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This Has Got To Be A Total Boy Thing....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

While sitting in IHOP, (minus Noni,) Nicklaus started giggling at his sausage link. His dad jumped upon this immediately.

Dad: What?? It looks like one of those things Jack (our dog) lays in the yard, right? Is that what you are thinking??

Nicklaus: Not exactly....I was thinking how much bigger my thing is than this thing. (side note: Nicklaus talks about the size of his woozle quite a lot here lately with his Dad, it seems, Nick has the idea it's humongous....)

Dad: Boy, your little thang ain't a 1/3 of that!! Bring it home, measure it. You'll see!!!

I must admit I did see Nicklaus wrappin' up the little weiner in some napkins, which, Thank God, he forgot.

I don't remember, at 11, discussing my breast size with my mom. Is this crap normal? Or are we, as I've stated before, just plain ol' Nutz??

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