spawn, was sitting beside him. Some demonic urge overcame the tot and he thought it would by fun to head butt Daddy's back. So, like a Flying Wallenda he took a running start and did just that. The Headbutt from Hell!! This was not a good idea, he hit Joey's back in exactly the same spot the scaffold did. Suffice to say, his pain was great, so I called Poppy, my daddy, to take him to the ER. I did not want to take my kidz out to a germ infested waiting room. The end result? He hasn't been to work since. He is going back on Thursday. The ER just gave him a few shots and a prescription for pain medication. He was looped for about 15 hours on the shots. He went to his regular physician on Monday. His doctor doesn't think he damaged any discs or whatever permanently, he just sprained his back really bad. The company says that Workman's Comp. will most likely pay for the days absent due to the injury, however, that can take up to 2 weeks at the least. We can't wait for that, so he went ahead and took his remaining vacation days so his check would still come. If they get it right. His check has been short $400 for 3 weeks now. Every week it is supposed to be here, it's not. That was for vacation pay from 3 weeks ago....now $400 may not be alot to some people...to us? With 3 kidz? It's a small fortune. They swear it will be in this week's check....let's hope so...I don't think the hubby will be able to stop at just raising hell verbally, like he did the past 2 weeks, this time. And I do not want to ask my parents to help out anymore. Suffice to say that with only one income, savings are non-existent. Thank God for Nanny & Poppy...they have helped us out so much in so many ways. It's gonna take forever to pay them back, but they are the best!!! So, the first part explains the grumpy, pained, yelling person my husband has become lately. The following is for illustration purposes only, Noni did not stand on his back like that...he would have cried if she had.

Next, Nathan was extremely congested, coughing and such this weekend. Noni seemed okay Sunday morning, so she and her dad went to church. Nicklaus woke up with an ear ache and congested, so the 2 boys and I stayed home. Noni got the same way as the other 2 Sunday evening. Nathan hasn't slept well since Saturday night due to coughing and such. And if Nathan doesn't sleep, Mommy doesn't sleep, so I have had about 5 hours total sleep since Saturday...rah rah rah...I'm on top of the world!!! They are all still congested and coughing. Nathan seems to be the one that has it the worst. The pediatrician prescribed breathing treatments for him when he starts coughing too much and can't catch his breath. As you will see below , he really enjoys those!! My life has been one big bundle of snot here lately...lots of snot and no sleep do not a happy Momma make...but, these are the dues of motherhood....although in my opinion, my dues should be waived, I should have such a positive balance in my dues account that I don't have to pay until the year 2050, be declared a charter member or something.

Next, the weather has been kind of cool here in South Georgia lately and I let Noni and NIcklaus go outside to play on Monday, since they both seemed a lot better. When they came inside, Noni was covered with mosquito bites....Nicklaus had one. I swear to you, if there were 500 people in a thouand acre field and 4 mosquitoes in the field, Noni would be the only one they bit. They love her, and she's quite allergic to the bites, they get really red and swell up on her. Here's a tip for ya, if you don't know it already...the best thing to put on mosquito bites to reduce swelling, redness and relieve itching? We use deodorant, it works really well on Noni.
Here's a link with this and other remedies for mosquito bites. Just click the red sentence. I don't know how well you can tell by the pic, but my girl is covered. I never in a million years thought there would still be mosquitos out still. We used to be swarmed with them, for the last month or so, we've seen none. But as I said before, they will seek Noni out, just to get her blood. Now I will live in fear the next week or so until I know she hasn't caught West Nile or some other mosquito transmitted disease.

Next, I went to open the door and let our newest member of the family, Sable, inside. Our beautiful, white (because she's still a puppy) Golden Retriever/Lab Mix. Her fur is soooo white, and soft, that you can't get enough of petting her. She is convinced she's a giant lap dog. I suppose her fur will turn golden soon. Hmmm...make a note to ask Cat if her girls were white when just puppies. I know I could look it up...but dammit...I'm tired. Did you not read that I have had NO SLEEP?? Back to the topic at hand, letting Sable in. I opened the door and found some other dog in my pretty, clean Sable's place. After my initial shock, I realized this was my Sable. And sleeping outside was her only option for tonight. As you can see, she was not phased one bit. Wherever she'd rolled in the mud that covered her from head to toe must have been one exhausting experience, she could have cared less where she slept, that's pretty evident though, isn't it?

Little Dirty Doggy...

And last, but not least, those who read my blog know of Nathan's fondness for his feces. What post from hell would be complete without a mention or two of that? Someone, gee I wonder who, moved Noni's bank/ATM thingy and we couldn't find it . Noni found it under her bed. Can you tell what the problem with this item is? Someone was trying to make a deposit of what he considers a valuable commodity. Yep, right in the coin slot. So, can you guess who the culprit is? And what he was trying to invest? And how to explaing the concept that crap is a no deposit, no return, item to a two year old??? Bwahahahahaha