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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Okay, so no, not the one the Papra-Nazi ( a.k.a. Osama-bin-Baby) took and hid, but one I found on Ebay. It's much better than the one I had anyway and when and if that one shows up then the two eldest boys I am raising ( that would be Joey and Nicklaus) have already asked if they can have it to take hunting this year. You know how they give product numbers to items like 400, 500, the next in the series would be 600's? Well I jumped up to the 700s and also ended up with slews of bonus items that I couldn't afford for the lost one anyway. So, get ready for some much clearer pictures of our home thats NUTZ!!! Plus, my sis-in-law in Ohio takes awesome pics of her kids and sends them printed out and everything. She uses her digital camera, poses the kidz and snaps away!! (I bought a Kodak again, which is what she has) They are awesome. I hope I'm able to do that and have more frequent "professional" looking portraits!! We'll see. As for now, my fight is over. I conceded. Sometimes you much choose your wars. This wasn't it. I write my posts, other than all my personal ones for a reason, to be able to buy me something once in a while as well....and that is just what I did, bought MOM something for a change. That and the coffee I'm getting shipped. But that is another story!!

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