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I Do The Mash....I Do The News Mash...

Monday, June 04, 2007

When I was growing up at 6:00 pm every evening except Sunday, (we were in church Sunday Night,) the earth stopped on it's axis, the phoned ceased to ring, heck...the stars better stop twinklin' if they were doing it a little too twinkly. Why you ask? Well, even if you didn't I will tell you. Because that is when the news came on. I will somewhat date myself by admitting I did hear Mr. Cronkite say a time or two, "And thats' the way it was..." I was threatened with something near death, (not really, I was so NOT an abused child) if I didn't hush up and let Daddy hear the news for about 6,825,742 times growing up. Therefore, when I grew up keeping up with current events was not top on my priority list. However, one day I was nursing Noni, by beautiful little girl and what little bit of sense this world posessed flew out of the window in a handbasket. Or should I say jetliner. The date was September 11, 2001 and my darling baby girl was exactly one month old. Well, since that day, I like to stay abreast of what's hapening in my world. I like seeing what is happening in other parts of the world. And yes, Lord help me, I even like following the political process. Well, I found a site I really like. It's called The News Room and it has all the local, national and worldwide news a person could ever want. If that's not enough, the categories are split into sub-categories so you can find specific information. Politics? No problem. Health, Life, even Press Releases!

And here's another way The News Room rises above the competition. You can get paid to, and I love this term, MASH their content on your site. Remember, I hail from the land of mashed taters, mashed corn, heck, we mash up our carrots for babies to eat, so mashin' is just second nature. How does this work? The News Room will pay you a share of revenue advertisers pay every time you mash news and its' viewed on your site. Mashing is simple, easier really, than mashing carrots for a baby!! Mashed content can pay you up to $4 per thousand impressions (CPM). When someone mashes content from your site onto theirs, then you'll earn as well. Most other places pay around $0.15 per (CPM) so you can tell The News Room blows away other sites in this regard as well. The News Room also offers a Loyalty Program that's pretty awesome as well. With all that said, it leaves me to find out about more pressing, life altering issues such as the following. You know, those things that make you go...hmmm.....Will some one....anyone....explain to my how in the world Haley Joel Osment could see and talk to dead people but had no clue
1) drinking and driving are just a dumb thing to do
2)Why the cosmos or whatever didn't tell him he WOULD be pulled over on his way home????
3) Hmmm...what exactly is drink driving? Is it like a DUI in Georgia? Or do you have to be famous and checking into "Promises," (THE celebrity place to dry out) to have it called "drink driving???" BWAHAHAHAHA.....

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