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Now, what kind of Mommy would I be....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


For the second year in a row, Nicklaus was that god of wrestling, John Cena...same hat, new shorts, new jersey. Is this obsession ever going to end? (okay...maybe momz thinks the dude is too hot also, but I don't dress like him.) Noni, complete with red hair, although it doesn't show up really well, is Strawberry Shortcake, she wanted the halloween socks, and she outgrew the costume within the last 2 months, but...she was happy, I was happy, so who cares?I had an absolutely adorable bear costume for Nathan, but he acted as if it was a grizzly attacking him, complete with bloodcurdling shrieks and screaming hissy fits, every time I tried to put it on him. Sooo....Mommy decided he'd be Howdy Doody...which was not met with any sort of enthusiasm either, his hair is red also, and he did have eyeliner freckles and red cheeks, but the snot and tears washed all that off......Next year? We're putting him in camo...he can be a hunter, an army guy or a redneck...call it what you want....Happy Halloween....thank God it's over..LOL...and now...my final quandry....has anyone else had a day like mine? The kind of day, that you almost say, "Dear Lord, please let my child cough, have a snotty nose or sneeze...that way I can be a good mommy and help them feel better? A nap would help them Lord, I know it would...just one good COUGH...please??????? "