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Okay...y'all can all call me...ummm...a dumb ass....ONCE

Saturday, June 02, 2007

LOL...Here I sat, at my computer, early Thursday morning....1) I love sharing my wild and crazy term of existence with you all and 2) I love making the bucks I've been getting paid for my little posts. Try as I could, I could not get my computer to connect. It's dial up as you know. Anyway....I tracked down the phones, determined Nathan had not disconnected them in an attempt to take over the living quarters of us civilians. I could find no reasonable reason that the phone was not working, maybe the marijuana farmer cut a line somewhere whilst cultivating his crop? DOH....A humongous light bulb went off....I went....looked on top of the fridge in my bill file, otherwise known as the red basket, it's all very professional and organized, I assure you. It is, I'd take a picture, but I am on the great Digital Camera Safari of Summer 2007 this morning. As soon as I complete this post, I am going to methodically find out where my youngest demon spawn gift from Heaven above has placed my camera....I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT MY CAMERA. Well, I can, actually, I have enough in my PayPal to buy another really good one, but I don't want to use it. I'm going to buy my kidz school clothes and such with that throughout the summer and then whatever is left over, I'll get something momz wantz...okay back to story. Sure enough, I look up and find my cut-off notice for my phone. Keep in mind, my bill is ONLY 33 bux a month, the whole thing due was $66. We had the money, had it for weeks, and I didn't even think about it. It comes in, I pay it in 2 month, 60 buck increments, and that's that. This time however, I stuck it up there and did NOT think about it again. So, c'mon...here's my invitation....your one free dumb ass, to my "face" mind you, invitation. I would like to remind you that similar to my bitch rules, I do prefer Ms. Dumb Ass.....I,my family posts, along with my money makers should be back up and normal again by Monday. Yeah, it's gonna be up and normal around here....BWAHAHAHAHAHA...........

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