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I just can't help it....

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sometimes I get something in my e-mail that I find so absolutely hilarious I must share it with you all. This is one of those times. I loved this one, my favorite? NUMBER 10, that one made me laugh out loud, sitting here all by myself and that don't happen often readers!! Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite!! Oh yeah, and just a PSA, Freebie Friday WILL be posted on Friday, and as I usually do, I will feel guilty for not posting one for several weeks. The uptake on the guilt? Why you know I will have a TON of GREAT ones listed. So, visit me Friday...and tell your friends to come on over as well!!

15 things not to say to a naked guy

1. Ahh, it's cute.
2. Why don't we just cuddle?
3. It's more fun to look at.
4. Make it dance.
5. Wow, and your feet are so big.
6. It's ok, we'll work around it.
7. Eww, there's an inch worm on your thigh.
8. Can I be honest with you?
9. Let me go get my tweezers.
10. How sweet, you brought incense.
11. This explains your car.
12. Every heard of clearasil?
13. But it still works, right?
14. It looks so unused.
15. Maybe it looks better in natural light.

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