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Save The Date - June 22, 2007-If I Can Find A Sitter...I'm Outta Here!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stephen King, a veritable master in the genre of horror has a new movie coming out based on his short story, Room 1408! The lead character in this movie, Mike Enslin, played by John Cusack (love him!!) writes best-selling horror novels. What great King story doesn't have a paradox or two? This one? Enslin only believes in what he can see, his books are largely based on his discrediting paranormal events. He blows away beliefs in haunted houses, spooky cemetaries, and I'm assuming a ghost light or two. Enslin fully intends to do the same with the very, very creepy Room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel. However, as we'll see in 1408 Movie (with full King force,) this isn't going to be as it appears. Has it ever been with Stephen King?

I fell in love with his writing talent a very long time ago. Even if King's book may not be something I am particularly even loving at the moment, I will keep reading. The book always has a twist or two that will surprise me, King's never failed me yet!! And I always hope that the books will turn into enjoyable movies. Personally, as much as I loved The Shining, I preferred the movie. That's rare for me, but that kid and the "redrum" and Jack Nicholson translated what the pages could not to me. Hard-core creepiness. And I really do think that the 1408 Movie will have me on the edge of my seat.

I enjoy the "killer type, kill them all, slash their throats" movie as well as the next gal. However, I also prefer psychological terror as well. And I really feel this movie will have it. Samuel L. Jackson has always kind of creeped me out anyway, but you add John Cusack in as well? I think he'd be really scary in a role of this type. I won't go into how I spent a large portion one year of my life hoping just for a glimpse of ol' John while he was in Savannah filming another really big hit....I'll just say, you need to watch this trailer and then, "if you're scared....say you're scared!!" I will be. And I hope like hell I'm there at the theater to say it as well!!!

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